Everybody In The Bible Was White?

I’m apparently a bit behind the curve on this as I had never heard of The Bible Series that is set to premiere on the History Channel in just a few weeks.

In case you’re like me and you’re out of the loop, here’s the preview for it. If you have already seen it, I encourage you to watch it again, pay careful attention, and let me know if you notice anything.

[youtube Wir4fH6hUxw]

Did you catch it?

Apparently according to this History Channel special, a network devoted to as much historical accuracy as possible, everyone in the Bible was white.

And Jesus was British.

Oh, and it seems that most, if not all, of the “bad guys” in the Old Testament are, well, not white and British. Although, to be fair, maybe I’m wrong on that. I’m just assuming they’re the “bad guys” because they’re the ones killing the white guys who have already been established in the preview as the heroes of the various stories being told.

Now, I understand there’s only so far we can go in the realm of historical accuracy when it comes to making movies. For example, creating a series like this spoken entirely in the original languages would be a tough sell for American, English speaking audiences (though Mel Gibson did manage to pull that one off).

And therein lies the problem with this series, but not just the series itself. Herein lies the problem with most of us.

It’s not an accident that the Jesus in this History Channel special is white and speaks with a fine British accent. After all, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of actors of MIddle Eastern descent available to play these roles. That was a decision made by the producers of this program because they need ratings, they need to sell ad space, and the best way to do that is to portray Jesus, and all the other BIble heroes, in a way that is comfortable for the audience.

In other words, to put it bluntly, the producers decided that their audience was racist.

Now, before you think write me off for wild conspiratorial speculation or before you get upset at me for nitpicking a show millions of Christians are bound to watch and think is amazing for its “historical accuracy,” I want you to consider something first.

The images of Jesus in your church. The pictures hanging on the wall. The stained glass windows. The children’s books used in Sunday School. The videos used in small groups.

What does that Jesus look like?

Without having visited your church, I feel pretty safe in assuming that if your church is located in the United States (or the West in general) and your congregation is predominately white, then all the images of Jesus that occupy your church are also white.

This may not be the sort of overt racism of the KKK. Obviously it’s not. But it’s still racism. It’s racism domesticated, racism coated in a veneer of pseudo-innonence and naiveté.

Most of us are not dumb. If you talk to most people in churches today, they’ll probably tell you that Jesus was Jewish or of Middle Eastern descent – even though all the images of him in their church portray him as a white guy.

Why is that?

It’s the same reason we go to the churches we go to, live in the neighborhoods we live in, and shop or eat at the places we do. Not because we’re ready to don hoods and burn crosses, but because there’s something inside all of us – white, black, hispanic, asian, etc. – that fears that which is different. It’s this fear of the other that spurs racism and, in turn, allows us to subconsciously convince ourselves that surrounding ourselves with only things and people, or images of Jesus, that look, act, talk, and think like us is an ok thing to do.

It’s not.

Diversity is a gift given by our Creator. To ignore it, or worse, to try and dismantle it isn’t just racist or bigoted, it’s akin to idolatry. Why? Because in doing so we are attempting to remake the world in our own image, in the ways we see fit.

This is why something like The Bible Series is so problematic. Not because it makes historical mistakes, but because it feeds this idolatrous fear of the other. Not overtly, but subtly, on a subconscious level. Which may be worse, because it domesticates our racism and idolatry by allowing us to justify it through the medium of entertainment and accessibility.

Which is exactly what we do.

And then we populate our churches with images of this same white Jesus and white Bible heroes. Then we populate our churches with people who look just like these comfortable white heroes. Then we move into neighborhoods which are filled with more people who look like these white Bible heroes. And we eat and shop alongside people who look like these white BIble heroes.

And before you know it, we’ve white washed the entire world.

We’ve remade the world in our image.

We’ve committed idolatry on an industrial scale.

Again, you may think this is much ado about nothing. After all, it’s just a TV show, right? Maybe, but I doubt it. Yeah, it’s great when the Bible gets this sort of attention, but this sort of attention doesn’t excuse the inherent racism involved and, in fact, negates any “good” that may have otherwise been accomplished. Worse yet, in giving this sort of thing a free pass because it calls attention to the Bible we are implicitly supporting the sort of subliminal, but destructive racism it engenders. The truth of the matter is television, entertainment, mass media, they all have a profound influence on the ways we think and act whether we realize it or not.

But just for the sake of argument, let’s say this is just a TV show for the History Channel.

If it is, and it’s just an attempt to present the Bible in as historically accurate a way as possible for the purposes of entertainment and maybe just a bit of enlightenment, we’re still left with one burning question.

In this historical drama about the ancient Near East, why are all the “good guys” white?


Grace and peace,

Zack Hunt


  • I.S. Pringle
    February 12, 2013

    I do agree, this does not help the way we, westerners, perceive the people of the Bible at all. Whites would have been the minority. But, at least the History Channel is airing something made by Christians that takes the Bible seriously instead as a joke or some cosmic mystery novel that is missing chapters.

    My father watches the History Channel a lot and I often walk in when the show is about the “Super-Long-Lost-And-Secret Gospel of Timothy” or some such attempt to destroy the cananocity of the Bible and seed dissension towards the historical nature of the Bible.

    (By the way, if you are not offended by the pseudopigrapha and the Gnostc Gospels, the Gospel of Timothy is kind of hilarious, as long as you read it as a fiction!)

    • ZackHunt
      February 12, 2013

      I think you raise a really important point about the exposure of the Bible to a wide audience (so much so I made an update to the original post to reflect it), but I think, at least for me, it’s a highly problematic one. I think if we give this sort of thing a free pass because the Bible is getting more attention, not only are we implicitly supporting the sort of subliminal racism that saturates the show, we’re also implicitly supporting a highly problematic portrait of the Bible. To be clear, I’m not accusing you of that, I’m just saying I think as a faith community, we are all doing that if we don’t raise our concerns about it.

    • Joshua Shope
      February 12, 2013

      I’d really love to bring up a discussion about why we absolutely have to read those other gospels as fiction.

    • James Carroll
      February 15, 2013

      Funny, I read the Gnostic Gospels as closer to the truth than the highly-edited tripe that was chosen by the Council of Nicaea to be included in the bible.

      • ZackHunt
        February 15, 2013

        Despite Dan Brown’s best wishes, that is not at all how the canon was formed.

      • Karen
        February 16, 2013

        James, yours is not a perspective grounded in any kind of objective, historical reality, but, hey, it’s America! You get to hold and voice your opinion, no matter misinformed, half-baked, and ignorant it happens to be.

