BIG NEWS: I’m Moving!!


BIG NEWS: I’m Moving!!

(Credit: Steve Wilson, Flickr)

I’m moving!

Not houses or cities or states.

Just online space.

My friend Benjamin Corey graciously invited to join him over at Patheos and I’ve accepted!

In fact, I’m already there. See: here I am.

It’s a great opportunity for me to reach an entirely new audience I otherwise would probably never get a chance to talk to.

The great thing about it is nothing is changing except the address of my blog. You can still follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram just like before and if you’re already subscribed to my newsletter, you don’t have to do anything to keep getting updates from me. I’m taking you with me! Just keep an eye out for emails from me from my new Patheos channel instead of

Most importantly, none of my content is changing.

That was something I made sure of and triple-checked with Ben before making the move. I’m not giving up any of my freedom to say what I want to say. I’m just gaining a bigger audience.

As for, it’ll still be here.

For the time being at least, it’ll look exactly like it does now.

And since Patheos has been kind enough to migrate all of my old posts to my new channel (ALL 8 YEARS WORTH – which is just crazy, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long), you can still access those old posts here or over there.

In the not too distant future, I’ll probably redesign this site into a professional page, meaning it’ll have information about me and my writing, pictures of my face so you don’t forget what I look like, and ways to contact me, particularly if you’ve got an event you’d like me to come speak at….which is something else I’ll be talking about more in the days and weeks to come.

Before cancer showed up on my door a couple of years ago, I had the privilege of speaking and preaching in all sorts of places, from churches around the country and across the Pond to the halls of Duke Divinity and the streets of Nicaragua.

I love writing, but I love preaching and speaking even more and with cancer now a thing of the past, I really want to get back into talking to people in person instead of just online. And, of course, with my book coming out next year, I also need to hit the road to help promote it. Hashtag: shameless self-promotion.

I’ll be talking more about that in the coming months and how you can have me come speak at your event for practically nothing (seriously, details to come so stay tuned). In the meantime, you’ll probably hear from me first in the form of Facebook Live book updates and vlogs I’m going to start mixing into my traditional blogging.

But that’s news for another day.

Today, I just wanted share the big news of the move with you.

Look for my first post over at Patheos on Monday.

The plan right now is to blog about once a week, more if there’s something that comes up I feel compelled to write about. But with book writing in full swing right now, I want to make sure I don’t stretch myself too thin and instead set a realistic goal for blogging. After I turn my book into my publisher in August, you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more from me, but for now I’m going for quality over quantity.

I also want to say thank you both to Ben for this wonderful opportunity and to all of you who have been so kind and supportive over the years. Without you, I wouldn’t have this chance. Without you, I wouldn’t have a book deal. Without you, I wouldn’t….ok this is getting too mushy. I need to stop.

But my thanks are sincere. I really do appreciate and am sincerely grateful for each and every one of you. Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know.

See you at Patheos!