Tract Or Treat




Jack Chick wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

If you’ve been hanging around The American Jesus for a while, then you’ll remember Jack from the old Tract Tuesday series. He’s the godfather of the religious tract industry.

Now, of course, by Happy Halloween, I really meant “Happy-Pass-Out-Religious-Tracts-To Children-Day!”

Because obviously children would much rather get a religious tract than candy tonight. And clearly, their joy at getting such a tract instead of candy will have them bursting with excitement to ask Jesus into their heart.

At least, that seems to be Jack’s thought process.

I assume if Jack has grandchildren he also gives them tracts for Christmas.

And their birthday.

And every other opportunity he has to destroy a child’s joy.

  • Bern

    That was like a hipster ironic thing, right?

    • ZackHunt

      The post or Jack Chick’s Halloween campaign?

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  • jedgeco

    Watched that video; glad to see someone is using his stock photo subscription to the max!

  • Moustache De Plume

    OH, I get it. It’s like a subset of Neil Gaiman’s All Hallow’s Read. You give them a SCARY book(let) this Halloween.

  • Fact Checker

    Chick recommends to pass out candy along with a tract.