A Deeper Story: ‘Stephen Colbert Is Ruining America’


As many of you know, I started writing a monthly faith and politics column called Church & State for the folks over at A Deeper Story.

This month I’m talking about how Stephen Colbert is ruining America.

You read that right.

Check out the preview below, then click through to read the rest of the post to find out how he’s doing it.

Stephen Colbert Is Ruining America

Do you remember the trays we all used to eat off of in our elementary school cafeterias?

I usually had to bring my lunch from home, ‘cause $1.80 was apparently too pricey, but when I did get to buy my lunch at school I loved the trays we got to use.


Because those nice, neat little sections they were divided up into kept my food from touching.

And as any elementary school kid will tell you, there’s nothing worse in life than having your food touch. Although, I have to admit. Even as an adult, I sometimes have to agree with them.

Look, if God wanted my corn to be in my mashed potatoes God would have made corn potatoes. But He didn’t. Because clearly God doesn’t like His food to touch either.

As adults we may not use those wonderful gifts of gastronomic separation anymore, but many of us live our lives like we’re still in the school cafeteria.

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