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    This is clearly some of your best writing… 😉

    • ZackHunt

      It took a lot of editing and revision, but I’m pretty happy with the final product. :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/bill.kinnon Bill Kinnon

        Would that more Christian writers have you as their editor, Zach. :-)

  • adamwhitley

    Just brilliant.

  • http://twitter.com/LisaColonDelay Lisa Colón DeLay

    washed white-as-snow through the blood of the Lamb?

  • Dave Delozier

    Wish I’d have thought of that. Excellent!

  • LRZ

    Couldn’t agree more!

  • Larry Kelso


  • http://abnormalanabaptist.wordpress.com/ Robert Martin

    So…. how would one tweet that?

  • http://ryanrobinson.ca/ Ryan Robinson

    Took me about a minute to get it. Not my fastest-thinking morning.

    • http://abnormalanabaptist.wordpress.com/ Robert Martin

      Yeah… at first, I thought Chrome was crapping out on me and not refreshing… then… “ooooooh…”

  • Daniel J. Fick

    God bless you for showing Piper grace…
    Oh, wait.

    • ZackHunt

      You’re kidding, right? Because the same old dismissive pseudo-righteousness from the Neo-Reformed crowd after one of their leaders is held to account for the abominable things he said is a sad joke the rest of us are tired of hearing.

      • Daniel J. Fick

        What “abominable things” did Piper say? Based on Piper’s follow-up tweet (which oddly enough doesn’t receive any mention here – I guess it’s better to just hand out “cheap shots”), it appears you have nothing to rebuke him with. And, even if Piper hadn’t provided a clarifying tweet, the Scripture he tweeted does not explicitly pertain to judgment.

        And yet, what’s most troubling is that your ill-informed rebuke of Piper (at least in this instance) is the exact same grace-less content you accuse him of.

        Also, these:

        • ZackHunt

          Do you Neo-Reformed guys have a handbook you use with prescribed responses? Because it’s always the same garbage. Your leaders, in this case Piper say horrible unbelievably insensitive things like his tweet from Job in which he implies that God sent the Oklahoma tornadoes to kill people, then you all have the audacity to try the grace card as if telling mothers their kidergartener deserved to die is graceful, while simultaneously pretending as if nothing was said or that what was said was ok because it conformed and affirmed your/his warped theology. No “clarification” can wipe away the pain he and others seem to go out of their way to cause. But the Pharisaical enslavement of the Neo-Reformed movement to its own theological paradigm has blinded you all to the pain and embarrassment you inflict on others and the church. I and many others have had enough of the Neo-Reformed movement playing the innocent victim. We’re done with it and we’re going to keep calling you guys out on it for as long as you all keep spewing this sort of hateful nonsense.

          • Jon


          • Matt

            “But the Pharisaical enslavement of the Neo-Reformed movement to its own theological paradigm has blinded you all to the pain and embarrassment you inflict on others and the church. I and many others have had enough of the Neo-Reformed movement playing the innocent victim. We’re done with it and we’re going to keep calling you guys out on it for as long as you all keep spewing this sort of hateful nonsense.”
            Yes, thank you. Totally agree.

          • patti

            Brilliant. It is all very

            Warped Theology. They cause pain and then run away and deny what they have done.

          • Keith Brown

            apparently hate begets hate

          • Jeff Bys

            This entire rant appears to be built off the premise that Piper’s Job tweet was implying that God sent the OK tornadoes to kill people. I may be behind, but I have not seen any criticism of Piper’s tweet clearly explain why we should believe that he meant that to imply that God sent the tornadoes to kill people because they deserve it. As I understand Job, not only is that assumption a stretch, but it is impossible to get there. Can you please clarify your position on how you have come to the conclusion that Piper meant what you say he meant by quoting from Job? Best I can tell, you are proof-texting, and it is really hard to have a reasonable debate if both sides are starting in different places. You have some pretty harsh things to say here, and honestly, if you are going to put yourself out there as a voice that will “keep calling you guys out on it” then I believe you have a responsibility to better clarify exactly what it is you are calling people out on. As it appears from my perspective, and I may certainly be wrong and I would like to understand more about your perspective, Piper quoted a vs from the Bible, you and many others thought it insensitive, Piper tried to clarify why he chose the vs, you either feel he lied about his clarification or that you know better than he what his intentions were, and you are on some sort of mission to “call out” people who disagree with you theologically.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ericrboersma Eric Boersma

            “I may be behind, but I have not seen any criticism of Piper’s tweet clearly explain why we should believe that he meant that to imply that God sent the tornadoes to kill people because they deserve it.”