        • Jan Pospíšil
          March 22, 2013

          “I have to respect that idiotic right you have, free speech or whatever, but I’ll be damned if I don’t let you know you’re an idiot.” Well done, you informed fully-baked brilliant person you! I’m sure your perspective is entirely grounded in a specific kind of objective historical reality. Say hi to Santa for me.

    • Travis Jarratt
      February 18, 2013

      The entire “cannon” should be read as fiction. All the stories and miracles of the bible are plagiarized from earlier stories and gods from Cannan to Egypt to Babylon. There is little to no historical accuracy in terms of the events that are claimed to have occurred. It’s not history. It’s mythology.

    • Jan Pospíšil
      March 22, 2013

      I think Bible in general is quite hilarious, if you read it as intended. (= as fiction)

  • Joshua Shope
    February 12, 2013

    It’s so much more comfortable to think of a God whose human form wasn’t homeless, filthy, probably about 5’3″, with scarred-up hands from carpentry work. But I don’t think it’s just a recent American development; people have always created images of God in their own image.

    What is a more recent development, though, is that the sacredness has been taken out of images of Jesus/God/Mary/the saints/etc. Where we used to have icons that were created in very specific ways using very specific steps to express very specific ideas about sacredness, we now have ripped Jesus on a Harley lifting weights while arm wrestling Satan in the middle of a lightning storm. I think that’s where the real loss is. Not so much the creation of a Jesus that looks like us, but the creation of a Jesus that is nothing but us.

    • Karen
      February 12, 2013

      Joshua, as an EO Christian I really appreciate your insight about the Church’s historic Icons.

      • Joshua Shope
        February 14, 2013

        We also unfortunately don’t often build churches like we used to. The history of church styles and how they corresponded to then-current ideas about theology is really fascinating, and continues even today I think.

        • I.S. Pringle
          February 18, 2013

          Are you referring to the “current” layout that mimics an amphitheater?

          • Joshua Shope
            February 19, 2013

            Yeah. Just like we do Christian art that has removed every bit of the sacred from God/Jesus/etc., we build churches that have removed every bit of the sacred from the space. I get that young, small churches might need to meet in a gym or something like that, and I’m fine with that, but I have a problem with churches building new buildings that are ugly monstrosities that might as well be a convention center except for a banner or two.

    • Jon
      March 2, 2013

      Well said!

  • Charlotte
    February 12, 2013

    I think I had always instinctively known that Jesus wasn’t white, but I don’t think I really “got it” until I took a NT Literature class in college. We were watching a documentary and there was one part where they showed a rendering of what Jesus might have looked like, and he had brown skin. Actually, I think it may have been close to my skin tone (I’m black). It was a big a-ha moment, kind of like the moment that I realized Mary was a teenager when she gave birth to Jesus and not a 20-something woman like I had seen depicted several times.

    • Joseph Pharacon
      January 19, 2014

      Jesus was more related to white Europeans that anyone of the “African american” community because Semites are a part of the Caucasian Indo-European lineage and race, the Caucasian race spreads from the middle east, north Africa ,central Asia, and Europe, and i have seen some pretty light skinned near easterners from turkey, Syria and such so technically Jesus is much more closely related to Caucasians than to your race, so your ah-a moment was well..wasted., skin color does not determine race, if it did the Japanese would probably be considered white.

      • C. Black
        January 22, 2014

        Another one that still can’t accept truth lmao!!!

        • SweetJustice
          January 22, 2014

          Please state some facts contrary to these truth’s you didn’t even bother to refute my claims.Your people are among the most ignorant in America , god was preached to your denziens in Africa by a white man with a bible and converted you mongrels to god, lmao the truth is out you can’t run from it any longer.

          • SILOSO
            February 1, 2014

            According to Hebrews 7:14, the Tribe of Judah from whence Jesus came is a dark skinned nation of people. Jeremiah 14:2 reads, “Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.” The word black in this verse is qadar which means dark skinned in the ancient Hebrew language. Lamentations 5:10, reads “…skin black like oven,” and the next verse shows that it is describing the tribe of Judah. The Hebrew word for oven is “rwnt tannuwr tan-noor,” which is defined as “furnace, oven, pot or stove.”

            history and archaeology have long supported the reality that the people who wrote and distributed the Bible were non-European and non-white. In fact, there was no European in the known world at the time when history was being recorded, since everyone was genetically Black.

            Modern research has shown through DNA tests from the discovered tombs containing the names and bodies of Mary of Magdalene, Martha, and Lazarus, that the people of the village of Magdella where they lived, were in fact Negroes.

            Dr. Richard Neave took the skull of a person from the tribe of Judah from 2000 years ago, and the first thing noticed was that the skull was more rounded than the present day inhabitants of Jerusalem. The round skull was of the facial structure found in Egypt resembling that of the Nubian in Sudan. In other words, the present inhabitants of Egypt today are not the indigenous Negroids but are of Turkish stock, just as the Israelis today are not the original descendents of Israel but Khazars.

            Many Black paintings and statues of Christ, Madonna, the Apostles and other Biblical characters from early Christian worship still exist today however. The most sacred and holiest icons of the Catholic Church and prominent cathedrals in Europe even now continue to display The Black Madonna and Christ child”

            Their visage is blacker than a coal. (Lamentations 4:8)

            Our skin was black like an oven. (Lamentations 5:10)

            My skin is black upon me. (Job 30:30)

            Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish, they are black unto the ground. (Jeremiah 14:2).

            I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. Look not upon me because I am black. (Song of Solomon 1:5, 6)

            Lamentations 5:9-10. “We gat our bread with the peril of our lives because of the sword of the wilderness. Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine”

            ^When black people become sick or do not eat for a long time, they get darker. When white people get sick or do not eat they become pale.

            Joseph, Miriam (Mary) and Jesus were told to flee to Africa since at that time Egypt was not only a Roman province, but also a Black country populated by Black-skinned people. Joseph, Miriam and Jesus were therefore just another ordinary looking Black-skinned family among other Negroes in Egypt. If Jesus or the Hebrews resembled the images which show Him as white skinned, it would have been impossible for Him and His family to hide among Black Egyptians without sticking out. In other words, Christ could only have been able to hide among the Black-skinned Egyptians because He was of the same lineage as the Black Egyptians of that era.

            Jesus was black, hate to admit it 🙂

          • Joseph Pharacon
            February 2, 2014

            Have you ever looked at a picture or painting of a black Jesus and thought to yourself, “This just doesn’t feel right?” You ask yourself, “Is the painter joking? Is he making fun of Jesus?” The answer is yes, the artist is being sarcastic and that artist is surely burning in hell’s fire as I type this.

