A Duck Dynasty Sermon


Don’t worry Duck Dynasty fans.

I’m not making fun of the show.

Honestly, I haven’t watched it enough to have an opinion one way or another. But, I do have it on good authority that these guys are really great people in real life.

I share their sermons here because I thought you Duck Dynasty fans would find it as fascinating as I do.

Apparently their home church, White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, has an annual Duck Commander Sunday where church members dress in camo and some of the Duck Dynasty guys preach.

Below is a clip from the most recent Duck Commander Sunday courtesy of the folks over at TMZ.

And yes, I did just link to TMZ. And yes, doing so seems just as strange to me as I’m sure it does to you.

Anyway, if you’d like to see more (sorry the church doesn’t have an embed option or I would share the videos here), click here for the full 8am Duck Commander service and click here for the full 10am service. Different Robertson boys speak at each service and they start around the 27 min mark and 59 min mark in each service.