The 2017 American Jesus Madness Champion Is…

I don’t think I can think of a better snapshot of the past year in the life of American Christianity than Alternative Facts beating out Jesus.

And they didn’t just beat Jesus.

They thumped him.

Their victory was so dominant, Jesus the Refugee’s very existence in the matchup was all but irrelevant in the face of such a powerful force.

Kind of like real life.


Congratulations are due to Serena Severance for a commanding victory in the American Jesus Madness bracket challenge. Well done!! Serena has now attained eternal glory…in the form of “Serena Severance, 2017 American Jesus Madness Bracket Champion” being etched forever in the pages of Google Cache.

I can think of now higher honor.

I mean, I guess a knighthood, maybe? But I don’t own a cool sword. Nor am I royal. At least, not that I’m aware of. But I’m still hoping a King Ralph situation will play out for me one of these days.

As always, a YUGE and sincere word of thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament each year. You all are what make this thing worth doing. Without you, it would just be a weird, lonely, sometimes depressing reminder of how estranged American Christianity can be from the way of Jesus.

With you, it’s a weird, less lonely, but still a little depressing reminder  of how estranged American Christianity can be from the way of Jesus.

So, thanks for the company.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

See you next year!

Wait. What am I saying? Next year??

That’s terrible marketing.

I’ll be blogging again a lot sooner than that. I promise.

See you then.



Jesus The Refugee – 33%       Alternative Facts – 67%



Serena Severance – 143 points