Who’s The Real Hater?

The only thing Christians today like talking about more than Jesus is haters. It's completely ridiculous, but it's also kinda genius if you think about. It doesn't matter how valid someone else's criticism is or how incapable you are of mounting a defense, just call that person a hater and you win! Well,...
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This Week In Jesus

I came across a whole bevy of Jesus stuff this weekend, so instead of drawing it out over several separate posts I thought I would combine it all into one for your convenience so you're easily and adequately prepared for the week ahead. First up, did you hear that Jesus ran...
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It’s Not Global Warming, It’s God’s Judgment

So, here's televangelist Kenneth Copeland and historical revisionist David Barton talking about how every problem in America is actually God's judgment. Because obviously it's ridiculous to think that anything bad that happens to us could simply be the result of our own bad decision making.

[youtube lGR6ezl0-Dw]

Anyway, the thing that...
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