            Jesus was white. Yes, He was born in the Middle East, but His father was not Middle Eastern, He was God. God is NOT Middle Eastern. When was the last time you saw a painting of God with a Turban wrapped around His head? Never? Exactly.

            God is white. God has always been white. Every depiction, every description and every painting I have seen of God has been white. God impregnated Mary, NOT Joseph. Therefor, Jesus is white.

            That is what drew people to Him in the first place. A white skinned man in the Middle East 2000 years ago was surely a miracle and Jesus was and is a miracle worker.

            Now look at Heaven. Heaven is mostly made of feathery white clouds with rays of light shooting through them, which according to most Christians I know, would make the inhabitants white.

            Also, white is amazingly proficient at reflecting light, which is very important when living in Heaven because it’s much closer to the sun than living on the Earth. This white skin prevents you from getting cancer in Heaven and I’m sure stops many other diseases in their tracks.

            So, next time you start babbling on about how, “Jesus was Middle Eastern and couldn’t have been white”, save yourself the embarrassment and look at the Facts!
            God Bless!

          • SWeetjustice
            February 2, 2014

            Nephi’s vision: “And I beheld the city of Nazareth; and in the city of Nazareth I beheld a virgin, and she was exceedingly fair and white. “And it came to pass that I saw the heavens open; and an angel came down and stood before me; and he said unto me: Nephi, what beholdest thou? “And I said unto him: A virgin, most beautiful and fair above all other virgins.” And he said unto me: Behold, the virgin whom thou seest is the mother of the Son of God, after the manner of the flesh. “And it came to pass that I beheld that she was carried away in the Spirit… “And I looked and beheld the virgin again, bearing a child in her arms.”And the angel said unto me: Behold the Lamb of God, yea, even the Son of the Eternal Father!” (1 Nephi 11:13-15,18-21)

          • D Shot
            June 25, 2014

            No religion has ever come out of Europe. If you want a white religion, you would have to become a Muslim. Mohammed was white and it is known and accepted amongst Muslims.

          • SusanRogersStLaurent
            February 3, 2014

            There’s cancer in heaven? This is disappointing news!

            By the way, the name Jesus is a tipoff. How many white guys do you know named Jesus?

          • Cristalexi
            December 10, 2015

            There are many tipoffs but these kind of people just can’t accept facts.

          • jojobang
            February 5, 2014

            You sound very very dumb sir

          • will
            February 11, 2014

            have you ever read the Bible R the Torah white people need to pay attention it is more than enough evidence that proves that white people don’t show up in the Bible into the ROMAN Empire

          • Semite Man
            February 20, 2014

            “This just doesn’t feel right?” You ask yourself, “Is the painter joking? Is he making fun of Jesus?”

            Yes – everytime I see a white Jesus. It just dont feels right. After all the blood shed and slavery and all that stuff, it’s just ridiculous and there is no space for discussion. No time for mutants sir. bye

          • stef1
            February 28, 2014


            God is white. God has always been white. Every depiction, every
            description and every painting I have seen of God has been white. God
            impregnated Mary, NOT Joseph. Therefor, Jesus is white.

            That is what drew people to Him in the first place. A white skinned
            man in the Middle East 2000 years ago.

            Lol! So you presume because European artist chosen to depict the “middle eastern” Yeshua as a white man so that make’s it historically accurate lmao.

            Also you suggest without any biblical evidence that the jews were drawn to him because of his milky “white” skin? Isaiah 53:2. states that Yeshua was average, and looked no different than his fellow jewish brothers (“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him”.)
            nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.”

            Sir, you are guilty of inserting something into the biblical text that simply isn’t there. You say God is white, but scripture states in Exodus 33:20 God told moses “no man can see his face an live”. So you’ve seen God’s white face? Are you dead then lol?

            Joseph you have a serious problem with imposing ideas into scripture with zero “biblical evidence” to back up your claims. What you are is a “heretic”.

          • stef1
            February 28, 2014

            By the way, I don’t know any white guy’s named Yeshua?

          • stef1
            February 28, 2014

            So why doesn’t white skin prevent whites from getting “skin cancer” here on earth lol? You just proved how unlearned you are, and racist. Fair skin people are more susceptible to cancer causing ultra violet rays oppose to darker skin people.

          • Cherrelle
            March 24, 2014

            God created us all, meaning he did not favor white people. He did not feel his son had to be white. You hate to admit it because your ignorant but it is and will always be true Jesus was black. The part of the world he lived in required black skin to survive the sun exposure. This is why people in hotter climates are black or darker skinned. Look at history, facts, and admit it to yourself its easier that way.

          • Nick
            April 3, 2014

            WOW! You are so stupid

          • Truth
            May 15, 2015

            You sound dumb. Your probably a racist and can’t except the fact that white is not a superior race and are afraid that if jesus was truly of darker skin that, you don’t look like God and in fact are exactly how the European wanted the slaves to feel when they spread the word of this white jesus. Saying that white people are above black people because jesus was white. Well sorry to bust your bubble but he wasn’t he was a burnt brass. Stop being ignorant. So many white people are ignorant I’m about to start calling them negas.

          • randy burroughs
            June 3, 2015

            Whites and every race formed from black people human life started in Africa you need to read your history

          • Truth
            May 15, 2015

            Fact is white people are the most ignorant race in the world.

        • Cristalexi
          December 10, 2015

          What is with these people and their denial? Fact after fact after fact and they still continue to believe everyone was white.

        • Cristalexi
          December 10, 2015

          What is with these people and their denial? Fact after fact after fact and they still continue to believe everyone was white.

