American Jesus Madness Is Back!!


American Jesus Madness Is Back!!

It’s that magical time of the year again.

The snow is melting, spring is just around the corner, and children everywhere are rejoicing as the greatest imaginary tournament in the history of American Christianity is ready to begin.

That’s right, it’s time for American Jesus Madness 2018.

The annual royal rumble of all things American Christianity where 64 combatants enter, but only 1 will walk away with the title of champion of American Christianity.

Last year, Jesus the Refugee duked it out with Alternative Facts in a battle we all hoped would see Jesus find a bit of redemption after a year of bad press courtesy of the 81%.

Sadly, it was not to be.

In a tragic reflection of real life, Alternative Facts pulled off the cosmic upset, demolishing Jesus and reminding us all of just how depressing the world is right now.

But it doesn’t have to be that way this year!

Who wins the American Jesus Madness 2018 crown is entirely up to you.

And I mean entirely.

Not only do you vote on who wins each matchup in the tournament, it’s also up to you to determine who (and what) gets into the tournament in the first place.

Starting today, I’m accepting matchup suggestions for American Jesus Madness 2018.

What does that mean exactly?

Take a look at last year’s bracket.

The tournament works just like that other madness tournament in March you may have heard of, except you are in control. You vote to determine the winners and you help me choose the combatants.

In the comments section below (or on my Facebook Page or anywhere on Twitter using the hashtag #AJMadness2018), let me know who or what you think should be paired up in the first round based on all the comings and goings, heroes and scandals, hilarity and obscenity of the last year of Christianity in America.

So, for example, based on all the comings and goings, heroes and scandals, hilarity and obscenity of 2017, last year’s bracket saw first round matchups like Jesus the Refugee vs. Christians Supporting The Refugee Ban and Boycotting Beauty & The Beast vs. Boycotting The Shack. But it also saw matchups celebrating the good stuff of 2017 like Lecrae vs. Chance The Rapper.

Like I said, who or what matches up against each other and why is entirely up to you.

Well, mostly entirely.

Fill up the comments section and my Twitter and Facebook feeds with matchup ideas, I’ll choose the best ones, create a bracket, and release that bracket into the wild next Monday, March 12th.

Once the bracket is released, fill it out just like you would a bracket for the basketball tournament choosing who will win each matchup, not just for the first round, but for every subsequent round until you’ve chosen/predicted a champion.

Obviously, it’s a bit trickier filling out this bracket than the basketball one since the strength of each entry isn’t quite as obvious as a college basketball team, but that’s where the fun comes in: you decide the winner yourself.

I’ll set up a poll that looks something like this possible matchup between two titans of Christian fast food.


You’ll cast a vote for whoever you want to win and you can do that as often as you want because voting is unlimited.

So, it’s almost like you get to rig the tournament.

Especially, if you get your friends and family to help you tip the scales in your favor.

(And you should definitely share the link to American Jesus Madness because sharing is caring.)

Anyway, like I said, start sending those matchup suggestions in now and I’ll have the bracket ready to go next Monday.

From there, you’ll have all week to fill out the bracket, change your mind, scratch stuff out, and fill it out again.

Finished brackets will need to be in by midnight Sunday, March 18th with 1st round voting beginning the following morning, Monday, March 19th.

And, as always, to the winner goes eternal internet glory, a prize far more valuable than cash as nothing you do on the internet can ever be erased from memory.

Just ask Ted Cruz.