Why I’m Not Eating At Chick-Fil-A Today




I’m not eating at Chick-Fil-A today.

Ok, to be fair the closest Chick-Fil-A to me is over 75 miles away in New Jersey, so I probably wouldn’t be eating there anyway.

But even if there was a Chick-Fil-A near me I wouldn’t eat there today.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love Chick-Fil-A.

I mean, I really love it and not just because I love their chicken and waffle fries. You see, there’s a bit of a family connection.

My great-grandmother had a neighbor many years ago.

His name was Truett Cathy.

At the time, Mr. Cathy was working on a recipe for a chicken sandwich. My great-grandmother, like many great-grandmothers, was a pretty good cook. So, Mr. Cathy would bring over the various incarnations over to her house for her to taste.

Now, I’m sure that she never gave him much feedback on the sandwich beyond “this tastes good” or “you may want to go back to the drawing board.” She never claimed otherwise. But there was one thing she was pretty vehement about telling Mr. Cathy.

My great-grandmother was a devote Christian woman. So, she took it upon herself to remind Mr. Cathy that being a man of God he better make sure his new restaurant was closed on Sundays. Once again, I’m sure he probably had plans of doing that anyway, but now, every time I drive by a Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday morning and I get a craving for a chicken biscuit only to discover the place closed, I think of my great-grandmother Bonnie and wished she had just kept her mouth shut.

Seriously, though, Chick-Fil-A has always held a special place in my heart.

However, I can’t get behind the so-called “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.” It’s not because I’m boycotting the restaurant. Honestly, I’m still confused about the response to Dan Cathy’s statements. Regardless of whether or not you agree with them, how are his conservative Christian views news?

Regardless, for me, dedicating a day to shove a chicken sandwich in the face of your “enemies” just doesn’t seem like a very Jesus-like thing to do.

I’m not saying that people don’t have a right to be upset at the outrage over Cathy’s comments. They do, just like their opponents have the right to be outraged by Cathy’s comments and respond accordingly.

But if love for Jesus is at the heart of this “appreciation day”, which I think that is the case, then the church’s response to their perceived persecution should be more like Jesus’ responses when he was persecuted or when he saw others persecuted.

He ate with them, talked peaceably with them, healed them, defended them, and when that didn’t work, he died for them.

For me, “shoving it in their face”just doesn’t seem like the response of the Jesus who said “turn the other cheek.” Even if you disagree vehemently with homosexuality and gay marriage, the response Jesus expects from you towards them and those that would decry your position is clear: love them.

Frankly, Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day just doesn’t seem very loving to me. It seems a lot more like a battle to prove who’s right and who’s wrong.

If you’re a Christian, then that battle over truth has already been fought and won in the death and resurrection of Jesus. He doesn’t need you to refight that battle. He needs you to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

So, while I will eat at Chick-Fil-A again in the future, I won’t eat there today because I don’t want my gay friends to think I’m battling them or shoving anything in their face. I want them to know that I love them, Jesus loves them, and I will be praying for them today as the church yet again forgets what it means to be the Body of Christ.


Grace and peace,

Zack Hunt

  • Bethany

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting into words all my feelings concerning this mess. I just don’t understand the need to push the “Christian agenda when it’s not Jesus’ agenda. Sigh.

    • Aly

      Ditto what Bethany said. Great post!

    • Jerry

      I think it is a little more then a free speech issue, for too long the Christian side of such issues have been too quiet! The result has been to allow the secular side has ran over us. They march, they sit in, they holler and scream all the while while the Christians go to church and Sunday schools and complain to their fellow bench warmers. So the Christians loose and wonder why, they forgot that Jesus said to get off our butts and go into the world and preach the word, to bring them in. We will not win sitting quiet, it’s the old story of the squeaking wheel getting the grease. Remember this, just because we feel that the homosexual life style is abhorrent does not mean we hate the person, we only hate their sin. Remember, Jesus loved us all, but allowed his self to be hung on the cross to cover our abhorrent life. We all have sin, and the bible says that none are good except Jesus. But the homosexual life was a stench in the nostrils of God. Some sin seem to stink more, like a sex molester, rapist, or murderer.

      • Robert


        If homosexuality is wrong, why did your god make me gay?