      • SILOSO
        February 1, 2014

        i lol’d so hard, give me one scripture that describes Jesus or anyone else in the bible as being white? i can give you over 10 that describe black skin. The reason you will not find one scripture describing white skin is because caucasians are NOT in the bible, silly

      • Ryan Black Burbz Peters
        April 9, 2014

        a complete lie man you need to do research other than what your doing lol do you no its physically impossible to have a black man come from whites and your own sceince tells you that lol jesus ran into africa to escape king neby son there were estimated over a million black jews ran into africa in the diaspora broski whit jews pujt out this knowledge and thats completly false that you caucasian’s are semitic lol some white scholars are now saying that the whites were ham now the only reason why there are mixed genetics in the middle east is because of alexander the greek came over there and raped everyone under the sun we know that the negroes in america are semitic because where the only “dark skinned” race separted in the compact bible dictionary from ham look it up bro plus your proved your self wrong by saying your caucasian they are the the youngest race in the earth man every body on the earth was dark skinned

        The American Jewish community includes Jews with African-American background, many of mixed marriages. Black Jews belong to each of the major American Jewish denominations—Orthodox, Conservative, Reform—and to the smaller movements as well. Like their white Jewish counterparts, there are also Black Jewish secularists and Black Jews who may rarely or never take part in religious practices.[1]

      • D Shot
        June 25, 2014

        Bwaahahahhahahaa. Jesus was born in Ethiopia. It would be hard to sel a white Jesus from Ethiopia, so “they” lied. Whites would rather worship a skunk before they worship a black man. After all, look how the black man is treated today….I, myself am not a black person, and I refuse to lie about religion.

      • The Truth
        September 23, 2014

        Everybody is writing essays. Not one person is getting straight to thee point.

        The obvious reality is that Jesus was born in the Middle East. Therefore he looks Middle Eastern, its that simple.

        Why dont all of you ppl google up Middle Easterners and you will notice that they are olive skinned ppl who can range from shades.of white to brown. Middle Easterners are not black as Jamaicans, nor are they white as Swedish, and they are definitely not chinky eyed as Asians, they are the heterogeneous balance of all races and can come in many shades of olive.

        Allof the biblical prophets are Middle Eastern, ethnically.resembling the genetics of Egyptians Arabia, Syria, Palestine/Israel, Jordan, Iraq, these are all ancient holy lands originally referred to with Babylonia/Canaanite nomenclature

      • Sip
        December 18, 2014

        Why is everyone so naive. Whites are victims of racism more than they know. Your leaders lie to you, but of course the biggest liar and thief in the history of the world wouldn’t be lying to his own people right? Take the child and flee to Egypt with the rest of the whites so that you’re not seen. A joke. Have you never seen wall carving of Jews ? Guess what they don’t look white or Arab.

      • randy burroughs
        June 3, 2015

        You sound like a fool sir I’m black all human life started in east Africa where my family tree came from the middle east was and still black counties Jesus was not a white person he was black the truth hurts it’s like a person who tryout for a basketball are football team and they not good at sports and they lie to themselves saying I’m good in your heart you know you got no business trying out for a team that’s the same whites lie to themselves knowing Dam well Jesus was black also you white people always stealing from o ther races America was the Indians land California Texas was the Mexican land matter a fact America was black in the beginning Chicago was founded by a black man that’s or state black folks learn your history read sir

      • Streetz Sense
        August 27, 2015

        Stfu cause da bible said his feet was like burnt bronze that means pure black.maybe yall need to go google what burnt brass looks like.u edomites

    • The Truth
      September 23, 2014

      Dear Charlotte, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but when ppl say Jesus was brown, they are referring to brown as in Middle Eastern brown. They do not mean brown-closer to black as in ppl of Zimbabwe.

      Middle Easterners are not as dark as you, or your ppl. The only reason why they are even brown to begin with is because they live in scorching hot temperatures.

      But if you travelled to Israel/Palestine you would become pure black from the heat.

      The bible states Jesus was bronze skinned, this is the same skin type of Arabs living in the region

      • SILOSO
        October 20, 2014

        Lol, don’t know whether your uneducated or just being silly. You do know that the middle-east and Africa are neighbours? You do know that middle easterners were black before they were white? DNA tests, Archaeological evidence and some of the oldest ancient ornaments and statues support this. Caucasian’s haven’t even been on this earth that long lol. you can go to the Middle East and see lightskin people and some light brown Arabs, you’ll never find dark skinned (burnt) people like the bible describes. 2000-5000 years ago only negro’s walked the planet so it’s impossible for Jesus or anybody else in the bible to be of another race, I know they show you in pictures and films that Jesus was white like snow but that isn’t the case. You can even go to churches in Rome where they still worship the black Madonna (the original). it’s hard to admit, but scientifically, DNA, location & race wise Points to Jesus being black.

        • Michael Raspo
          October 21, 2014

          The bible describes Jesus as bronze, he is born in current geographical location belonging to Palestine. The local ppl of Palestine are bronze/tanned arabs and Jews who are not black and not white.

          Black people are not bronze. They are deep brown to black in colour with wired hair.

          You need to accept the reality, all the prophets of the Bible are Middle Easterners, from Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria and Iraq. These are all holy lands. They are a tanned brown skinned ppl who all are part of the Arabian race. Arabs are not 100% black nor are they 100% white, they are a brown/tanned shaded ppl who are a harmony/balance/in between colour of all the worlds races combined. They are the middle ground.

          Jesus is not Rastafarian black nor was he a blonde Swedish White, he is a bronze medium from the Middle East.

          Everybody denies the fact that Jesus was Middle Eastern, despite the obvious FACT that Jesus was a Middle Easterner.

          Where is your common sense?

        • randy burroughs
          June 3, 2015

          I agree

          • Streetz Sense
            August 27, 2015


      • tasha
        November 9, 2014

        The bible states burnt bronze actually

      • Sip
        December 18, 2014

        Truth I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but guess what blacks are different shades not one and many just like middle easterners. And here’s something for you to think about some middle easterners are darker than some blacks. Hmm

        • Streetz Sense
          August 27, 2015

          my sister is brown and i am very black my cousin is red skin so u so right black have my shade of colour

      • Honesty Hurts
        February 18, 2015

        The Truth: You need more Biblical understanding. Egypt was today’s African and the people were indeed black with “wool” like hair. Blacks are the only people that are totally different from other races on the earth, they are like God’s titles of people. Do a little history and you will be enlightened to the fact on the tomb walls colors were lightened, noses removed from Egyptian Sphinx and the Vactian City holds the Black Madonna as the true mother of the Christ. This is the truth

      • Christopher Moore
        February 24, 2015

        His head and His hair were white like WOOL, as white as snow; and His eyes were as a flame of fire; Name one group of middle eastern people that had wool like hair

      • randy burroughs
        June 3, 2015

        The middle east is black still arabs have black history all humans came from black people that’s where human life started east Africa also whites you guys live a lie you people cant except the truth Jesus was not white he was black god loves every one blacks are the king race are the real Jews God’s choosing people the white man stole or true history and rewritten it with lies I schooled you I’m being nice I’m not going to make you look like a fool

    • randy burroughs
      June 3, 2015

      I agree Jesus was black all these racist whites will lie and say he was white I say not I go by facts not what I want to believe

    • BOB
      January 6, 2016

      Jesus looked like his people! They were white Mediterranean people and the descendants of the Jews still live in Israel and the Middle East! They are called Mizrahi Jews! They are the Jews who never left israel or the Middle East!

