Church Billboard Quotes Hitler


Every few months it seems a church somewhere in America puts up a controversial billboard.

That’s nothing new.

What is new about this particular church billboard is the person they inexplicably chose to quote – Adolph Hitler.


And, no, despite the terrible image quality, that picture isn’t photoshopped. It was taken by the local paper in the town were the billboard went up.

Apparently the billboard was put up by a youth group in Alabama to…honestly I have no idea. Call attention to the importance of raising children, I guess?

Look, I was a youth pastor for several years and I know youth pastors are prone to making boneheaded decisions. But seriously. This isn’t one of those “Oh, we didn’t realize where the quote came from” moments. No, this church knew full well who said it, put his name on it in Nazi red, and proudly cut a check to plaster a Hitler quote for the whole town to see.

I just…I mean…how could anybody in their right mind think this was a remotely good idea??