Is This The Most Racist Pastor In America?

Meet Bro. Donny Reagan.

He spews his vile bigotry every Sunday from the pulpit of Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, TN.

If he’s not the most racist pastor in America, then he’s at least got to crack the top 10 list.

You’ll see why in this clip where he rants about the sin of interracial marriage.

Which, as you can see, isn’t grainy video from way back in the Jim Crow 1950s.

It was recorded in 2013.

WARNING: You may want to watch this video from a safe distance as it will most likely result in you wanting to repeatedly punch your computer screen.

NOTE: I’m posting this clip because a former church member sent it to me, which reminds me (and hopefully others) that real people are listening to and being hurt by this sort of evil. I think people like Reagan need to be exposed and, maybe it’s a long shot, but I hope that exposure will either result in him being kicked out of the pulpit or, at the least, hopefully people who suffer under this sort of “ministry” will know that they’re not crazy to think their pastor is crazy and can find the courage from others’ outrage to leave their toxic church. 


  • GoodWill605

    Where do you find these infuriating videos?

    • ZackHunt

      In this case, somebody from his church sent it to me, which reminds me (and hopefully others) that real people are listening to and being hurt by this sort of garbage. That’s why I posted it because I think people like him need to be exposed and, maybe that exposure will either result in him being kicked out of the pulpit or at the least hopefully people who suffer under this sort of preaching will know that they’re not crazy to think their pastor is crazy and can find the courage from other’s outrage to leave their toxic church.

      • TheRaven

        The ‘former church member’ and you have performed a valuable public service.

        • Jonathan Kuperberg

          I agree. Being in an urban area where there are far more churches at the other end of the scale If I went to local Unitarians, Episcopalian etc. services with a video camera and uploaded clips of preachers being altogether too sensitive, too expansive, too inclusive, and shoving cosmopolitan elite ‘values’ down people’s throats in the name of Christianity would that be a valuable public service too? Or is it only the right wing who should be exposed?

          • sharon autenrieth

            I’m just curious….are sensitivity and inclusivity elitist values? I think you may need rethink the term elitist.

      • Help Them

        You have to view more sermons. He wants his congregation of 650 to “make love” to Christ. The women are to be seen and not heard. You have to expose this “Jim Jones” want-to-be! He has been at this church since the 80’s, Brainwasing his sheep. They believe William Brahnam is the end time prophet. His teachings to them, are more important than the Bible. Cult! Cult! Cult! Go to this website: Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ it is in Elizabethton, TN.

  • Ben Irwin

    When he says, “Maybe I’m ignorant and dumb,” truer words were never spoken.

  • Greg Dill

    Happy Valley Church doesn’t seem like a very happy place to me. Racism is still alive and well in America, and sadly, in the churches too. Ironically I looked this church up on Google Maps. It’s in the middle of nowhere near the Smoky Mountains.

    I reckon them aren’t too smart of country folk out there that way.

    • The Irish Atheist

      Making insinuations about a group of people’s collective intelligence based on their geographical location, occupations, or cultural background is hardly better than making such insinuations based on their skin colour.

      Seems to me that ‘Brother’ Donny, like the WBC, isn’t much more bigoted than much of Christendom. He just states it outright and doesn’t hide it behind snide jokes and passive-aggressive phrasing.

    • Rev DM

      Actually, it is in a rather medium/large area, the Tri Cities area in East Tennessee, which is home to the Bristol Motor Speedway and East Tennessee State University. Close to million people live in the Tri Cities and the surrounding area. It is actually one of the larger areas in TN. While I get that you are trying to downplay it to (and hoping that it is) simple hillbilly ignorance, the area has a relatively educated populous. In fact, my mom shared the video with me and shared some names of people who go to this church. You would think these people to be respectable, until you find out they are part of this cult. I’ve actually been investigating it, and that is basically what it appears to amount to, a Pentecostal (Apostolic style)/Mormon like hybrid, where they refer to Branham like he was the head Apostle (or Joseph Smith) and have his pictures posted throughout the facility. Even more disturbing, is the fact that this church draws over 500 people weekly and has reps from multiple ethnicities. Being from the area, and having been to several churches in the area, I was very surprised anything like this could exist there.

      • Moxie

        You are exactly right Rev DM. Well said.

    • Moxie

      This is my hometown – and this racist/scriptural illiterate does NOT represent believers or our region. Don’t ditch the whole area for a few bad apples. Fortunately Reagan, Brahnam and their few followers are in the minority around here.

  • sk

    looks like it might be a good sized church. And of course, if you think about the state of Tennessee overall, there is a lot of this legalistic, exclusionary, hateful stuff going on, even in state government, in the name of Jesus.

