Utah Town Celebrates A Year’s Worth Of Holidays For Boy Dying Of Leukemia

This is admittedly a break from the typical sort of stuff I write about.

It’s not necessarily Christian.

There’s no mention of Jesus or the Church anywhere to be seen.

But it’s a story full of the sort of hope and heartbreak, love and grace that are at the core of the gospel.

This is the story of Ethan Van Leuven, a 4 year old boy in Utah who is battling leukemia. Sadly, his doctors recently told his parents that it’s a battle he will not win.

But in the midst of this life shattering tragedy, there is something remarkable going on in the town of West Jordan, Utah.

Faced with the devastating news, Ethan’s hometown decided to come together and make sure you wouldn’t miss Halloween this year.

Or Christmas.

Or his birthday.

It’s an awe inspiring act of love and grace in the midst of incredible heartbreak.

It’s good news that even in our darkest moments, we are not alone.

But fair warning: if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna need a box of Kleenex to make it all the way through this video.

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