Would You Watch A Christian Dating Show?

I have a confession to make.

When I was in college I, along with my roommates, watched an obscene amount of dating shows.

By “obscene” I mean all of them all the time. Blind Date, Fifth Wheel, Elimidate – you name it we watched it. Not so much because we loved dating shows, but because we didn’t have cable and they were a train wreck we just couldn’t look away from.

While my standards were pretty low back then for what I would watch on television, I’m not sure they were ever low enough to watch what GSN has in the works.

Emboldened by the popularity of Jeff Foxworthy’s show ‘The American Bible Challenge,’ GSN it talking about creating a new faith based program called it ‘It Takes A Church.’

It is, or will be if/when it goes into production, a Christian dating show that “will ask congregations, pastors, friends and family to find a suitable potential mate for a parishioner who is single.”

Of course, they could probably save a lot of production costs by just turning this into a reality show, because if you’re single or have friends that are single then you know this is exactly what’s going on in most churches already.

Though, if they went the reality route I would still want a host because, well, that would just be too awkwardly funny not to watch.

And I want that host to be Jeff Foxworthy.

Anyway, you can check out the article below for more info about the show.

And let me know, would you watch a Christian dating show?

gsndatingshowGSN Considers Adding Church-Based Dating Show

By Stuart Elliot, The New York Times

Spurred by the success of an original game show that rewards knowledge of the Bible rather than, say, how much grocery items cost at the supermarket checkout, the GSN cable channel is considering a dating show with a religious twist: congregations will seek suitable mates for single parishioners.

At an “upfront” breakfast in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday morning, GSN outlined its plans for the 2013-14 television season, a season that is being reshaped by the popularity of “The American Bible Challenge,” which was introduced during the 2012-13 season and is already back for a second go-round.

Still, GSN executives told reporters they were not planning on creating a channel dominated by faith-based programming. The network, they said, will continue to offer viewers secular shows like “Baggage”; “Family Feud,” in a new iteration with Steve Harvey as the host; “Minute to Win It,” which will have its debut on June 25 with original episodes and a new host, the Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno; and “The Newlywed Game,” also in a new iteration, with Sherri Shepherd as the host.

“We still need to be a broad-based channel,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, executive vice president for programming and development at GSN.

Even so, the success of “The American Bible Challenge,” hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, is hard to ignore.

“Literally, it put us ahead of the game in the year’s most talked-about programming trend,” Ms. Introcaso-Davis said, referring to the renewed interest among viewers in programming with religious themes like “The Bible,” the miniseries on the History Channel.


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  • Shaney Irene
    April 10, 2013


    (Sorry, Josh Harris/Doug Wilson/all the other Christian homeschool courtship people–detoxing person here :P)

  • Shaney Irene
    April 10, 2013

    Though in all seriousness, this wouldn’t be a “Christian Dating” show. This would be a “Courtship” show. Ugh.

    • deskdude
      April 11, 2013

      Hilarious! Good point!

  • Jonathan Lewis
    April 10, 2013

    There is no way that I could possibly not watch this show. I may not need to watch more than 5 or 6 episodes but having felt like dating in the church was already a game show or reality TV how could I look away. I am pleasantly and expectantly horrified.

  • Jan Moyer
    April 11, 2013

    I’d have to watch it, but anticipate being traumatized. It would so awkwardly horrifying. Like watching my parents slow kiss.

  • HopefulLeigh
    April 12, 2013

    If my church ever did this to me, I would walk out that door and never come back. It’s bad enough to deal with “but you’re both single!” set ups from friends but from my church? Lord, have mercy.

  • Chris
    April 14, 2013

    There is a;ways a room for change. TV shows such as Christian dating show and game shows are evidences that the society is still undergoing reforms. We need shows like this because it emphasizes the importance of having Christ in our lives and making Him the center of everything we do.

    Let’s wait if the cameras will soon grind for the Christian dating show and see its difference with other dating shows on TV today!

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