Canna Care: The Christian Pot Shop


So this story from Time is fascinating to me.

And not just because the owners, Bryan and Lanette Davies, claim that God told them to open up a marijuana dispensary.

It’s fascinating to me because it raises some really interesting and important questions about how the church can and should respond to the legalization of marijuana. In other words, should churches continue to condemn it outright or make space for it in the same way churches make space for alcohol?

And what about medicinal marijuana and Jesus’ command to care for the sick?

Or the fact that countless innocent victims are caught in the crossfire of the illegal drug trade?

Now, I know it’s easy to dismiss this whole thing as a bad joke.

And parts of this video don’t make it any easier to have a serious conversation about this issue. Like the moment when the shop owner (while his wife is being interviewed) tries to offer the camera man a Girl Scout cookie.

I admit it. That scene is hilarious.

And the lady at the end of the video claiming with conviction that there was weed in the Garden of Eden. Again, not helpful.

But as more and more states take up legalization and our country’s attitude towards marijuana changes, no matter how off beat we might think this issue is now, the church is going to have to have some serious conversations about marijuana moving forward.

So, check out the video, laugh where you must, and then let me know what you think.

How do you think the church should respond to the legalization of marijuana?

Or if you’re at a church in Colorado or California or another state where marijuana is legal, how is your congregation already beginning to respond?

Let me know in the comments.