        I read somewhere that 1 in 10 people were gay. I also read that 90% of people have a right-handed orientation. Please indulge me in a little game… Take a pencil into your off-hand and spell something, like your name. Although it may well feel un-natural to you, it is very natural to someone else. Growing up, teachers, parents, and priests told me that I was writing with the wrong hand. I was taught that it was wrong. I was told that if I insisted on writing with my left hand, I had to make it look like normal-people writing… you know, it had to slant the right way.

        It’s just an orientation.

        • Chris


          You use very good logic in your illustration. Unfortunately though, you started your position with a false pretense. God doesn’t make anyone gay. No where in the Bible does God condone or promote homosexuality. In fact, He destroyed an entire city for it in Genesis. If you disagree with me, the Hebrew text states that the men of Sodom wanted to “know” the messengers that came to Lot. That term, “know” was a Bible-times euphemism for having sexual relations. I have thoroughly studied this out and through much thought have found this to be the case. It is a habit that is learned, just as writing with a specific hand may be learned. My father is left handed but as a boy was forced to write with his right hand. A baseball player, although right handed, may be trained to bat lefty, a skill that is awkward and unnatural to him. So it is with homosexuality, it is a learned habit.

          • Michael Meissner

            The jury is still out as to whether homosexuality is “learned” or if a person is born that way…but, in the end I believe it is a mute point. For the sake of argument, let’s assume a person is born gay. While my heart aches for the person who now must carry a very unique and difficult burden, God’s word is still clear…to act on homosexual urges goes against His design for sex, which is a beautiful gift from God to be enjoyed between one man and one woman within the confines of marriage. Anything outside of that goes against the boundaries that He has given us. That’s why, for the 25 years before I was married, God’s instruction to me was to “wait”. Believe me, as a 16 year old teenage boy, I had been born with very natural urges that made me want to ravage every pretty young female that walked by. But, I didn’t. Why? Because, as one who believed and trusted in the Almighty God as the authority in my life, I also accepted His boundaries and guidelines which were given to me out of love. That instruction was to wait for sex until I was married.

            Now, if I had sinned and given in to my sexual desires, I believe God would have forgiven me. That same offer of grace is there for anybody who divorces, commits adultery, lusts, or engages in homosexual behavior. No one sin is worse than the other. BUT, each one of those is still a sin, and God’s continual call is for us to stay away from sin. How brash it would be for me to now stand up and say, “God, you gave me these heterosexual desires, so I’m going to go and be unfaithful to my wife because you made me that way.” No. Instead, I ask God for strength to live within His plan for my life and to discipline my life so that I remain faithful in this area of sexuality. When/if I stumble, I cling to the grace offered through Christ’s cross, and then ask for strength to do better. But never, never, do I have the right to rewrite the rules.

            For 25 years, that meant a challenging road of no sex. It wasn’t easy! What a joy when that ultimately ended with a gift of an amazing wife and a newfound freedom to act on the sexual desires that are within me. For my homosexual friends, that isn’t an option. What God asked me to refrain from for 25 years, He asks them to refrain from for a lifetime. That’s not an easy road! But, by God’s strength, it can be done. And, that’s why the gay community especially needs compassion and understanding from Christian churches — not an acceptance of sexual sin in any form, but a loving and encouraging group of believers who can help the unmarried person save themself for their future spouse, the homosexual from sexual sin, and the married person from adultery. In our sexually charged culture, sexual purity is one of the most difficult challenges for ALL followers of Jesus, but one that is an extremely important part of our walk with God.

  • Larry M

    “Regardless, for me, dedicating a day to shove a chicken sandwich in the face of your “enemies” just doesn’t seem like a very Jesus-like thing to do.”

    Agreed. But isn’t it an American Jesus thing to do? :)

    • Zack

      lol touché :)

      • Ben Sanis

        Zack, you are creating a false dichotomy between supporting Chick-fil-A and “not loving your enemy” as Jesus did. It’s not an either or thing. We are called to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. This approach does both because we understand that in the culture that we are in money talks…that’s why the other side called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A. They want to defund anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with their worldview. Buying a sandwich is a dove way of responding. Also, think about it. Sunday is a “Christianity Appreciation Day” that some folks criticize. Should we not go to church as well because some people think that supporting the church (attending and tithing) is wrong headed and even intolerant because it preaches a traditional view of marriage and family? Remember, the same folks who say that you should boycott Chick-fil-A, also believe that you should not attend a church that believes what Dan Cathy does…After all, that’s where Cathy got his misguided, “homophobic” value system. That said, going and supporting Chick-fil-A is less about what you are against, than it is a statement about what you are for… That being…you are for the values that Cathy espoused and for his right to espouse them. Bottom line—Eat more Chicken… today.

