Christ Christ Baby

    I'm not sure whether or not this Vanilla Ice remix was intended to be serious or not, but what I do know is, either way, it's awesome. Obviously, the audio quality could be better, but this is definitely one of my favorite Christian parodies ever.

[youtube fKA1TxUg9-4]

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Destroying Jesus With A Paintbrush

    This story is both funny and sad. It seems that the elderly woman who took this restoration project into her own hands had the best of intentions, but in her effort to recreate the image of Jesus she created a mess. If you ask me, there's a sermon here just waiting to...
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Today begins a new chapter in my life. In just a couple of hours I will head down to New Haven for orientation at Yale Divinity School. I haven't been in school for a few years now, but I think...
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All That Matters Is Winning


It's election season again. I know because my Facebook page has gone from the occasional political post to a non-stop stream of sarcastic pictures, rants, and links "proving" that the other side is the incarnation of evil. I don't begrudge...
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Beer In Church?

    I've heard of several churches that hold services in bars, even one that held services in a strip club. Seriously. But in just about every one of those cases the bar was closed or at least was not serving alcohol. Apparently, the tap flows freely at this church on the Florida-Alabama state line. I...
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