American Jesus Madness Is Back!!

American Jesus Madness 2016 seems like a lifetime ago.

It was a simpler time when Red Starbucks Cups were crowned champion of American Christianity, a time when the collapse of American democracy didn’t seem imminent and everyday didn’t bring a terrifying new headline out of the White House.

You know, the good old days, when politicians were only corrupt and not corrupt AND agents for the Russian government.

And when the American Church had its problems, but wasn’t head over heals in love with a fear-mongering, misogynistic, racist, pathologically lying, greedy, incompetent anti-Christ.

We may be a year or so away from being able to return to the ballot box and *hopefully* do something about the insanity in Washington, but we’re only days away from being able to take our frustration and sooth our collective pain in the annual tradition known as American Jesus Madness.

If you’re new to American Jesus Madness, allow me to welcome you to the first and at least third best imaginary online tournament pitting real world American Christian celebrities, controversies, and culture against one another in a battle royale to do decide who is – or was – the champion of the past year in American Christianity.

What exactly does it mean to be the champion?


Starting today and running through Friday, March 10th I’ll be taking submissions for who or what or where or whatever you want to see in the tournament this year. Just leave your suggestions in the comments below, on my Facebook page, tweet them to me (use #AJM2017), or contact your local Russian operative and we’ll set up a dead drop. As the matuchup suggestions come in I’ll add them to the list, select the best ones, and create a bracket.

I’ll release the bracket on Monday, March 13th.

And, per tradition, I’ll offer my first round breakdown on Tuesday, March 14th to help guide you in your voting.

Brackets will be due on Wednesday, March 15th and the polls will open (we vote to determine who wins each matchup) for 2017 American Jesus Madness tournament bright and early on Thursday, March 16th.

Like that other March Madness tournament you may have heard about, half the fun of American Jesus Madness is filling out a bracket and picking the winners. Last year, Richard McNeeley fended off all challengers to become our 2016 bracket champion. But this year could be your year. All you’ve got to do is fill out a bracket and you could be the one to make Jesus great again!

Anyway, I’ll keep reminding you good folks over the coming the days to get your suggestions in for the tournament. You just make sure you’re here next Monday to download your bracket.