        • Monica

          I agree completely with Ben. I may not agree with Homosexuality, but I also don’t judge because that is God’s job, not mine. I have Gay friends and eating at Chick-Fil-A isn’t about not loving them. I love them wheather they are Gay or not. I am not the Judge or Jury. Mr. Cathy was asked a question and he answered truthfully. After that, people said they would boycott the restaurant. Why? Why does being a Christian mean we can’t eat at a restaurant or share our views with anyone? I ate there today to show that as Christians, we shouldn’t have to hide who we are. I don’t agree with Homosexuality, that is my belief as a Christian, but I love my Gay Friends and I don’t JUDGE them. I feel like because I support a Christian Restaurant today, you feel like I am not loving my enemies. First, they are not my enemies and Second, I would gladly eat with them today or any other day.

          • Frank


            You are all that is wrong with Christianity today and has been for a while. You my dear are a hipocrit. In the same sentence you say that you do not agree in homosexuality and that you love your gay friends. That’s like saying I’m a vegetarian, but I love hamburgers. I don’t get it.

          • Annette

            I agree Monica and as for Frank’s comment below yours…I think if you think about what you said about Monica being what is wrong with Christianity today is so far out in left field. She hit the nail on the head….You love your fellow man/woman but you don’t have to love the sin. I’m sure their are people in your life who love you but don’t love some of your actions….it’s true for all of us. I have family members who are gay and I love them and would give my life for them, however, I do not condone the lifestyle they live, there is a BIG difference! I know I didn’t speak and explain as eloquently as some could but that’s my opinion…Love the sinner…hate the sin!

          • Cami

            Monica, I agree with you. Frank, I too, have gay friends whom I love, but I am a follower of Christ, and I have chosen to follow the Bible as a guidebook for my life, and because of that, I do not agree with choosing a lifestyle of homosexuality… not because I say it’s wrong, but because His Word does, and I believe in His Word. Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of loving others, even if they did not follow His laws or teachings, but He still taught. I don’t think saying that you have gay friends that you love is any more an oxymoron than to say you love someone who is an alcoholic even though you disagree with their addiction, or saying that you love someone who had an affair even though it has torn their family apart. That being said, whether or not I believe it is morally right or wrong does not give me ANY right to judge or treat someone who believes differently than me with any less respect. Every one of us has to choose what we believe, and I have chosen to follow Christ, hopefully most noticeably by loving others whether we agree in our beliefs or not.

          • Michelle

            I also agree God is the Judge and not me I love my friends and family no matter what there sexual preference is

          • D

            If you love your gay friends then stop giving your money to someone that donates it to someone who uses it against them. That is what this is all about. Why would gays give their money to a corporation that donates it to anti gay groups that actively try to remove/prevent equal rights?

          • Nick

            Nice, Monica. The next time one of your gay “friends” chooses not to help you with something that you need help with, you can blame this post. I can’t IMAGINE that anyone you truly care about is gay.

            I don’t agree with everything on anyone’s agenda, but aligning yourself with an organization that wholly supports marginalizing ANY group (possibly women) is bad for you.

            I used to have a friend that sent money to a church whose third goal was to eradicate homosexuality. I was shocked and amazed that we could be such good friends for almost 25 years and I didn’t know that she wanted to eradicate my lifestyle. It was a hard decision to cut her out of my life but I made that decision. I hope your “friends” are able to do the same for you some day.

