Fundie Friday part 32

    It doesn't matter how softly you talk about your sexist views, you're still sexist. Also, the statement "we see it in 1 Timothy and a number of other places" is flat out false. Is "women shouldn't be elders" in one passage in 1 Timothy? Yes. Does this idea appear in "a number of...
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Masturbator Tells Church to Beat It

Greatest.  News.  Article.  Ever.  We really can't add anything funnier than what the article below already says, so enjoy.   [caption id="attachment_3704" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Izad Chavoshan: Masturbation Enthusiast"][/caption]

O.C. man upset with church teachings convicted of hate crime

An Orange County man charged with...
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Fundie Friday part 31

    Fundie Friday is back!! Today we learn that if you're really a Christian you would home school your kids or at least send them to a fundie private school. Otherwise, if they go to one of those pagan public schools, then they'll probably end up in hell. My personal favorite part: "The...
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