American Jesus Madness 2017 – Exquisite 8 Results

Every time I put a bracket together, I try to strategize beyond the first round matchups in hopes that subsequent matchups will still make some sort of sense. In the past, this has been really difficult because there are only so many current stories/issues/etc. going on in a given year and they’re often not directly related.

However, it goes without saying the past year in both American and American Christian history has been…interesting.

As a result, many of this year’s combatants have a lot overlap than in years past and have thus created interesting late round matchups that haven’t always been there in the past.

For example, Anything That is Even Remotely Christian vs. But The Supreme Court… could easily have been a 1st Round matchup, but the two didn’t rumble until the Exquisite 8. The same goes for at least one (though a case could be made for both) of our 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse matchups – The Gospel vs. Alternative Facts.

All that to say, these last 2 rounds are going to be fascinating to watch.

Oh, and congrats to Serena Severance for predicting a perfect 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse!! That’s some Jack Van Impe level prophecy skills there.

Anywho, check out the results below then make your way back here at 9AM to usher in the Apocalypse and decide who will battle it out for the 2017 American Jesus Madness Championship!!


Anything That Is Even Remotely Christian – 37%       But The Supreme Court… – 63%

Jesus The Refugee – 66%       Chance The Rapper – 34%

The Gospel – 54%        Voluntourists – 46%

Alternative Facts – 67%       Women’s March On Washington – 33%


1. Serena Severance – 83 points

2. Grace Govenettio – 68 points

3. Brian Steele – 63 points

4. Meghan Byerly – 57 points

4. Jesse Burke – 57 points