          • Kaden

            You cant say you love your gay friends then say you dont agree with it. How would you feel if you were told you couldnt marry the one you loved? If you think this is a life choice then you are wrong. Who in their right mind would choose to ever be gay? Just because it says its wrong in the ‘bible’? Well honey if your going to believe in the ‘bible’ then believe everything it says, dont pick and choose on what you want to believe is right or wrong

          • RighteousOne

            Kaden – as Christ, one should love the sinner, hate the sin

          • B

            “Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” -Rick Warren

          • http://Ohio Brent

            No Frank, you don’t get it because your logic doesn’t make sense and your analogy is inaccurate. Monica’s position would be more like saying “I’m a vegetarian but I like my friends whether they are vegetarian or not”. That’s not hypocritical.

        • Alicia

          Ben put into words exactly what I thought as I read this post.

        • Barbi Smith

          I agree with Ben. Supporting Chick Fil-A had nothing to do with “shoving a chicken sandwich in the face of your “enemies” – It was just our way of supporting Mr. Cathy’s right to free speech. I don’t believe in hate speech, and thankfully neither does he. He didn’t say anything hateful about anyone. All he said was that he believed in the Biblical definition of marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. Last time I checked, we live in a land of free speech. Since when is it an outrage to say that we believe in something God says in his word? It doesn’t mean we don’t love people.

          • Nick

            No matter what my views, I don’t take them to work with me. I think that’s wrong. If he had just stayed in the closet (pun intended) with this there wouldn’t be a backlash and his bottom line wouldn’t be affected one way or the other. Positive or negative.

            I don’t know if we’re supporting the free speech of an individual or a corporation.

          • Wayne

            Ben seems to know a little about his religion. Let me ask you this, Ben. Where did you hear that “the other side” doesn’t want you to attend your church because they don’t believe in gay marriage? Sounds to me like that is one of those simple minded statements that is nothing more than a grasp at something to attack “the other side” with. In my opinion, people who are naive enough to live by the Bible these days are sliding through life blinded by a shroud of nonsense called “faith.” The only good thing that I can see about your faith is that it is a sense of positivity rather than negativity, for the most part. As long as you can live your life with hope that someone is watching over you and protecting you, you’ll be fine. So I guess that means all others are nothing more than cretins trying to bring you down. I believe in God, but would have no problem tossing a Bible which is a book written by MAN. So don’t site to me your set of rules that was written by a man. Bibles have been translated so many times over the years that there is no way possible it is still the original form. You go ahead and follow your Bible, my good man. When someone comes to you and says “God told me to tell you that you should leave everything you know to follow me to this mountain for an uncertain reason,” I hope it works out for you. As for “the other side,” as evil as you make us sound, we’ll continue to live in the now. I have love for human beings not because some man written book tells me too, but because that’s just the way I feel. Ever thought of that? That has nothing to do with faith.
            So enjoy your Chicken sandwich and prayer, but don’t tell me what to do. I’m not gonna eat any chicken from that place for the rest of my life because I think they are nothing more than another large corporation playing on the feelings of the American public. Although genius, what a sick way to bring in business. Next week I’ll be watching out for KFC to say they hate black people so that they can get an onslaught of business from other races.
            Any of you who are blind enough to think that this Chic Fil A appreciation day is not “shoving a chicken sandwich in the face of you “enemies” then you are the most naive of all. After all, I’ver never seen Chic Fil A packed to the gills with people wrapped around the building on any regular day. “Hey hun, we hate it that people don’t believe in the same things we do, we should go eat a chicken sandwich to show it.” Get outta here! You’re nothing but a bunch of mice in a maze hoping that there is an opening at the end of it.


            Also, MAJOR MAJOR one-up to Nick who hit the nail square on the head with his statement about Christians picking and choosing which of their rules they wanna live by. You sir, get it! I wish they would to so that the rest of us could live our lives without hearing about how we’re gonna burn in hell because we don’t listen to them. You people need a different hobby than attacking anyone who doesn’t believe in the same things as you. Christianity is the biggest hypocritical organization the is. You can’t even live by your own rules so where do you get off telling others that they should?

            Have a good day. I will……..without a chicken sandwich from that corporate devil.

          • Wendy

            Well said Barbi.

          • Kyle

            You can twist a ‘he said, she said’ in circles all day to benefit yourself. The truth of the matter is this: Nabisco released a pro-gay rights advertisement, which found protest from One Million Moms as well as dozens of other fundamentalist groups. In the heated aftermath, Chic-Fil-A took the opposite stance. While Mr. Cathy is entitled to his own opinion, it was one of discrimination rather than acceptance; that is undeniable. Yet, just a matter of weeks later, and the entire Christian religion has organized a mass showing IN SUPPORT of that discrimination.