            Are you familiar with what Piper has said following natural disasters and other tragedies in the past? After literally every major national news tragedy, he says that Human beings are twisted, sinful creatures who deserve whatever bad things God sends us.

            Assuming that’s what he meant with this isn’t exactly a leap of logic.

          • Jeff Bys

            I am familiar with some of what Piper has said following other tragedies. I am also aware of some of his exegesis of the text in Job. I am not aware of him ever stating that he believes Job is God going after Job because he deserves it.

            It is a leap of logic if Job is not about God treating Job as he deserves. Unless you believe that, then you could assume that’s what he meant no matter what scripture he quoted…John 3:16, James 1:3, whatever…it wouldn’t matter because you’re not basing your assumption on the scripture he quoted but on what you believe he has said in the past.

            Thanks for your reply. I don’t get involved in discussions like this because I think I can change people’s minds, but rather because it helps me clarify what I believe.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ericrboersma Eric Boersma

            Happy to be able to share. Peace be with you.

          • Justin Pritchard

            It seems that assigning implications to a tweet is a bit sophomoric though, since we all know that implications we assign to words on a page (especially so few words) or screen, come largely from our own bias. Understanding the implications of the passages in Job which Piper tweets (of which I see, no one wants to include or talk about the second tweet), which those implications are not assigned but supported by context, they would seem to indicate that in spite of tragedy we as the people of God, even those in the midst of said tragedy, still serve a worthy and good God. I can find no implications in the use of that particular scripture to see otherwise. Was it ill timed? Perhaps, however, even Dr. Piper admitted to that. From his statement he seemed to have hope to bring comfort in knowing that when things like this occur we can still turn to and worship a God who is sovereign and wise, and ultimately loving toward His people. Considering that he (Dr. Piper) issued an apology for the ill-timing of the tweets and any negative impact… wouldn’t the most Christ-like course of action to forgive and move on? Or is further discussion really necessary? And if it is.. then I would ponder these things…

            When tragedy or disaster occur, is, or is not, God people’s greatest hope?

            Or even more so.. is Jesus not the world’s greatest and only hope?

            How many people (non-christians) even follow John Piper’s twitter account? And are more of them only made aware of a perceived offense when things like this hit the wire because of his detractors?

            Have you never made an error in judgement in writing, or posting, or tweeting something? (I mean really haven’t we all)

            I’m really not trying to be aggressive, but I’ve followed a couple of these discussions and I’m just not sure what good they are doing for the spread of the Gospel and the furtherance of the Kingdom

            Indebted to Grace

          • http://www.facebook.com/ericrboersma Eric Boersma

            “How many people (non-christians) even follow John Piper’s twitter account? And are more of them only made aware of a perceived offense when things like this hit the wire because of his detractors?”

            Ah, yes. The classic “We shouldn’t criticize Christian leaders when they do something stupid because it will make people think ill of Christianity” defense.

            Maybe, instead, we should stop putting Christian leaders who continually do stupid things on a pedestal.

          • Justin Pritchard


            You should read my above response… with one caveat. At least you took a moment to take one question aside… although you didn’t really answer it with anything remotely substantive. It’s as though you had a canned answer all ready for just that question. I’ve seen your posts elsewhere and I confused, are you a Christian or not? (serious question)

            And to your final point… we really shouldn’t be putting any persons on a pedestal, now should we? But we all do to some degree.. you included, if you’re honest. And if you are honest and you can recognize those you hold with certain honor, you also must recognize they are human and also do stupid things… to not recognize this in ourselves or others, or recognize the hurts we may cause (directly and indirectly) and give grace accordingly… makes us hypocrites. “Know this my dear brothers, let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God” Jas 1:19-20.
            Plus, can you define stupid things? Does that include the audacity to believe and teach the whole Bible? If so… I’m most certainly a Christian leader doing stupid things… but I’ll gladly stand under 1 Cor 1:20-29 and keep being that fool.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ericrboersma Eric Boersma

            “are you a Christian or not?”

