The 2016 American Jesus Madness Champion Is….


I’ve gotta be honest.

I thought Donald Trump had this one in the bag.

But it turns out the man with the golden mane was no match up for faux outrage.


Check out the results below. The only other matchup with a blowout this big was Ted Cruz getting destroyed but the Gay Liberal Agenda Trying To Destroy America in the second round.

We can only hope and pray that Donald Trump is on the losing end of another beatdown in November.

Until then, congrats to Richard McNeeley, our 2016 American Jesus Madness Bracket Champion!! Richard had what was by far the best bracket in American Jesus Madness history. Get this: he only had 2 wrong predictions in his entire bracket. Sure, he can vote for his predictions…but so can everybody else which makes this bracket arguably way harder to predict that the basketball version and Richard’s accomplishment all that more impressive.

So, congrats Richard on winning eternal glory!

And a big, sincere, yuuggee thank you to everyone that filled out a bracket, voted, and shared the tournament with someone. I can’t thank you enough for your support and I hope you had just as much fun as I did making Jesus great again.

See you next year!

Unless Donald Trump becomes president and destroys America…..


Donald Trump – 11%       Red Starbucks Cups – 89%



1. Richard McNeeley – 166 points

2. Billy Byler – 130 points

3. Jon Christian – 95 points

4. Julie Burke – 74 points

5. Aneel Trivedi – 73 points