            Many claim they are defending Mr. Cathy’s right to free speech.. but no one has ever questioned Mr. Cathy’s right to free speech. He had every right to say what he said, no matter how bigoted it may have made him look. The (un)surprising thing, is that Christians cannot tolerate the same outrage that Nabisco faced just a month ago over the Oreo ad. There was no ‘everyone buy Oreo’ day. Christians will just have to accept that in this instance, the gay rights supporters “turned the other cheek” and the Christians took the chance to slap them full force. Congratulations.

          • Lee

            Barbi, please direct me to a Biblical verse that officially “defines marriage” as between one man and one woman. That would certainly discount some pretty righteous men (Jacob and Abraham come to mind) who had more than one wife…

          • K

            @Lee – Genesis 2:23-24

            “23 The man said,

            “This is now bone of my bones
            and flesh of my flesh;
            she shall be called ‘woman,’
            for she was taken out of man. ”
            24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

            God’s definition of marriage is clear.

        • Hollie

          Amen to Ben!!!

        • Rickye Pool

          Well said, Ben. I agree with you completely.

        • Cristina Taylor

          High Five!!! <3

        • Ashley

          I couldn’t have said it better myself, Ben. :)

        • Phoenix Rizing

          Well said, Ben! I couldn’t agree more!

        • stuart

          thumbs up Ben

        • Rod

          Very well said Ben.. the lines are becoming so grey in this post-modern relativism thinking world.. It’s not about feelings/emotions.. It’s all about truth amen!

        • William Parker

          I am completely in agreement with you . Great post

          • William Parker

            Well said Ben… Great post and I think you are right on Cathy is stating what we all believe and the response will be to suffer for it, we should respond and help. We will be spending the same money and probably it is just a matter of choice of restaurants.

        • Tammy

          You said exactly what I was feeling and thinking. My choice to support Chick-fil-a was not anti-gay but was pro-Christianity and a salute to the way in which Chick-fil-a runs its business based on Biblical principals. Just because you support them doesn’t mean you are persecuting those that choose to live the homosexual lifestyle.I have family and friends who are gay. They are wonderful people that I love. I cannot answer for anyone but myself on the day of judgement so I don’t judge them for their choices so they shouldn’t judge me for mine.

          • Kyle

            No one is telling anyone that they can’t be Christian. Yet millions of Christians are turning up to support Mr. Cathy’s statement that gays should not have equal rights. Stop victimizing yourself.

          • Sue

            Exactly! I did not see any ugliness, anger or hate at my local Chick-fil-A. The TONS of people at my local Chick-fil-A were there supporting a business leaders right to speak freely. Why are people so surprised when a Christian business owner is asked his views? Hello people. His company is even closed on Sundays and you are surprised that he supports the Biblical view of marriage? He did not spout off any hatred to anyone. He never said that anyone should not have equal rights. The Bible does specifically list certain things as sin. You might want to read it sometime. We are not judging. God will do that.

        • Dell

          I agree with Ben and Annette. Really you can love someone and hate the sin. Fornication and adultery is a sin also but I still love the people in my life who are living in that lifestyle. I was a fornicator, but my parents who are Ministers, still loved me even though I was having sex outside of marraige. They sure didn’t agree with it but I was doing what I thought made me happy at the time. I repented and I thank God for His Mercy and Grace that covered me and still covers me this day. Sin is sin… and I did eat at Chick-fil-A and took my family. We have a right our views/beliefs/truth and shouldn’t be bullied about it.

          • Kyle

            Yet you took your family to support someone who publicly bullied an entire demographic of people?

          • Dell

            What part of this interview is Cathy bullying anyone?

        • Jeannette

          refreshing Ben, thank you, I just read it out of curiosity & am dumbfounded how a christian can take such a opposing political stance against this “dove” like movement. we have been much too silent for far too long. I’ve heard a maybe rough estimate of how many “christians” there are in america, & that by that number ALL of us Christians have to tell them to sit down and “shut up”. I would guess that Mr. Hunt might have a “coexist” bumper sticker on his economic car. That is what he is claiming!