            I guess that depends on what you mean by being a Christian. I affirm Christ as the Son of God, I recognize his death as an innocent Sacrifice and resurrection. I aspire to live as He taught us to live — by standing against the oppressors with the oppressed, wherever they may be found. I do attend a church where I’m incredibly happy.

            I also believe that the vast majority of Christianity is rotten to the core. The Catholic Church kept slaves until 1996. They covered up and still haven’t purged known child rapists. They are perhaps the most culpable organization in the world for millions of AIDS deaths in Africa. Men like John Piper and Al Mohler stand in solidarity with Sovereign Grace Ministries, a series of churches which have supported and covered up for child rapists. Southern Baptists everywhere suppress the rights of minorities, immigrants, women and homosexuals. The United Methodist Church, which is the denomination with which I affiliate, still does not recognize the marriage of homosexuals nor allow them to be leaders within the church.

            Christianity has, nearly universally, exchanged the idea that Christ’s teachings were important to people, and instead entrenched itself as a means by which to gain and perpetuate the privilege of the powerful. We raise up our doctrines and our institutions above the people they are meant to guide and serve, and in doing so we trade the promise of Christ for the edifices of man.

            So, am I a Christian? I don’t even know what that word means, any more. I’m a person. I’m a humanist. I try my best to follow Christ. Sometimes I screw up. Oftentimes, I’m highly critical of Christians, because I’m sick of seeing that word used to justify hatred, bigotry, exclusion, venom and bile. We of all people — who claim to follow the Son of a Loving God, should be most of all patient and kind, but too often these days, Christians believe that the fruits of the spirit are anger and fear and greed and fraud and graft and shameless dishonesty.

            John Piper is a sick, twisted, cruel and perverted man. I am sick of saying “Not all Christians are like that”. I’ve long since decided not to be complicit in my silence. I’m just one voice, but like your verse notes “God chose the weak things of this world to shame the strong”.

            I’m hoping that just maybe, a little voice like mine will be able to give the twisted and powerful within Christianity a little shame.

          • Lydia

            Oh my word. Over and over I see the blindness to the YRR movement. Piper is a PUBLIC communicator. This is what he does for a living. It is not like many of us have not listened/read him for years. In my case, 15.

            He has a history. Get over it. You cannot spin his history away.

            I don’t think I have ever seen such a blind movement in my life as the YRR. They are so sold out to their gurus they cannot think outside the guru box.

          • Justin Pritchard

            so the response to questions asked.. is an accusation of blind devotion? You assume much and paint people (it seems anyone who would dare question the mind and motives those who are deriding Piper) with a broad brush. I’m only sold out to one “guru” and that’s Jesus, I don’t wholesale agree with everything Piper says. Yes I’m Reformed in my theology, yes I believe in a sovereign God, but I don’t pray to Piper, Driscoll, or any other person. I don’t have time to obsess over them, I’m too busy with family and leading a church toward loving Jesus more authentically. It just seems that there is so much vitriol, and very little grace in these discussions. Followed by an unwillingness to discuss any substance, for when questions are asked… everyone just seems to shout louder at the offense they are consumed with at the moment, as if that will bring about any resolution, do any good for the Kingdom, or further the gospel in any fashion. It’s sad, and not sarcastically “sad” but it really saddens my heart. There can be no growth without discussion and there can be no discussion if no one will answer questions or stop to ask them.

          • Jeff Bys

            It makes me sad as well. As you point out, there can be no growth without discussion, and no discussion if no one will answer questions. In this discussion and some others I have seen, several folks have asked questions to clarify the position of those upset with Piper over the Job tweet….sadly, I have not seen anyone attempt to answer. As you say, they seem only to shout louder and continue accusations with no substance. If we disagree with their accusations, we are to believe that we are blind and have warped theology. And, we are seemingly told that we should have thicker skin…as though it is our fault that we may be offended or think it inappropriate to be told we are blind and warped by people that don’t even know us. We are told that Piper is a public speaker and seemingly it is his responsibility to always be understood correctly…well, Jesus was with his disciples for over 3 years, and how often they misunderstood him. The truth is, we are all blind and warped to some degree in something…our ways are not God’s ways. But it is my hope that God would continue to complete the work he has started in me. It is not my desire to talk anyone out of believing what they believe, I just want to understand other perspectives because I understand my perspective may be wrong.

