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The Second Best Birthday Present I Ever Received

(Credit: Will Clayton, Flickr Creative Commons) I turn 35 in a little over a week or so. It feels a lot weirder to write that than it does to live it. Almost 35 isn’t quite the depressing hellscape I envisioned when I was 16. Don’t get me wrong. Waking up everyday at...

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Jesus Came From A Shithole Country

(Credit: Wikipedia) The President of the United States is an unapologetic racist. He’s certainly not the first racist President and, sadly, probably won’t be the last. But unlike Presidents in recent memory who, generally speaking, at least publicly made an effort to...

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10 Christian Books That Shouldn’t Exist

Sometimes I fall through an internet wormhole a discover a whole new world I either didn’t know existed or was in denial of. This is a case of the latter. I know there are plenty of bad Christian books out there, but I try not to think about just how bad they can be...

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