Tim Tebow Autographed Somebody’s Bible. Seriously.

When my friend, Alec, first told me about this story, I thought it was just a funny rumor.

Or maybe a story from The Onion.

I mean, it sounds too much like a bit from Saturday Night Live to be believable.

But a quick trip to ye olde Google revealed it’s all too real.

tebow1(Credit: Matt Rourke, Associated Press)

But even then, I thought what I was seeing was just an optical illusion, that the angle of the picture  just made it look like Tebow was signing a Bible.

I mean, the guy’s in Philly now.

He’s got to know that somebody would try to pull this stunt off eventually.

And for all the grief, Tebow gets, he seems like a decent guy with enough self-awareness to know 1)you probably shouldn’t autographing Bibles in general (I mean, it’s not like you wrote it) and 2)if you’re Tim Tebow you really shouldn’t autograph a Bible because you’re never going to be able to live it down.

But, sure enough, he signed the Bible.

tebow2(Credit: Matt Rourke, Associated Press)

Let me be clear. I sincerely have nothing against Tim Tebow.

He strikes me as a genuinely good guy who gets way more than his fair share of grief.

But, in the immortal words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, really, Tim?