            I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I was a little shocked to see someone Reformed in their theology that doesn’t pray to Piper or Driscoll…how about Keller? Lol

        • Randy

          Good grief. No mention here of the follow up tweet. He simply tweeted a scripture and everyone assumes they know what is in Piper heart. As stated the Scripture he tweeted ” does not explicitly pertain to judgment.” but needs to be understood by the follow up tweet. http://covenantoflove.net/theology/the-tweet-after-the-tweet/

          • ZackHunt

            That’s complete b.s. He’s said this exact same sort of thing before, specifically about the tornadoes in Joplin, MO. Which means we know exactly “what’s in his heart” because he’s told us himself countless times before.

          • Daniel J. Fick

            I’m out. This is a pointless discussion. Zack, if you actually want to have a dialogue, wherein you actually weigh all of the evidence, you can email me at dan@redeemerchurch.info

          • Daniel J. Fick

            Also, my apologies for my initial snarky comment. It was unwarranted and also “grace-less.”

          • Randy

            Chill out Zack. No need to use adolescent language. All he did was quote scripture. Again you failed to mention his follow up tweet and you ignore it when we mention it. You assume you know what he meant. The Book of Job is one of the best books to read in times of trial, tragedy and uncertainty. That is what I assume Piper is doing especially in light of his follow up tweet which you apparently did not read.

          • http://abnormalanabaptist.wordpress.com/ Robert Martin

            Randy… I’ve read the follow up tweet… and considering other things that John Piper has said, while he comments about it pointing towards compassion and mercy, the implication is still there: God demolished Moore, OK. The reasoning why is immaterial beyond the implication that God reached down and not only destroyed an entire town… AN ENTIRE TOWN… but included at least 9 children… children no older than my own…

            …and for no reason, by the implication, that God can do it, and will do it, and, based upon Piper’s other things he’s said, it’s because of the sin in our country/world/community and this is the judgment on it.

            As for the book of Job… I agree, it is good to read in such times… but not as an explanation of WHY god does things… but as an admonition of what “good” people are supposed to do when bad things happen… Job got the divine smackdown for DARING to ask “why”…. “When you can make lightning, when you can time the tides… THEN you can ask me why…” (my paraphrase).

            So… Piper’s theology… I’ll pass, thank you. In the meantime, I’ve got e-mails to send to churches in Oklahoma asking if there is anything they need… it’s all I can do, right now… I wish I could do more.

          • Randy

            Robert, thank you for the response.. It all goes back is God Sovereign over all things or not? I believe He is completely Sovereign over all things that happen though I cannot always understand His ways (which is irrelevant since I am a mere mortal). I think you miss the point of the Book of Job by your remarks. God is sovereign, we are not but He is faithful to His children through the awful rough times.May our own frailty cause us to look to God’s mercy and grace in times of sorrow such as this. I don’t have the answers why things happen but I trust in the goodness of God. That is my last comment on this for as you stated we all need to seek ways to help the churches of Oklahoma. God Bless!

          • Matt

            “It all goes back is God Sovereign over all things or not? I believe He is completely Sovereign over all things that happen though I cannot always understand His ways (which is irrelevant since I am a mere mortal). ”
            I guess that means you were forced to comment here since he is controlling every molecule.

          • Randy

            Here is Piper’s follow up tweet that I believe brings clarification though Piper skeptics will no doubt find something wicked in it. Regardless can’t we give someone the benefit of the doubt before condemning him. Out of here. God bless.


          • http://abnormalanabaptist.wordpress.com/ Robert Martin

            Psst… as you can see by my comment, I’ve read it…

          • Sierra

            This is what Piper ALWAYS does. He’ll post something radically insensitive or cruel, and THEN follow it up with an “explanatory” 2nd comment. Classic Piper.

