Saints Of Darkness – Episode 5: Jonah’s Journey

jonahfeatimage(Credit: Sheila Wilson Photography)

Welcome to the final episode of podcast series I’ve called Saints of Darkness. It has featured folks who are doing really interesting, creative, and important social justice work. The series is available as a free podcast that you can stream from this site or download either from iTunes or Podbean and listen to later at your convenience.


I wouldn’t say I’ve saved the best for last just because I’ve genuinely loved each and every person I had the chance to talk to during this series.

But if there’s someone who best embodies the idea of Saints of Darkness, it’s probably Jonah’s Journey. After all, their mission – caring for the children of women who are incarcerated – is a need I honestly never even realized existed. I mean, when I think about it now, it’s so obvious, but when I first heard about Jonah’s Journey I was dumbfounded by my own ignorance of something that is nothing short of an epidemic in our country.

The stories I heard from LeAllison Whitwinghill and the staff at Jonah’s Journey (as well as from Rachel, a Jonah’s Journey caregiver who was able to join us along with both her child and a Jonah’s Journey kid she’s currently caring for) are just wow and heartbreaking and beautiful and inspiring and you’ve just got to hear them for yourself.

Seriously, there’s a decent chance you’ll be shedding a few tears within the first 5 minutes of hearing LeAllison’s story.

This final episode of Saints of Darkness is the longest of the series, so if you need to break it up into a few different car rides to work in the morning, please do. But I promise you’ll want to make sure you hear the entire story of Jonah’s Journey, from how it began practically by accident a few years ago to the incredible ways they are serving incarcerated women and their families today as well as how you can help Jonah’s Journey and the families they serve.

Jonah’s Journey does some truly amazing work, but they can’t do it without your support. Make sure you follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and if you can, consider making a donation to help Jonah’s Journey better serve families in crisis in Middle Tennessee.