• Brian Pike

    Hmmm… I’m actually intrigued by it. To be honest, my initial reaction was revulsion at combining sacred figures among such “pop icons.”

    But as I started to think about what Darth could possibly represent (in my view, he can certainly be seen as the figurehead of ’empire’), a new image popped into place: the idea that empires kill Jesus and what he stands for. The Roman empire did it; American empire has done it; and of course the Evil Empire can do it.

    Anyhow – thought-provoking piece to be sure, which the artist was going for.

  • Adele Bohn

    there is absolutely NOTHING about this that doesn’t confuse me. i’m a huge star wars fan. and i’m an even bigger Jesus fan. but i don’t get this.

  • Emma

    It seems to be an illustration of when America went down hill. Vader represents evil, Jesus represents good, and good is being carried off by evil.

    It could also be evil rescuing good, an illustration of the playing field being level, a depiction of the unity experienced that day in the US. The corruptness of some unified with the goodness of others, a reminder that we are all human, we are all finite. The evil people of this country were just as affected by it as the good people of this country.

    That said, this is freaking weird.

    • Justin Mitchell

      Eh. I think it’s just satire. I don’t think anything represents anything in this picture. I think it was just someone going for silliness / confusion / nonsense.

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  • Justin Mitchell

    From the linked article:
    “For the most part people love it, especially older people — those between 35 and 45.”

  • Michael P

    I stole a few comments from the original post:

    “The Jesus does not have any wounds; did he just faint?”

    “Dick Cheney holding the body of a sleeping/passed out/dead naked
    homeless person?? Offensive, implausible… yes. The most offensive???
    Nowhere near.”

    These were great.

  • CKPS63

    This reminds me of a project my English teacher gave us back in High School to draw a “symbolic self-portrait.” Being a subversive smart-aleck, I deliberately chose the most confusing, obscure and disturbing mix of symbols I could come up with as a joke. It looked a lot like this. It also got me sent to the school nurse for a psych test.

  • Nicholas

    Just a dumb painting

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