          • http://www.bookwormbeauty.com/ Becca Rose

            oh, nice tone policing. real nice.

          • Rusty

            The fact that he tweeted the original and follow up in this time of need shows he is absolutely completely out of touch with reality.

          • Matt

            Well I see this “you don’t know what is in his heart” stuff all the time from that movement and it is childish. We can track a pattern and read his words. Thing is his followers want to interpret Piper for us. No thanks. He is a public communicator.

            Yeah, I am a bit snarky about it. I live at ground zero and they have wrecked havoc in churches here with their thin skinned nastiness and cruelty. Grow up. Not all of us worship a cruel mean Triune God that wipes out cities for His own Glory.

          • Nell

            I have a simple analysis. When you need a bunch of your groupies/apologists to come out after every tweet to explain why it doesn’t mean what everyone thinks it means, then something is wrong with the tweeter.

          • Keith Brown

            why the foul language. why are you SO mad?

        • http://www.facebook.com/ericrboersma Eric Boersma

          John Piper defends rapists and child abusers, and stands with those abusers as they use their positions of authority to silence their victims and deny them justice.

          He deserves every rebuke we can offer.

          • Matt

            Explain yourself, Eric. This is slander and an improper understanding of Piper’s theology.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ericrboersma Eric Boersma


            That’s a story in which Piper is giving a sermon at a Sovereign Grace Ministries church, which is currently embroiled in a lawsuit in which dozens of women, independently, allege that pastors and elders at SGM churches raped and abused young women from their churches, and whenever any of those young women attempted to come forward, pressured the parents to put the girls in counseling run by the pastors who raped them in order to silence their attempts at justice.

            Dozens of churches that were previously affiliated with SGM have left the group due to the heinousness of the charges. Piper, in this case, was speaking at the organizational headquarters of the churches that stayed. He preached on their pulpit, expressed solidarity for their leadership, and never addressed the victims of this heinous crime.

            If it’s found that every single woman who came forward as a result of this being made public was lying and fabricated it, I’ll be the first to apologize to Mr. Piper. But until then, his actions have made him worthy of the highest criticism. It’s not slander and it’s not an improper understanding of his theology. It’s what he has done and what he continues to do.

          • Lydia

            The “young women” were children when they were raped and molested. SGM did not want victims families to report to police because they handle such things in house and not the ungodly authorities.

            Piper was in Louisville recently speaking to the SG Mahaney planted here to “be near the seminary” (SBTS) when he fled Maryland. But before that he ran to Dever’s church were he was protected. No church discipline for Mahaney!

            Piper is very much aware of the situation with SGM and his going to preach at this church (meeting in a hotel with about 40 people) sent a message he supports Mahaney.

            Doctrine over people. When will the YRR wake up?

          • matt

            Eric, not to mention he teaches that ‘wives should take abuse for a season’. More of his cruel determinist god paradigm. It is actually closer to Islam but with more flowery platitudes.

  • http://nakedpastor.com/ nakedpastor

    hahahaha!! that’s something i would have/should have done!! thanks!!

  • http://forthisisthetime.com/ Esther Aspling

    Took me a bit, but yeah. I love your third point, it really touches on some important stuff. :-)

  • http://leftcheek.wordpress.com/ Jasdye

    There will be many christian defenses of Piper’s post-tragedy responses. This, I’m willing to bet, will be the best.

  • Kent F

    For those of us dealing with ongoing browser issues – grrrrr. I see what I “missed” on IE was good stuff!

  • BradCav

    I can’t promise I won’t steal this at some point in the future.

  • jonphillips


  • http://twitter.com/MAGuyton Morgan Guyton

    That’s awesome. Here’s something I wrote trying to grapple with what we do as inhabitants of a scientific age about the fact that Old Testament prophets interpreted natural disasters as expressions of the wrath of God because they didn’t have stuff like meteorology back then. http://morganguyton.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/how-in-charge-is-god-when-tragedy-strikes/

  • http://lilablackbird.tumblr.com/ Charlotte

    At first I thought my browser was being weird but then I was like “”Ooooh, I see what’s going on!” Well done, sir.

