This Week In Jesus

From gun-toting Armageddon Jesus to a preordained NFL Draft, there's a lot of Jesusy stuff you need to know about going into the new week. So, for your convenience I've combined them all into one post. First up, Jesus is a Coke guy.

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Jesus!

Ah, Valentine's Day. That time of the year when way too many Christians forget that love for Jesus and romantic love are two very different things and confusing the two is just awkward and inappropriate. Of course, awkward and inappropriate has never stopped anyone from doing anything and the same is true...
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Virginia Church Worships In The Nude

I used to have the occasional nightmare about accidentally showing up to church in my underwear. Apparently, that is a dream come true for one church in Virginia. Well, minus the accident part. And the underwear. In fact, it's an every Sunday dream come true because they worship in the nude. Why do they...
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