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All of us have certain assumptions behind the things we say and do. Basic beliefs that underlie the claims we make and spur the actions we take.

In order to try and lay out all the theological assumptions behind my writing I’ve put together a series I’ve called “Blogmatics.” It’s an ongoing series of posts that combines the structure and intentionality of systematic theology with the format, tone, brevity, and approachability of a blog post in order to give my readers an idea about what I believe about some of the core doctrines of the church.

In short, this is just about everything I believe about the Christian faith. Or at least the basics.

Below you will find the specific topics I have covered so far.

As I continue the series I will update the list with whatever new subjects I write about.

The Existence of God                                                    Sin

The Triune God                                                             Salvation

The Sovereignty of God                                                 Resurrection

What God Can and Cannot Do                                       The Ordination of Women

Jesus                                                                              The Cost of Discipleship

The Holy Spirit                                                                Hell

The Church

The Bible Part 1*

The Bible Part 2*



*Have written on the Bible just prior to deciding to start my Blogmatics series (in fact it was really the impetus for doing go) and not wanting to be redundant I chose not to do a specific Blogmatics post on the Bible. However, while these posts are not labeled “Blogmatics,” they do capture what I believe to be true about the Bible.