      Israelite Samaritans have lived over 3000 years in Israel and DNA shows they are related to the ancient Israelites:

      What race are they???

  • Eric
    February 12, 2013

    Apropos of your post: http://colorofchrist.com/

  • Stan
    February 12, 2013

    The same fear applies to The Last Airbender.

  • daryl carpenter
    February 12, 2013

    Surely the greatest inaccuracy in the above film is that it depicts events as being historical that almost certainly never happened. Now I know that sounds ultra sceptical, but the story of 600-year-old man building a giant boat to house him and his extended family along with two of each animal whilst the gracious, slow to anger Yahweh mercilessly drowns everything else on the planet (dinosaurs included) in a genocidal flood of horrifying proportions is not one that receives much extra-biblical support.

    As for Jesus, he’s always been more in the ‘eye of the beholder’, hasn’t he? Perhaps it’s not surprising, considering there’s no description of him in the Bible (unless one wants to take Isaiah 53 as a step-by-step description of Jesus, a procedure that has no sound methodological footing historically, although it may have legs in a apologetical and theological capacity). I may be wrong, but I think the earliest visual depiction of Jesus had him looking like the Greek god Apollo.

    Albert Schweitzer once said that scholars create the Jesus of history in their own image. Well, I kind of think that’s something we’re all guilty of, whatever shade of Christian we happen to be. Perhaps we’re all worshipping a docetic Jesus: he’s all things to all people. Although most of the time he is, as you say, resolutely Caucasian.

    • James Carroll
      February 15, 2013

      “Jesus proceeded to the Temple and caused a riot by overturning the tables of the traders and money changers who abused the sacred building. A team of Jesus’s men must have placed themselves around the area to ensure that the place was safe before the signal was given for the kingly messiah to walk in surrounded by his five ‘minders.’ He immediately set about kicking down the tables as his followers threw the stallholders to the ground. The people hid in terror as Jesus shouted out his views on their ungodly behavior; then before he beat a swift retreat to Bethany, two miles to the east of the city. The general opinion was, no doubt, that the mission had been a great success, but in fact it was the beginning of the end. From that moment the Roman and Jewish authorities decided to act to end the trouble from this sect at Qumran before it got too big to handle.
      James was duly arrested and a wanted poster was issued for Jesus, giving a visual description of the man. All copies and references to this were destroyed a long time ago, because to have a description of a less than perfect god would never do for a growing church. It was, however, reported by Josephus in his Capture of Jerusalem. Josephus drew his information directly from the ‘forma’ produced by Pontius Pilatus’s officers. This was the document that carried the description of the wanted man, a copy of which had to be filed in Rome. The New Testament states that a warrant was issued for the arrest of the man that says he is the king of the Jews, and that it was Judas who turned in his master.
      Despite Christian censorship a copy of Josephus’s description survived in Slavonic texts and came to light in the last century. We cannot be certain that it is genuine but many scholars believe it is, and there is no reason to doubt them. It paints a picture of a man quite different to the image most people imagine: ‘… a man of simple appearance, mature age, dark skin, small stature, three cubits high, hunchbacked with a long face, long nose, and meeting eyebrows, so that they who see him might be affrighted, with scanty hair with a parting in the middle of his head, after the manner of the Nazarites, and with an undeveloped beard.’
      A height of three cubits would put him at under four feet six inches, which combined with a hunchback and severe facial features would make Jesus the Christ a very easy person to recognize. Whilst this might offend some Christians, we would point out that it ought to be no more important for a god to be of beautiful appearance or tall than it is for him to be born in a palace. That is a modern view, however, and if Jesus had been a small and ugly man the Hellenized world would never have accepted him as a god, so the early Christians would have had to hide the fact.”

  • Jelani Greenidge
    February 12, 2013

    I agree wholeheartedly… and I raise you one. My theory is that the Chris Dorners of the world would have less of a reason to lash out if the church could reach them more easily, and this whole whitewashing is part of our collective failure to do just that.


  • D Lowrey
    February 12, 2013

    Thank you for the article! Intellectually…I knew Jesus would have to be more dark skinned than white…but until I read this article…I never realized how right you were about the racism prevalent in American/Western churches. Part of the casting has to do with how the producers are hoping it plays in the American Bible Noose of the South.

    The other problem I have with this series (not having seen it…but read about it)…if it doesn’t follow exactly the way certain churches believe it should follow of their version of the gospel…it won’t matter exactly how well the project is done. Having been in Christian broadcasting professionally years ago and seen what happens when people start throwing fits with things “Christian” they don’t like…this series may not completely air. Personally…this were to happen…I would make sure I got a copy of it and watch it completely to make my own mind up. For some reason…those who will nag the worse don’t understand the meaning of entertainment.

  • Mark
    February 12, 2013

    I wonder if the Doctor Bob Joneses of the world would have not been racist if when they prayed they saw a brown skinned Jesus?

  • Kate Milosevic
    February 13, 2013

    There is a part of my that scream YES, to this post and another than quietly say’s no. That quiet part thinks of black churches with black Jesus crucifixes, or female Jesus images… There is a part of me that accepts that if we are to bring Jesus to all men then we must to some extent portray Jesus as all men. In my mind Jesus’ skin tone is irrelevant he could be a green alien, his appearance mattered little, and if a predominately white English speaking audience is to listen to his words and connect with his character then is is not better to have an actor who won’t distract them away from the message? Equally I’d like to see a Chinese Jesus if the program was re-made for that country, still set in the Palestinian hills though?

  • Chuckc513
    February 16, 2013

    When I visited a black Baptist church, all the characters in a painting of the Last Supper had dark complexions. (I see quite the opposite in white churches.) In Lodwar Cathedral in Kenya, the stations of the cross reflect an African culture (Pilate looks like a local chief in traditional African garb.) God became flesh and dwelt among men. Perhaps each culture’s art reflects the artist or audience and it is an effort to make God look more like our own flesh? Perhaps the artist is trying to proclaim the Gospel in his/her art and is using a language to reach an audience? And perhaps that language is better understood if the audience can more easily relate to a God in a flesh that looks like them (or me)? Just a thought…

    • Travis Jarratt
      February 18, 2013

      Or perhaps, and more likely, god is an idea that we create inside ourselves like Santa Claus and he looks, sounds, and believes what we do because he is not real?

