A Bevy of Christian "Like a Boss" Parodies


Apparently Christians are deeply moved by The Lonely Island’s digital short on SNL, “Like a Boss” (Note: Link takes you to “clean” version, although it’s still pretty vulgar).  Youtube is practically bursting at the seams with Christian knock-offs of the infamous video.  Here are our 5 favorites- let us know in the comments which one you think deserves the titles of “Bossiest Christian Like A Boss Video.”


1.)  This one’s actually fairly well done and fairly true to the original.  Probably the favorite to bring the title home


2.) The Pentecostal version- “Like a ‘Cost”.  Solid entry


3.) It actually took me a few seconds to calibrate my mind around the fact that they had completely replaced “Like a Boss” with “Preach the Word.”  Visionaries…


4.) This one get deductions for not even attempting to sound like the song he references.  Tisk, tisk sir.


5.) The last entry had a lot of potential, but the length left us wanting more  (Obligatory: “That’s what she said “)


Which is your favorite?