  • herewegokids

    “It’s wordly.” Well then. Say no more.

  • Mac Dumcum

    One should also note that this gentlemen is a follower of William Branham, and that he cites Mr. Branham’s teachings to support his ideas. I guess that pretty much says who his authority is.

    • Greg Dill

      A little more research digging on Branham found that he denied the doctrine of the Trinity and made several end-time predictions that never came to pass. He was also racist. Go figure.

      • Jonathan Kuperberg

        like Joseph Smith?

      • Moxie

        Brahnam is as fraudulent as Reagan is ignorant. What astonishes me is they manage to find enough people to keep them in their pulpits. Stupid is as stupid does…..

  • Pat68

    Lord, have mercy. And I’m only at 41 seconds. “Colored friends”???????

  • Pat68

    I can’t take anymore. SIgned off at a little over 4 minutes.

  • Kristen Howerton

    Why is he reading some random passage about race-mixing as if it’s scripture? What a tool. And so manipulative.

    • Jonathan Kuperberg

      Exactly! Seeing as this man who I assume claims to take the literal reading of God’s Word as his prime authority, but in practice privileges a mere human being called William Branham, didn’t include any Scripture in that ‘sermon’ except in ‘refuting’ the obvious rebuttal that Moses married an Ethiopian with unbiblical illogic, how about Acts 17:26? For God hath made of ONE blood… NO justification for the ‘bounds of (national) habitations’ being dictated by ‘race’ or skin tone in that verse.

  • Linda File

    Technology – as in the ability of someone within that congregation being able to record this- will be the end of this type of ignorance. The only way for this kind of hate speech to continue is to keep intimidated people in ignorance. That someone may be thinking within that controlled system is hopeful. Just like the 47 per cent video from the 2012 election, letting them speak will be their eventual end.

  • sherrybluemoonluck

    i survived 10 mins and 46 excruciating seconds. sad! i hope posting it helps…something needs to.

  • Dan Lewiston

    I wasn’t aware Brother Branham was the “authority” I was supposed to preach from. Please don’t tell by church, cause I have been preaching and quoting Jesus and the Bible!

    • Arthur Frymyer Jr.

      I was raised in a Branhamite church. They prefer to be called “Message of the Hour” but either works for me. I have been out of the MotH for 33 years, but removing their indoctrination is still a work in progress. In Branhamite churches, Branham is the absolute authority. They pay lip service to the Bible, but Branham is quoted over the Bible at least 3 to 1. Branham was supposedly sent to shed light on the Bible, but in reality the Bible is used to back up what Branham said. I’ve been told by a relative who is still in the MotD that some of the churches are now teaching that Branham was God to this church age. For any who are currently in the MotH and are questioning its authenticity, I invite you to read the following prayerfully. It will take a long time to get through this PDF file. Probably years, because you’ll have to digest it a bit at a time. You CAN escape this group. Just tune out the rhetoric and think for yourself. Don’t be afraid to question. If it’s true, it can handle the questions. If not, pray for courage to make a change.

  • Dan Lewiston

    This dude is unreal! Jesus help us!

  • Dan Lewiston

    What White, Brown, Black, Yellow, Green, or Smurf would want to listen this twice, much less every Sunday! Ok Zach, I’m done!

  • daryl carpenter

    I imagine that he believes what he’s saying is entirely reasonable, which is rather frightening. How the hell do people like this rise into positions of authority?

    Some personal highlights:

    0:20 Fishin’ for amens. Good way to start a sermon. Hallelujah!

    1:55 ‘Racial stuff'[!]

    3:20 ‘This is not Hitler. This is not a [sic] Nazism.’ There goes my irony meter.

    3:50 Corn analogy. Brilliant. From now on all of my arguments are going to contain an analogy to corn.

    4:55 But… but… he loves Jews!

    5:02 ‘Do you think Moses looked as pale as I do?’ Self deprecating humour. Despite this, I’m still finding it hard to warm to him.

    6:48 ‘Some of my best friends are Sioux Indian.’

    10:30 Black blood is ok for transfusion. Well at least that’s something!

    11:45 Variation on the ‘some of my best friends are black’ motif. See also: the rest of the video.

    13:15 Divisions of nations in eternity. You’d think if there is a heaven it would be above such nationalistic pettiness…

    13:48 Shouts for no discernible reason. Possibly momentarily ‘in the spirit?’

    14:29 ‘Brown, black, white races are like the flower garden of God. They should not be crossed up.’ Don’t some flowers cross pollinate?

    14:40 Black girls can be as attractive as anyone! And I’m NOT RACIST!!!

