‘Crock-O-Duck’ Disproves Evolution?




First, it was the banana that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron claimed disproved evolution.

Then, they learned how fruit is cultivated and gave up that endeavor.

Well, if your first ridiculous claim is proven false, what are you supposed to do next?

Admit that you are in fact not experts in evolutionary biology. Come up with an even more ridiculous claim!

According to the crowned princes of street evangelism, their imaginary “Crock-O-Duck” is just as ridiculous as the notion of a missing link in evolution and therefore disproves the entire theory of evolution. As Comfort explains, “if evolutionist can come up with imaginary missing links, why can’t we?”


Maybe one day Ray and Kirk will realize that science isn’t something you “believe in”, it’s something you try to understand.

Until then, we get to suffer through enjoy “Crock-O-Duck”…..