American Jesus Madness 2015 – Salacious 16 Results


It was yet another round of incredibly close matchups that came down to the wire.

In fact, by some sort of voodoo witchcraft, a few votes were still coming in long after the polls had closed. No clue how that happened. I guess you have to actually “close” the polls and not just remove them from the post? Either way, those votes did not count.

But regardless of whatever spell Ken Ham tried to cast in hopes of advancing, we now have our Exquisite 8 and I know I’m kinda biased here, but there are some awesome matchups this round. Not that there haven’t been awesome matchups already, but I think the Christian Patriotism vs. Liberals, Immigrants, Muslims, The Poor, & The Entire LGBT Community perfectly sums up the madness of American Christianity in one epic battle.

Anyway, check out the results below and then come back at 9am to vote to decide who our 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be this year!!!



Pope Francis – 76%        The Third Eagle Of The Apocalypse – 24%

Ken Ham – 925        God’s Not Dead – 933

Yoga Pants – 61%        Christian Women Everywhere – 39%

Jesus Feminists – 54%        Christians In Real Life – 46%

Mark 10:21 – 592        Christian Patriotism – 603

Billy Graham’s Legacy – 49%        Liberals, Immigrants, Muslims, The Poor, & The Entire LGBT Community – 51%

The Gospel – 51%        Matt Walsh’s Blog Posts – 49%

Hating Rob Bell – 51%        Shane Claiborne – 49%



1. Richard Boggs – 46 points

2. Sam Henager – 45 points

3. Brenda Patik – 44 points

4. James Gawne – 43 points

5. Jim Kast-Keat – 42 points