Climb On Board ‘The Jesus Bus’

    Yes, this guy is obviously a bit eccentric and no, I'm not convinced that driving a strange looking bus around the country is necessarily the best way to "spread the gospel." However, this guy is interesting and, dare I say, he posses more than a tinge of creativity, which is more...
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Kids Tell The Christmas Story

    Call us sappy and sentimental if you want, but this is ridiculously cute and hilarious in the way only children can be. Enjoy. And if you don't enjoy it, then expect 3 ghosts to visit you on Christmas Eve to sort things out, Scrooge.

[youtube qT0TPIiGlFc]

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Pakistan: No Texting ‘Jesus’

    Apparently typing the name "Jesus Christ" in a text message may become illegal in Pakistan very soon. The Lord's name is part of a list of over 1,000 words that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has deemed "obscene" and/or "explicit". Along with "Jesus", texters in Pakistan will also be banned from using such...
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