Christmas Lights Tell The Easter Story?


If you look carefully you’ll notice the display is animated.

Because nothing stirs the Christmas spirit more than Jesus getting flogged.

And by stirring the Christmas spirit, I mean makes small children cry.

This is confusing on so many levels.

Found at Christian Nightmares


  • Karen
    December 11, 2012

    “This is confusing on so many levels.”

    Yes. And, sadly, it is repeated in many ways in some of our (sub-) Christian subcultures. Here’s another one for you:

    Once decades ago I was Christmas shopping at our local mall and had just walked out of the sole small and very crowded Christian book and gift shop that existed there. I was still (unfortunately) within earshot of the customers at the register. In the store, there was a manger scene for sale on display near the front of the store with the figure of Santa kneeling in humble adoration before the Infant Jesus.

    As I was leaving, a customer (who regrettably I was acquainted with as he was married to a friend’s sister–though he didn’t recognize or notice me) rudely elbowed his way to the front of the long line waiting at the register and in the most self-righteously indignant terms loudly began castigating the harried girl feverishly working the register. His complaint? That she allowed the damnably heretical and “theologically incorrect” secular Santa image into the “real meaning” of Christmas (as if she had anything to do with that decision) and had the audacity to offer such a thing for sale in a “Christian” store!

    I couldn’t help but note the outrageous irony of the scene. Here was an image of “Santa” worshipping Christ on the one hand–kitchy, sure, but still rather eloquently in its silent way managing to make its point. And on the other, here was a professing “believer” loudly and very publicly humiliating a hard-working and undoubtedly underpaid saleswoman for something over which she had no control in order ostensibly to defend the “real meaning of the season” before the myriad startled onlookers (many of whom weren’t actually in the store and could very well have been complete outsiders to the faith). Which image, I wonder, spoke more of the Kingdom’s real meaning–the fictional Santa worshipping at the manger or the “true believer” humiliating the hapless girl at the checkout counter?

    Believe me, I know how she felt. Years before, for four years I had worked in a large Christian bookstore and Sunday school material supplier. So, unfortunately, I knew that scene was not unique.

  • wvpv
    December 13, 2012

    This is on Chigago Street in Blue Springs, MO, where I live. It’s not that bad if you see the entire thing in it’s entirety. Cheesy? Yeah.

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