  • Travis Jarratt
    February 18, 2013

    While I agree that there is a decided bias from the producers on the “race” of the protagonists. I am more concerned about a channel that claims to be dedicated to history, showing myth as fact. Even with the entertainment factor accounted for, this will still be seen as a historical piece yet, outside of some few events and people, most is nothing but myth and legend.

    I can allow that Jesus MIGHT have been a real person. But his “miracles” are made up. His teachings may have been enlightened for the time, but I feel we as a human race have expounded on them and made them better without all the god non-sense. Even Christians don’t follow all the commands in the bible because many are immoral by today’s standards.

    The entire “cannon” should be read as fiction. All the stories and miracles of the bible are plagiarized from earlier stories and gods from Cannan to Egypt to Babylon. There is little to no historical accuracy in terms of the events that are claimed to have occurred. It’s not history. It’s mythology.

  • Relax
    March 12, 2013

    FWIW, the guy playing Jesus is Portuguese. The guy playing Samson was black. I get what you’re saying and don’t deny the impulse for each culture to portray Jesus in its own image. My church doesn’t have any images of Jesus at all, and I’m grateful for that.

    As for language, you want a Middle eastern accent or something? You already said it wasn’t terribly practical to have Jesus speaking Aramaic. So who cares if the English is has a European accent?

  • Jan Pospíšil
    March 22, 2013

    The series obviously contains miracles and magic. Historical accuracy never even touched this POS.

  • taranaich
    March 22, 2013

    Your first mistake was in supposing The History Channel gave the merest thought to historical fidelity.

  • Avi Jacobson
    March 22, 2013

    Talk about missing the point. If it’s diversity you’re touting, well then forget about White Jesus & Co.; forget about the blatant historical inaccuracies (prayer-shawls on their HEADS?) and scriptural inaccuracies (“He told me to make a BOAT”?); why is the History Channel presenting a series about something that is vastly more story than history (the series doesn’t pretend otherwise)? Where is the diversity in presenting as “History” a series devoted to the sacred supernatural narratives of one religion while ignoring those of others? Is the History Channel now going to release a Hollywood version of the Isra and Mi’raj? Perhaps a white Buddha teaching the Wheel of the Dhamma to the ascetics?

  • Sy
    March 22, 2013

    So true… the only colored person from the two episodes i saw was Samson. He was black, but even then, he portrayed a black stereotype of great physical strength. History, including religious books like the Bible and Quran only tell the stories from their perspective. Its like the saying, “History is on the side that wins.” It is not necessarily based on fact, but more the privilege of that group to portray their version or interpretation due to their position. Perspective is everything, and in America for the most part, it is still a very racist and white perspective. As an asian person, it is peculiar how everyone believes their book is the true account of the origin of man yet, none account for the people of East asian descent, especially the Chinese who have one of the oldest and longest recorded histories.

  • Raiden
    April 8, 2013

    As much as I love the biblical epics of Charlton Heston and Cecille B Demille (and this TV series) It did always kind of bug me that Jewish, Middle Eastern and African Characters in the Bible were cast with white actors in film adaptations.

    a good example would be in the Ten Commandments. In the Exodus Moses married Zipporah, a Cushite woman, while he was in exile from Egypt. Was she played by a black actress in Ten commandments? Sadly no, because interracial marriage was still a taboo subject at the time. I can stomach it because of the context of the eras they were made, but that still doesn’t excuse the white washing of the Bible in modern day adaptations, in an era that is supposedly post Racial.

    interesting fact, its speculated that the reason God briefly cursed Miriam with leprosy and not Aaron was because unlike Aaron she disagreed with Moses marrying a (ethnically speaking) Non Jew. in short God cursed her because she was a racist.

    Numbers 12:9-16

    While were on the Topic of Diversity in the Bible I feel its important to mention this:

    Prince of Egypt (the Dreamworks cartoon version of the 10 commandments) actually portrayed the characters as they would have actually appeared in the time frame of the Exodus. The characters were modeled as people back then actually looked (with very little artistic license taken), as such Zipporah and Jethro were modeled to look like real Cushites, and Moses and the Israelites were modeled on real Israelis.

    I admit, its not much, but at least there is one example of diversity in adaptations of the Bible. even if it is Animated.

    • Jake Rambo
      May 18, 2013

      Real Israelis? You mean the Khazar converts from Europe. Ancient Israelites looked similar to ancient egyptians neither of which looked like modern egyptians or arab people. There is no movie animated or live actors that has ever been made that portrays actual color of the people of the bible.

  • Raiden
    November 15, 2013

    Dear Mr. Hunt.

    I recently saw the trailer for Russel Crowes Noah, and it looks amazing! But then I watched it a second time, and I realized something horribly depressing. Everyone, and I mean Everyone is white.

    It doesn’t really make much sense, I mean If Noah and his family really repopulated the world following the Flood, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to be cast with Actors of Color? When you whitewash Noah you essentially turn the origin of Mankind into a white supremacy narrative.

  • Semite Man
    February 20, 2014

    the Semites are like Kushites, means Semites are more related to africans than to europeans, ok maybe more to east africans, but african americans are related to east africans too, so you got it right here. And yes, Jews are white but not hebrews. Hebrews are Kushites/Semites and they are the foundation of Judaizm and there’s nothing much to add up. Either you go with the truth or continue live evil. boom

  • Truth
    September 23, 2014

    Jesus was not born in Europe. Jesus was not.born in Africa. Jesus.was not born in Asia, therefore he is not exactly white, black or oriental.

    Jesus was born in the Middle East, Jerusalem, Palestine/Israel. Therefore Jesus looks like a Middle Easterner who have tan brown skin.

    You can see this investigation on discovery BBC on what Jesus looked like

  • D310
    December 4, 2014

    White People you have some explaining to do. (Ricky Ricardo’s voice)

  • jayjay
    December 22, 2014

    Before using your different idea to know the race of the people of the bible I belive you need to learn the scripture and you will find the truth but it might shock you guys.First start with the three sons of Noah because they are our ancestors and the three having different complexion one was red like the Caucasians one was dark and the other was brown ham was dark and shem also having similar complexion with ham.And the descendants of ham are egypt cannanites Ethiopia and the Libyans.

