Don’t Tread On Me?


There's a famous yellow flag you may have seen before that features a rattlesnake coiled above the words "Don't Tread On Me." It dates back to the Revolutionary War era and served, for many, as a battle cry for...
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Jesus Is Number One

    Maybe it's just me, but this music video just makes me smile. I'd be willing to bet that you can't watch this video either without at least a grin on your face. Go ahead. Give it a try. You can't watch this thing an not smile.

[youtube UY49vO6Qpbs]

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Noah’s Ark Has Been Found!!

    It's true!! After countless years of searching, Noah's ark has finally been found by NBC's Today show!! Apparently, everyone has been looking in the wrong place. It wasn't tucked away in the mountains of Turkey. It's been in the Netherlands all along! Ok, maybe this isn't technically the Biblical Noah's ark, but there...
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