American Jesus Madness 2013 – Egregious 8 Results



I saw 4 Horsemen ushering in the Apocalypse!

And their names were Scot McKnight, Mark Sandlin, Rachel Held Evans, and Stephanie Drury.

After more than 18,000 votes were cast in the Egregious 8 round (that’s over 55,000 votes for the entire tournament so far) we finally have our final four combatants. No matter who wins, everything will come down to an age old battle of the sexes. But since this isn’t The Gospel Coalition, everybody gets a fair shot regardless of gender.

Voting for the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse round begins TODAY @ 9AM EST.


Since these 2 battles will determine who plays for the 2013 American Jesus Championship, unlike previous rounds, voting for this round will run through the weekend, ending Sunday, March 24th @ midnight. The championship matchup will be announced Monday, March 25th @ 8AM EST, with voting beginning that same day at 9AM EST.

But we’ve got a long way to go till then.

So, check out the results and get ready to vote like crazy to get your favorite person a spot in the 2013 American Jesus Madness Championship!!



#RickWarrenTips – 1,006        Scot McKnight – 1,627

Christian Humility – 1,101        Mark Sandlin – 7,984

Rachel Held Evans – 1,374        Rob Bell’s Missing Glasses – 462

Ann Voskamp – 796        Stephanie Drury – 3,837



1. Kara Govoni – 72 points

2. Gail Brown – 69 points

3. Mark Hilditch – 58 points

4. Jonathan Lewis – 57 points

5. Clint Wrede – 56 points