  • Deon Evans
    February 23, 2015

    I completely agree with this article. I wanted to watch the show, but when I saw White Jesus I couldn’t. Not because he was white Jesus, but because Jesus was white and that is not factual information. It is a reminder of the world we live in. Hollywood shows us that everyday in films and movies trying to show the superiority of the white race. If history was different and Jesus was white it wouldn’t matter to me. I respect Jesus on a level in his beliefs. Bringing change to a corrupted system; By killing Jesus, who not only wanted to bring love into the world, but to bring light to everyone and not just to those who felt superior enough to receive the word from God. The point is when you try to change and rewrite history even by changing the race of a Martyr, going against the word of God. It may stray people away from the Overall truth of a message supposed to be for everyone and not just one particular audience.

  • Black Jew
    April 7, 2015

    I what to thank you for being one of the honest people who is able to see beyond the lies and deception. If you read your Bible the scriptures reveal that the “Black” people are the “True Jews” and that Jesus just was just like all the apostles, disciples and 12 tribes of Israel “Black”. I think it’s going to be a big disappointment when “White” people find out that the true Messiah Jesus Christ is a “Black” man and that they have been bowing down to a “Black” Messiah and when he returns will also bow down before his “Black” people who are the true “Jews” from the “Tribe of Judah”. If you don’t have the time to do the research in your Bible just go
    on Youtube videos and put in their search engine “Are the true Jews Black” and they will provide you with
    all the scriptures that prove that Jesus was Black and that Black people are the true Jews. God Bless!

  • PoeticJustice
    May 28, 2015

    Jesus can be whatever as long as he is not black and this is because if he was black what would that mean for some people? What would it mean to know that God’s children was put into slavery a second time by way of ships and that they would be worshipping wood and stone, and not even the other Afrikan tribes would save them from their fate and “I”(to whom it may be) was part of this? In some people minds we are not even God’s children. If darkness and black is evil, to the credit of cartoons and western society, then we represent the number 6, the melanin, a cursed people of the descendants of HAM (Libya, Canaan, Cush, Ethiopia, Mizraim (Egypt), The people hung on trees. “And what good can come from them?” But we all know if Western society really believed Ham was cursed then why would this same society try to mimic a curse thing? (look at your dollar and the 42 laws of Maat) So what does it all mean? We can debate burnt brass, woolly hair, and more fire (power) all day but the point is Love comes in Many images. It is the antichrist spirit that sets up a high place for himself and try to get the world to worship only him. The bible said God said “Lets make man in Our Image.” The sin and curse comes when you start worshipping other gods and not giving honor to your own likeness, and when you don’t “cover your parents”. So if we keep making our parents mistakes then we are destined for their fate. I use to get mad of seeing influential people try to destroy everything black by making it evil and cursed, but now I look and see that no matter how they try to rewrite history like changing the face of Egypt and rewriting Afrikan stories God is still God, love is still love. The Most High has revealed to me that when time has passed the story will remain the same. God’s people will still be God’s people and God will still be God.

  • bk
    May 31, 2015

    So the problem here is all the descriptions I’ve read in the bible tells that the people of this part of the world were people of color and not white, nor modern day arabs. Now it’s also racist to deny the cultures of blacks. Instead of saying they were black and give acknowledgment were it’s due, let’s say they were Arab when any person who can read can find that the arabs were late conquerors of this area as well as alll arabs of Egypt, Yemen, and all,of the Middle East and anywhere they are in Africa. One day the whole truth shall be known and there will be no denying it!

  • randy burroughs
    June 3, 2015

    I’m black all human life started in east Africa Jesus was black we are the first humans god gave the Africans religion first also middle eastern is black all the middle eastern countries were black in the beginning

  • Courtney Saint Alexander Ellis
    June 20, 2015

    Here is my take on the whole subject. As a child I grew up around what I would call realist. My parents insisted that we go to church to gain moral understanding and that someday we would decide for ourselves if religion was right for us. The pastor would say there are God’s laws and part of those laws are that we obey the laws of man. When I read this article I went to the comments as well and one commenter said “Dear Charlotte, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but when people say Jesus was brown, they are referring to brown as in Middle Eastern brown. They do not mean brown-closer to black as in people of Zimbabwe.” The sad part is that Middle Eastern people do in fact have varying shades of skin color. Yes they tend to be brown skinned but can get very dark. (It get’s pretty hot there and the sun can be well less than friendly.) The funny part is I was raised to believe that Jesus Christ more or less a brown skinned person, and his blond hair and blue eyes were attributed to the interpretations of the artists and those who perceived and painted him that way as per the majority; thereby making him aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of most in that era. My father would say that being a Christian meant following the teaching of Christ who was in fact a Jew and that must of the denominations of religions where made by men. For example: the Baptists, it would seem they based most of their faith of the writings of John the Baptist, the Pentecost; and or the day of Pentecost. The answer was simple for some and complex for most with that being creating of holiness church, seven day Adventist, end of the world predicting Jehovah Witnesses and their kingdom hall. There is such division with those who wish to walk like Christ I thought. All reading the same book and each coming up with his/her own interpretation. There was a kid I went to high school with who when ever you spoke to him about the bible he simply quoted a scripture at you and every one of his little followers just chimed in with an Amen. As I listened to him I thought Jim Jones get so many people to follow him by misuse of the teachings of Christ. This kid spoke and I asked him what does Jesus look like, and he give the me the same description that he’d known all his life, white blond hair and blue eyes, then he asked me. I told him the priest at my parish said “that we cannot say but I believe and most of the other priest believe he was in fact a brown skinned middle eastern person” I retorted to the kid you do know where the middle east is don’t you? . My answer was clear, and I remained a Catholic (still today as I am) but the one thing remained with me and that was Jesus and where he came from, not white, or black but middle eastern Jewish man with wise parables that will help you navigate this world if you so desire to believe. I believe in him and those lessons and not the color of his skin because in the area he traveled all men, women, and children either followed or hated him as is the nature of humans. Some portray him as the good old white God and others want him to be black, but he was in fact Middle Eastern and to a Jewish family. Some even refer time him as white Jesus or Black Jesus, and they truly knew what they were talking about they wouldn’t even reference that part of him but the lessons he left behind for us to follow if we so desire to. That my friends is who Jesus was to me and that is how it was taught to me. So no Charlotte and I say this from having lived in the middle east not maybe dark like you but somewhat possible and yes The Truth Middle Eastern people are brown skinned but can vary in skin tone light to dark. I leave you with this: Shouldn’t it be about the message and not what the messenger looked like?