    15:20 Communism! And the clunking non sequitur award goes to…

    • Pat68

      And how someone can build a whole sermon on this topic is beyond me. What in the world does it have to do with the Gospel??

      • Moxie

        Not one thing. But then, in mainstream religion very few sermons do.

    • Luddite

      Kudos to you for being able to listen to this disgusting rant. I only made it to the 3:15 mark and turned it off.

    • Nur Alia binti Ahmad

      you listened to the whole thing? My god your poor ears.

    • Jonathan Kuperberg

      RACE-MIXING IS COMMUNISM! Didn’t surprise me, as it was on a sign in one of the most famous photos of segregationists (demonstrating outside SCOTUS against Brown v Board, IIRC). I wonder if the person holding that sign was a Branhamite too- but then again, it could’ve been a Mormon, or a Southern Baptist, or a person of any number of other faiths roused in fear at the spectre of racial integration. It is true that Communists were among the first white Americans to support it and some Black freedom activists worked with them- thus I find it at least understandable for a white Southerner with limited access to information to allege a ‘race-mixing’/commie link in ’54. But 60 years on, with just about everyone accepting interracial marriage this is plain stupid.

      The bit that got my attention more was ‘Mussolini’. Bad enough when ignorant ideologues claim Hitler was a commie or left-winger (but he was a National SOCIALIST, therefore Nazism=socialism=left-wing=lib’rul Kenyan Obongo the terrorist illegal alien communist). To link Communism to the union-hating Italian who never made pretense to socialism and went so far as ‘Fascism should more appropriately be named Corporatism’ is reaching yet another level of dumb.

    • Moxie

      They rise to these positions because they are self appointed, and egotistical enough to convince a small following they know what they’re talking about. He obviously doesn’t have a clue what Scripture says – hopefully bringing his ignorance to light will cause some of this congregation to rethink their loyalties.

  • Hitesh M Patel

    Hey Zach. I’m glad you posted this. I love my wife more than anything. I think she is truly amazing and I’m a better person today because of her love. She’s white and I’m so glad she married this brown guy!! So, I say we dismiss and go to Taco Bell! Because that wasn’t a racist comment at all.

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  • Nicholas

    Those who listen to him and support him are just as dumb as he is. Why do Christians put themselves through this kind of torture and waste their time by listening to this scumbag??

  • TheRaven

    This racist preaches in Johnson City, located in east Tennessee. The socially-backward precincts of southwest Virginia that overwhelmingly voted for CooCooNelly are directly north. East Tennessee is Appalachia and like the Appalachian parts of Kentucky and just about all of West Virginia it’s a very white, culturally retarded, fundamentalist monoculture.

    I don’t think that Tennessee, which is also home to Memphis and Nashville, should be indicted because of Johnson City. The mindset on display here transcends state borders and defies the passage of centuries. It comes straight from the 17th century in fact, imported directly from the English/Scottish borderlands.

    • Jonathan Kuperberg

      Are you not stereotyping there? Appalachia, or even West Virginia is hardly ‘culturally retarded’- it’s just more devoted to traditional ways than Memphis, and certainly than New York City. One of my closest Christian friends is a pro-family Baptist from small town WV who was instrumental in fighting the 1974 Kanawha County textbook controversy- which snowballed into the first major fight of the ‘culture war’ when outside interests from the right and left descended on the area bringing national media in tow for several months. But there’s no question who started it: the liberals and radicals tried to push into innocent children’s minds via affective education programs and public school books saturated in left-wing and anti Christian ideology (hardly the religious neutrality which the government is expected to observe). Pro-family parents fought back. I happen to think a place where families are willing to stand up for their rights and resist the harmful and unnecessary accoutrements of ‘progress’ while adapting to the modern world is one which is preserving its culture…

      Southwest VA- Falwell, Robertson, Onalee McGraw, Christendom College, a lot of K-12 Baptist schools, ‘real Virginia’…pro-Family country. Again not ‘backward’ unless you have bias against strong families, Bible preaching, faithful Catholics and evangelicals.

      • TheRaven

        Christofascist, denialist nonsense.

        • Jonathan Kuperberg

          I’m an anti-fascist as you will see from my anti-racist comments on this thread so that’s a bit of a stretch…and what am I denying exactly? I don’t deny evolution or climate change

        • Moxie

          You seem to relish showing your ignorance as much as Reagan does. Are you really this blind or are you just trolling?

    • Moxie

      You’re guilty of the same prejudicial, sweeping generalizations as Reagan. He represents himself, not this region. Because he found a few followers doesn’t mean he speaks for Johnson City, East Tennessee or West Virginia. Regions, by the way – which are NOT predominately “white, culturally retarded or fundamentalist monocultures”. Like Reagan, you need to be quiet on topics you know nothing about.