  • Jason Leger

    Farewell, Zach Hunt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christine-Spencer/100001800593168 Christine Spencer


  • Sierra

    Oh, good! I saw this title on my feed, and thought…. “Well, I’d better trot on over here and tell you I’m unsubscribing.”

    I SO TOTALLY agree with this post!!!

  • http://theologyoutofbounds.wordpress.com/ Darren

    The reaction to Piper’s unqualified citation of Job in this case was too quick — but his track record explains why it happened that way. He has a perennial case of foot-in-mouth disease. The result is that, like him or not — and like his theology and his ministry or not — he’s doing harm.

    The lesson in all of this is that John Piper should not be on Twitter. Using this communication tool (especially for ministry) requires a certain understanding of the medium and the audience, and that is something that Piper has demonstrated time and again that he lacks.

  • http://twitter.com/MrCory1990 Cory

    Some more context:


    “Monday night, in the wake of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma, John Piper posted two tweets at 11:00pm (CST). Both tweets quoted the first chapter of Job. He first cited Job 1:19, and then Job 1:20, and they were posted together consecutively within seconds:

    @JohnPiper: “Your sons and daughters were eating and a great wind struck the house, and it fell upon them, and they are dead.” Job 1:19

    @JohnPiper: “Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and fell on the ground and worshiped.” Job 1:20

    A few minutes later he decided to take down both tweets.

    Many of you may be unaware these tweets appeared online, but some have made what we think is unfair criticism based on misinformation worth briefly addressing.”

    • ZackHunt

      That’s not the context of Piper’s tweet. It’s his after the fact justification

      The context is a tornado hit Oklahoma killing 2 dozen men, women, and children while also destroying the homes of countless others, when Piper who has blamed God for deadly tornadoes in the past decided to quote a verse from Job implying that God sent the tornado to kill people.

      That’s the context. What Piper tries to do afterwards has nothing to do with the context of his original tweet.

      • cbonham

        How do you know this? Did he say so in another tweet or are you just assuming so because of past statements? I can see two or three ways of interpreting those two verses one being that we should worship God no matter what bad things are happening to us. Remember, God was not doing these things to Job. He was allowing Satan to do them by removing the hedge of protection. I’m not a big John Piper fan but I think the bluster over his tweets has been blown WAY out of proportion. Love it how us fellow believers go out of our way to tear each other apart. Doesn’t exactly scream John 13:35.

      • Jeff Bys

        How can that possibly be the context when it is not God that takes Job’s family and property? You can’t really honestly say that a quote from Job is implying judgement when there is no judgement to be found in Job. I fully believe Piper when he says he Tweeted those verses because he finds comfort in them because I too find comfort in Job when I am troubled. I find it appropriate to point those wondering how terrible things can happen to good people under the watchful eye of a loving God, to the book of Job. Hopefully, in spite of tragedies like the Moore tornado, we can “know that [our] Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25). John Piper is a public figure and as such, will often be misunderstood because we cannot all possibly know the person John Piper. I believe the Bride of Christ should be more willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and if we are going to “call someone out”, we should make sure we do it on something the person actually said. Perhaps the best thing for those in the church upset with Piper over his Moore tweets would be to read the book of Job, asking the Holy Spirit to clear any preconceived notions they may have about Piper, and see if you still feel the same way when you are done.

      • http://twitter.com/MrCory1990 Cory

        And that my friend is a classic example of wanting the accused to fit our paradigm of them without offering the flexibility of perhaps being wrong!

        If you wish to base your conclusions on Piper based on one tweet when there were two, and if you wish to merely dismiss him because ‘you don’t believe him’, that’s your prerogative I suppose – I just hope that if the same happens to you in future you would not protest.

    • http://www.facebook.com/steve.sherwood2 Steve Sherwood

      I do not believe the Job 1:20 post was ever up. I know that is a strong thing to say, but I saw the 1:19 post and went back a few times that day with the thought,” surely he’s going to say more than that.” I NEVER saw 1:20, though 1:19 up for a few hours and then it was gone. I am not sure what to make of this. Others have made the same observation. I am not sure what to make of the desiringgod comment that it was there. It did not seem to be written by Piper himself.

  • jude59


  • kelleylynn

    THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO FIGURE OUT. i refreshed a thousand times. oh man. i feel so tricked in the best way.

