Introducing The ‘La-Z-Jesus’

Is your living room a den of iniquity? Is your favorite recliner in need of a little redemption? If so, your prayers have been answered. That is, of course, if your prayer was, "Dear Lord, can I please have some quasi-blasphemous furniture? It would really tie the room together. Amen."

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Brad Pitt As Pontius Pilate?

I've always said, "The only thing the passion story is missing is a little sex appeal." So glad the folks in Hollywood finally recognized that too. 20130108-105819.jpg

Brad Pitt Eyes Pontius Pilate Lead

First announced last year, Warner Bros. has plans to bring to the screen the...
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Divas For Jesus

We've all heard sermons about living one way during the week and acting a different (better) way on Sunday. The common theme in those sermons is that that sort of inconsistent lifestyle isn't a good thing, if not altogether antithetical to Christianity. The WE Network apparently didn't get that memo. Instead, they've created...
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