          • Kyle

            Yes, because one is not allowed freedom of religion in America. And how dare he be tolerant of people whose beliefs differ from his own.

        • http://www.facebook.com SueAnne Kolby

          Ditto Ben. I agree. Eating a chicken sandwich in support of someone who has taken a stand is not an “unloving” act toward anyone else.

          • Kyle

            … Except for the people who the stand was taken against.

          • RighteousOne

            Kyle – we never stood against anyone, we stood for someone. If any one or many was offended thats their choice. We silently went through a line, bought a chicken sandwich to say, we agree in Biblical truth. The truth steps on all of our toes, because we are none perfect no not one.

        • Anthony

          Hey Ben,

          Just a note on your “defund” statement. As a homosexual I don’t want to give my money to ANY corporation, Christian or not, that will turn around and fund hate groups. CFA donated 5 million dollars to these groups that would like to export gays from the US and also groups in other countries whose goal is to have gays illegalized and murdered. Ben, would you want to spend your money at a place who’s willing to take your money but use it to fund Anti-Christian groups???

      • Cody

        Maybe you, Zach, are JUST the American Christian not standing up or standing out but just sitting on the sidelines! Sinners nor persecutors are the enemy. Satan is the enemy! The Bible doesn’t say homosexuals are the enemy thus your argument is invalid!

        • Kyle

          So, your argument is that the entire gay population has been swayed by a snake-demon guy that lives in an alternate dimension made of fire, and that eating a chicken sandwich will show those people who is right and wrong. Just to clarify.

      • Wayne

        Zack, well said my friend.

    • Jim B

      “Shoving it in your face”??? How so? I was shoving it in MY face. Did not call anyone names, made no gestures or speeches and certainly made no attempt to belittle anyone. Simply showed my support for something I believe in.

      • Kyle

        Something you believe in… which is the right to discriminate by claiming religious protection.

  • http://ltmiles.com Logan T. Miles

    First off, I was going to blog almost the same thing, thanks, you saved me some typing and you delivered it better than I could.

    A friend of mine tweeted a picture of a mosh pit inside a chick-fil-a and his tone was “excited”. I couldn’t help but look at that and feel convicted, that mosh pit honestly didn’t seem like a place that was welcoming for any person who was a homosexual. So I ate at Taco Bell, those cantina bowls are legit.

    I feel like it’s drawing a line in the sand, if I align myself for Chick-Fil-A then I’m automatically aligning myself AGAINST others. I feel that this entire chick-fil-a day is an angry, loud, mosh pit statement against homosexuals while staying underneath the veil of “Appreciation for Chick-Fil-A”. Because of these big issues, I’m stepping back from the table of arguing and yelling.

    • Michelle

      Logan, thank you for this….
      “…I feel like it’s drawing a line in the sand, if I align myself for Chick-Fil-A then I’m automatically aligning myself AGAINST others. I feel that this entire chick-fil-a day is an angry, loud, mosh pit statement against homosexuals while staying underneath the veil of “Appreciation for Chick-Fil-A”. Because of these big issues, I’m stepping back from the table of arguing and yelling.”
      I have tried to say this and couldn’t come up with a way. So ,thank you!

    • Sally

      Why does it have to be black and white? A Christian value that is so hard for most to get thier heads around as I can clearly see here is “love the sinner, hate the sin”. Today was about coming out to support a company that supports that very statement. As a Christian I am only allowed to judge other christians (hold them accountable) and so yes it is ok for me to say that I am against homosexuality. And I am for biblical values. We would be mistaken if we as fellow Christians did not stand up and say we are tired of being pushed over and we are going to stand together with a company that upholds these same values. There is no reason for a line in the sand. We are allowed to love the sinner and hate the sin. Today wasn’t about people. It was about a sin and free speech and freedom to assemble. Moment you make it about people is the moment it gets messed up.

      • Shadowz

        Since when have Christians ever been “pushed over?” History is full of Christians doing horrible things all in the name of God and the Bible. Stand by what you believe in that’s fine, but stop trying to control other people’s lives based on ideals you believe. Live and let live. You want this issue to be about “sin and free speech and freedom to assemble,” not every one believes homosexuality is a sin and what about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? If marriage will make people happy there should be nothing standing in their way. Christians who believe in one man one woman marriages should stick to that ideal themselves and stop repressing the rights homosexuals should have.

