Looking For God? Check your HANDbook!

    You should have a Bible in your hand at all times. Especially if you're looking for God. All you have to do to find Him is look down at your hand and the book that you're holding. He's right there waiting for you. Get it?? Christian puns. So witty. Sigh.

[youtube ceS2kieBQUg]

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Fear > Love


There are a lot of things that I struggle to understand: string theory, driving below the speed limit, the appeal of Lady Gaga. One of the things I struggle to understand the most is the attraction to...
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Star Tracts

    I'm not going to lie. I may or may not have dressed up like Capt. Jean-Luc Picard for Halloween when I was kid. I can admit it. I was a Trekkie. Now, I never committed intellectual property theft created an elaborate evangelistic spoof of the show, but I can appreciate the effort. After all, is there...
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In Celebration Of Me


Today is my birthday. Which is great because it means everyone is required to stop and think of me before doing anything else today. Want that last Boston creme donut behind the counter? Tough luck. It's my birthday. I've earned it. Think...
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