Church honors man who kills killer




The video above is the story of Jason McDaniel.  He walked in on a man robbing a tanning salon, and- long story short- was able to take the robbers’ gun away from him and proceeded to kill him with it.  The robber is believed to also be the “honeybee killer,” who apparently murdered two people last October.  As would be expected, the man is getting a hero’s treatment.


Ashburn Baptist Church decided to get in on the action and honor McDaniel as well.  He was greeted with a standing ovation and was given a plaque, an engraved Bible, and a gift certificate by the pastor.


We’d love to hear some thoughts on this.  Should McDaniel be specifically honored by a church for the taking of a life- however noble the cause?  Is this a simple case of the church honoring  a man who protected the community they serve, or was his method of protection problematic for Christ-followers?


Feel free to share your thoughts- for or against- below.