  • Darlinda McGowan
    July 22, 2015


    Copy and paste the above YouTube video and look at it.
    The pineal gland is a retina that produces melanin ( black and Brown skin people)! Both have to work together to achieve a spiritual experiece! Back in ancient days there was no fluoride that the white race can lie about why there pineal gland is calcified. If you haven’t gotten my point, the white race is not capable of talking to a spiritual God because they have a calcified pineal gland that don’t produced Melanin, that goes from the first white person to everybody now. The people in the Bible that spoke to God spoke to a spiritual God that only a black person can talk too. most of the people around people who could speak to God were black people and let’s not forget they’re was white people in the Bible, they are the one who was cursed and had leprosy.

    So you see the white race has their own God they connect with without a pineal gland and melanin and the black race has their own spiritual God they connect with because of their pineal gland and melanin. the white race is on a non spiritual level and the black race is on a higher spiritual level. The white person’s worst fear has always been true, the white race is spiritually inferior to the black race.the sad part about it all is not all white people are evil but I wouldn’t ask my spiritual God to let them into our kingdom because they possess the seed of their ancestors who are the evil they describe in their own Bible.

    2 KINGS 5:27 “The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.” The most high cursed Gehazi double and his seed (all descendants of Edom or Esau) until this day.


    Example 1: Yahawah cursed Miriam, Moses’ sister, a dark skinned woman, with leprosy. Numbers 12:9-12, “And the anger of the Lord was kindled against them (Miriam and Aaron); and he departed. Verse 10, And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and behold Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous. Verse 11, And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and where in we have sinned. Verse 12, Let her not be as one dead (when someone is dead their skin becomes pale).

    Example 2: the most high turned the hand of Moses leprous; when Yahawah appeared to Moses on mount Sinai, he proved to him that he was the power by showing Moses certain signs.

    Exodus 4:6 “And the Lord said further more unto him, put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom and when he took it out, behold his was leprous as snow and he said put thin hand into thy bosom again; and pluck it out of his bosom and it was turned again his other flesh (dark skin).

    The 1% melanin that some white people have is no comparison to a black or brown person level of melanin.

    Here is a list of the three different melanin and it will tell you where the little amount of melanin is in the white race, like brown eyes.
    Melanin i/?m?l?n?n/ (Greek: ????? – melas, “black, dark”) is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms (arachnids are one of the few groups in which it has not been detected). Melanin is produced by the oxidation of the amino acid tyrosine, followed by polymerization. The pigment is produced in a specialized group of cells known as melanocytes.

    There are three basic types of melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. The most common type of melanin is eumelanin. There are two types of eumelanin—brown eumelanin and black eumelanin. Pheomelanin is a cysteine-containing red polymer of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair, among other pigmentation. Neuromelanin is found in the brain, though its function remains obscure.

    In the skin, melanogenesis occurs after exposure to UV radiation, causing the skin to visibly tan. Melanin is an effective absorber of light; the pigment is able to dissipate over 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation.[1] Because of this property, melanin is thought to protect skin cells from UVB radiation damage, reducing the risk of cancer. Furthermore, though exposure to UV radiation is associated with increased risk ofmalignant melanoma, a cancer of the melanocytes, studies have shown a lower incidence for skin cancer in individuals with more concentrated melanin, i.e. darker skin tone. Nonetheless, the relationship between skin pigmentation andphotoprotection is still being clarified.[2]


    Albinism occurs when melanocytes produce little or no melanin. This albino girl is from Papua New Guinea.

    In humans, melanin is the primary determinant of skin color. It is also found in hair, the pigmented tissue underlying the iris of the eye, and the stria vascularis of theinner ear. In the brain, tissues with melanin include the medulla and pigment-bearing neurons within areas of the brainstem, such as the locus coeruleus and thesubstantia nigra. It also occurs in the zona reticularis of the adrenal gland.

    The melanin in the skin is produced by melanocytes, which are found in the basal layer of the epidermis. Although, in general, human beings possess a similar concentration of melanocytes in their skin, the melanocytes in some individuals and ethnic groups produce variable amounts of melanin. Some humans have very little or no melanin synthesis in their bodies, a condition known as albinism.

    Because melanin is an aggregate of smaller component molecules, there are many different types of melanin with differing proportions and bonding patterns of these component molecules. Both pheomelanin and eumelanin are found in human skin and hair, but eumelanin is the most abundant melanin in humans, as well as the form most likely to be deficient in albinism.


    Part of the structural formula of eumelanin. “(COOH)” can be COOH or H, or (more rarely) other substituents. The arrow denotes where the polymer continues.

    Eumelanin polymers have long been thought to comprise numerous cross-linked 5,6-dihydroxyindole (DHI) and 5,6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid (DHICA) polymers.

    There are two types of eumelanin—brown eumelanin and black eumelanin—which chemically differ from each other in their pattern of polymeric bonds. A small amount of black eumelanin in the absence of other pigments causes grey hair. A small amount of brown eumelanin in the absence of other pigments causes yellow (blond) color hair.


    Part of the structural formula of pheomelanin. “(COOH)” can be COOH or H, or (more rarely) othersubstituents. The arrows denote where the polymer continues.

    Pheomelanins impart a pink to red hue, depending upon the concentration. Pheomelanins are particularly concentrated in the lips, nipples, glans of the penis, and vagina.[3][4] When a small amount of brown eumelanin in hair, which would otherwise cause blond hair, is mixed with red pheomelanin, the result is red hair.[5]

    In chemical terms, pheomelanins differs from eumelanins in that the oligomer structure incorporates benzothiazine and benzothiazole units that are produced,[6]instead of DHI and DHICA, when the amino acid L-cysteine is present.


    Trichochromes (formerly called trichosiderins) are pigments produced from the same metabolic pathway as the eumelanins and pheomelanins, but unlike those molecules they have low molecular weight. They occur in some red human hair.[7]


    Neuromelanin (NM) is a dark polymer pigment produced in specific populations ofcatecholaminergic neurons in the brain. Humans have the largest amount of NM, while it is in lesser amount in other non-human primates, and totally absent in other species.[8] However, the biological function remains unknown, although human NM has been shown to efficiently bind transition metals such as iron, as well as other potentially toxic molecules. Therefore, it may play crucial roles in apoptosis and the related Parkinson’s disease.[9]

  • Buck Thehaterz
    September 19, 2015

    Thanks to secret socities and the oligarchy for confusing people over greed
    Some say Jesus and Moses were pharoahs with different names like Tuthmose
    Time to wake up and get away from the corrupt media

  • BOB
    December 25, 2015

    Middle Eastern people are and were MEDITERRANEAN CAUCASIANS! The descendants of the ancient Hebrews, Israelites and Jews still live in the Middle East! They are called MIZRAHI JEWS!



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