“There Are No Sissys In God’s Army”

    No idea who this guy is, but he's pretty amusing. Definitely not afraid to scream. Especially when he talks about "God's army." Doth quote the preacher, "There are no sissys in God's army!!!" Well, glad he cleared that one up for us. I wonder if this guy was Mark Driscoll's mentor?

[youtube 3vIwShYGnvY]

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Glory School

    Do you find yourself thinking, "Gee whiz I wish I had access to the realm of glory so I could heal the sick, raise the dead, get rich, and speak in tongues"? Well, Patricia King is here to help with the Deathly Hallows her "Glory School." Seems that she hung out with...
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Taking It All Off…..For Church??

    Umm.....yeah. I really, really, really hope the senior adult ministry at my church doesn't try this fundraiser.  

Church men bare more than souls

By Amanda Cedrone The Boston Globe
Watch out, Chippendales. A few men from Framingham are baring it all, almost, in a...
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Jesus Appears On Nintendo

    We've seen plenty of supposed Jesus images on random objects over the years. Some pretty convincing, most not so much. This one falls into the "there's no way this wasn't airbrushed on in a desperate attempt at attention" category. Congratulations, your bid for attention worked.

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