Awesome Jesus T-Shirts


Awesome Jesus T-Shirts



I love me a good t-shirt.

Who doesn’t?

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I’d help everyone go ahead and take care of their Christmas shopping early.

So, scroll through these amazing Jesus themed options, pick out just the right ones for your loved ones, then go here to Cafe Press and purchase them.


If you’ve got a text addicted teenager, this is the shirt for them.

Got an uncle who likes to dabble in home brewing? Here’s his shirt.

We’ve all got political junkies in our family. Just make sure you hold on to the receipt if you’re giving this one to a Republican.

Know an art lover with communist sympathies? They’ll definitely love this one.

If you’re the spoiled child of the family, maybe you just want to get this one for yourself.

Does your little niece love Pirates Of The Caribbean? Then help her get back on the right track with this t-shirt.

I might just get this one for myself.

I’m expecting my wife to get this one for me.

Finally, if you know a Walking Dead fan, they’ll love this shirt.