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  • http://www.SpiritualAuthority.wordpress.com/ monax

    . .

    • http://www.SpiritualAuthority.wordpress.com/ monax

      i.e., utterly ineffable!

  • http://twitter.com/frognparis Rebecca Erwin

    I think all who read that tweet had the same picture in mind.

  • Matt

    I bow to your brilliant simplicity.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/ Hemant Mehta

    *Slow clap*

  • http://covenantoflove.net/ Derek Ouellette

    This is one of the most disappointing threads I’ve come across in a long time. And I’m not a neo-reformer. So, in a way, I expected more from you guys. I’m influenced to a large degree by N.T. Wright, Greg Boyd, many of the emergent folks and so on. And still, this thread is disappointing and, frankly, embarrassing. Sigh.

    Ending the Piper-Tweet Debacle with a RHE apology: http://covenantoflove.net/social-issues/ending-the-piper-tweet-debacle-with-a-rhe-apology/

  • karlkroger

    Has it occured to anyone else that Piper might actually be treating the folks of OK as fellow elect conservatives being tested and refined like he believes Job was? This is still consistent with his belief that God wills all pain and destruction–just normally he says calamity is to punish the wretched. But with the Job reference, perhaps he’s simply viewing the tornado as discipline. Still pretty twisted, but a thought.

  • Amie

    I participated in some discussion on Piper’s facebook page yesterday. His supporters are saying that the tweet was taken out of context, but ALL tweets are out of context! This is why I dislike Twitter, and I don’t think most pastors should be tweeting. You only have 140 characters to say what you’re going to say, and you must assume that that single tweet could be the only thing that some people see of your point of view. If a pastor’s job is really to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” the he should have put more thought (any thought at all, really, would have been nice) to how that tweet would be received by those who are “afflicted.” His blog post about the removal of the tweets was your standard, run-of-the-mill “non-apology.” Words matter, and you cannot just yell “Bible, Bible, Bible!” when you are called to account for putting your foot in your mouth. It was a really, really, dumb, tone-deaf thing to say. He should admit it and move on.

  • http://neighborfoodblog.com/ Courtney @ Neighborfood

    I refreshed this three times before figuring it out. Well done.

  • mraaronreynolds

    I’m not a Piper hater or a huge fan. But Piper seems to have a way of not thinking before he posts. It’s fine that the book of Job gives him comfort, and I’m sure there are plenty of other Christians who will read his two tweets and may find comfort. But, Twitter is not his church audience. It’s a massive worldwide audience. And it’s a permanent record. Mr. Piper needs to learn to see how the wider audience will understand his posts and he needs to learn to be sensitive to those who don’t share his point of view or his faith. Can the book of Job be a comfort? Certainly. But you can’t post the entire book and commentary in 140 characters. One option would be for him to tweet a link to a longer article where he could at least give some context and explanation of the verse he chooses to use. Or if Piper just wants to quote scripture in a Tweet there are many better options. Romans 12:15 “mourn with those who mourn” would have been a more appropriate option. It’s just sad that a man with his influence isn’t more careful with his words. Perhaps he should tape James 1:19 to the top of his keyboard.

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  • Descriptive Grace

    At first I thought this was just about him being a Calvinist until I was on another blog that linked to your discussion of his bone-headed comments where he claims the deaths of children should bring us joy. One thing about Piper that I’ve noticed is he looks crazy when he’s preaching. I know all the Calvinists will not like hearing that, but the man looks deranged with that goofy grin on his face. And his comments prove he, in fact, is.

    • Jeff Bys

      Do you mind referring me to where you found the quote where he claims the deaths of children should bring us joy?

  • Mike Jones

    Took me a moment. Brilliant.

  • Joe

    This is sad. John Piper was trying to bring comfort to people by reminding them of the sovereignty of God in all situations, as the book of Job attests. Your blog post, and the subsequent comments, reveal a prior bitterness to John Piper which is unfair.

  • Lefthandedlady

    Bloody brilliant. Thank you

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  • Thomas Shepard

    I laughed, and I cried and I laughed . Certainly your best blog… it is stated so clearly and succinctly. I am putting it in for an award!