  • jack

    Of all the wonderful things about the Gospel he could preaching – he’s preaching this garbage. What a waste of sermonic time. God help us. Why not preach the unsearchable riches of Christ?

  • Anna Hayward

    He can’t even speak English. The guy is not only racist, he’s thick

  • Believe It or Not

    These “Message Believers” as they refer to themselves also believe Eve had sex with the Devil and Cain was the result. Watch the sermon on Serpent Seed. They believe they are Gods elect, predestined before creation. They believe they will be judging the rest of us. They will live in the “Inner City” with God and anyone else who happens to make it to Heaven will live outside the city. They call themselves “Bride”. Women are to be plain, no cutting or trimming hair, no make up and only dresses that come well below the knees. Watch the sermon on women’s dress. Donny Reagan, the pastor compares himself to Moses and Noah. Men can divorce their wives for rebuking them, cutting their hair and even if their breasts start to sag etc. Men can re-marry but women can’t until their living spouse is dead. This doesn’t stop them from sneeking around and doing things in secret. It doesn’t matter if God sees their indiscretions as long as brother Donny doesn’t find out. Consists of 3 services weekly (2-3 hrs each) and they believe God speaks directly through Donny Reagan. If you think the sermon on “mixed races” was bad,you should hear what he says about homosexuality. He claims he can deliver you from it. Supposedly he has done this for some message believers. Brainwashing at it’s finest! Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, David Keresh….sound familiar?

    • Arthur Frymyer Jr.

      Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, Branch Davidians, those are the cults everyone knows about. Most people would be shocked to know that the nation’s foremost expert on cults, Steve Hassan, estimates in his 1988 book “Combating Cult Mind Control” there are as many as 3 million cult members IN THE USA ALONE. Statistically, if you know 100 people, one of them is in a cult. But most cults are just the church next door, and you never hear about them until something like Jonestown happens. These churches are dangerous! If you suspect you may be in a cult, here’s an objective checklist of common cult traits. Keep in mind that there probably isn’t a cult in the world that meets every single one of these, but if you’re scoring at least 7 or 8, it’s time to reconsider your path.

    • Jonathan Kuperberg

      Don’t compare them to a mass-suicide brainwasher and child molester whose cultish stand against the state contributed to dozens of people dying…that’s on a par with Ben Carson comparing Obamacare to slavery for distance between your points of reference. Yes, Bro. Reagan and his fellow Branhamites are racist, hyper-patriarchal religious outliers holding an ideology I along with most Christians in our age find both repugnant and un-Biblical. That doesn’t mean they are a dangerous/ violent cult- most of them have been living peacefully for a long time in rural areas.

      They’re more on a level with Independent Fundamental Baptists and old-order Mennonites in their expansive interpretation of injunctions to be ‘separate from the world’ (though not all-encompassing as cults tend to be) and refusal to yield to modern American cultural norms of equality in their reading of Scripture as it pertains to gender and sexual orientation within their religious community- except that they include matters of race in that nonconformity.

  • David Lloyd

    what a goose cock

  • pam95650

    I couldn’t listen to the whole thing…..unfucking believable. No other words to say.

  • Andrew Watson

    I love the corn analogy, Corn was created by Native Americans by crossbreeding several grains together, which we have continually crossbreed until it has reached its current form. Way to go, you inserted your own irony into the sermon itself.

  • Wes Gilbert

    Go bro Donny thats all im saying

  • scapeghost

    Sadly, “Pastor Donny” and his ilk get off on this kind of negative attention. They love nothing more to be “persecuted for speaking the truth”. It is almost a vindication to them.

  • Dave

    I really enjoyed listening to Pastor Donny. However, it is very odd to me that not one comment on this message board quoted scripture to where what he (Pastor Reagan) said was wrong. I want to thank the SPLC for bringing my attention to this wonderful and courageous man.

    • Jonathan Kuperberg

      I did. Acts 17:26

  • Mulatto Mumma

    Well you learn something everyday – I never realised that I was hy-breeding (hy meaning superior) when I had my four beautiful mulatto children. He makes mulatto sound dirty yet it just means the first generation off spring of a black person and a white person.

  • Moxie

    Another self-appointed Scriptural illiterate who placed himself in the pulpit and managed to amass a small following. He does not speak for the majority of believers…he certainly doesn’t speak the truth of God’s Word. Brahnam is no prophet, and Reagan is no preacher. Hopefully those who support them will come to realize that.

  • The Spanish Jew

    you go Donny, 100% with you, tell it like it is.

  • Capntrips
  • j

    Good for them,
    Whites and Blacks that go to this church agree with him hence why he never backed down. This preacher is a true preserver of diversity.