A Church Service The American Jesus Would Love


Yesterday, Greg Boyd shared the link to the video below.

It’s a clip from a “Patriotic Sunday” service that was held a couple of years ago at a church in Florida.

While patriotism in American churches is nothing new, this church takes things to a whole new level.

I could rant on and on about covering up the cross with a giant American flag as the church sings “The Red, White, and Blue, it waves forever,” but that’s just one small piece of this patriotic orgy.

You really need to see the whole thing (it’s only 6 min long) to appreciate it in all its, um, glory?

I just wonder, if they go to the sorts of lengths for something that has absolutely nothing to with Christianity and is, in the eyes of many, in stark contradiction with the Christian faith, then what they do at Easter?

It’s gotta be obscene, right? I mean that’s the most important day on the Christian calendar. If they’re pouring this many resources into Patriotic Sunday, surely they’re doing even more (if that’s even possible) for Easter, right?

I just hope that whatever they do for Easter, it involves lots of fog, a massive laser light show, and maybe a choreographed *NSYNC-esque dance number involving Jesus and the disciples.

Cause if it does….road trip!!