Halloween: Trick or Treat?


[youtube K_gTURZe9wc]

Halloween is only a week away, so we felt it was imperative to get this warning out to everyone. As you may have suspected, Halloween is nothing more than a gateway to the occult. Dress your children up in costumes and they will eventually become Satanists. Don't believe us? Check out...
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The Whole Sweep of Scripture

    For my money, which isn't a lot, you don't get much better than N.T. Wright when it comes to understanding the faith and, in particular, the New Testament. In this video Wright answers what I think is one of the most fundamental challenges facing the modern church...
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Alice Cooper – The Sunday School Teacher

      This has to be the greatest Sunday School class of all time. Can you imagine showing up on a Sunday morning and hearing "I'm sorry children,  Mrs. Smith couldn't make it today, so Mr. Cooper will be teaching Sunday School this morning." My only question is: Does he actually teach? Or just...
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