        • Jim B

          Are you serious? When have Christians been “pushed over”? Do some research. I won’t even mention the obvious political things going on, but it is absolute fact that more Christians are being maligned, discriminated against, tortured and even killed in today’s world than EVER before in history. This has little to nothing to do with the subject at hand, but when one makes such an uninformed statement like the one addressed here, a reply is required.

          • SY

            I am always amused by AMERICAN Christians who pretend that THEY are the ones being “pushed over” in this nation. We’re talking about the same folks who shoved “under God” into our previously SECULAR Pledge of Allegiance for crying out loud! So now that social norms have made bigotry against homosexuals unacceptable here in this SECULAR nation, we have the hilarious spectacle of Christians pretending that this equates to some sort of “persecution” towards them…#eyeroll.

            So eat your chicken sandwiches. But don’t sit there and pretend that you don’t know exactly what they stand for at this point…or that it has anything to do with love. That “appreciation” day was nothing more than a means of deliberately funding a corporation that has made a cause of using those funds to actively fight against the rights of homosexuals to marry here in this SECULAR nation. What on earth is “loving” about that?

      • Kyle

        Yes, because “heaven” forbid you think about the actual people. Anti-abortion, anti-stem cell, anti-gay marriage, anti-everything. You claim that as Christians you’re tired of being ‘pushed over’ yet the entire Christian agenda is to prevent other people from being happy because you disagree with them. Why don’t you just live your own life and not worry about how someone else is living theirs?

  • http://danileekelley.wordpress.com Dani Kelley

    Brilliant. Thank you. I, too, love Chick Fil A – actually had a craving today. But I have to walk a block or two from my parking lot to my office, and I don’t like the message that carrying one of their Styrofoam cups sends right now.

  • Bethany T

    Love this post, but I from what I have perceived as this whole chicken deal has unfolded, the boycott had more to do with the organizations being donated to than Mr. Cathy’s statements. But every other word from your keyboard, I loved. Thank you. :)

  • http://preachinmoose.com Matt S

    I wrote about this today as well. Except I’m going there for dinner. Not out of any reason other than someone invited me to go to dinner with them and that was the restaurant they picked. I think going there is an indication of a bigger problem. Let me know what you think. Here’s the link: http://preachinmoose.com/2012/08/01/because-a-chicken-sandwich-says-so-much/

  • Vicki

    It isn’t all about the gay lifestyle. It is about freedom of speech and Mr. Cathy’s view supporting traditional marriage. I am eating at CFA to support my freedom of speech which if the. Shoes and cities legislate their views, a business owner who has opposing views will be run out of town. Is that the way Jesus would want it? He defended his views and was not a doormat.

    • Jack Farmer

      Hafta say that, while I agree with your motive to show Christlike love, I disagree with you. If there were a CFA in Oregon, I’d go. Not to “ahove a chicken sandwich in the face of my enemies”, not as a political statement, but to stand with a fellow Christian brother. Not to slap my enemies with a “take that” attitude. Saying and demonstrating ones’ disagreement publicly does not equal hatred for those you disagree with.

    • dmash

      I respect you standing for your belief in freedom of speech. However, you eating there in support is no different from me not eating there in protest. I haven’t eaten at Chick Fil A for YEARS because I know where a portion of the money is going and so I choice not to fund an organization whose purpose is to deny me rights that I believe are mine. I believe Mr. Cathy has to right to say and believe whatever he wants, but like many others my “boycott” is not because of his view. It is because I don’t want to donate to a “Traditional Family Values” campaign just as much as you probably don’t want to donate to a “Anti-Christian” Organization.

      • Tracy

        This is something that I’ve been saying to people all day long. It has been 2.5 years since I’ve eaten at a CFA. When I get invited to go I simply say no, thank you. When asked why, I educated others on what the money goes to fund.
        I have heard good things about this privately owned comapny. For instance, most pay a higher wage than a lot of fast food restaurants. I had a friend that worked her way through grad school there and she said that she was always treated with respect by everyone in the company.
        Mr. Cathy has a right to run his company the way he wants. I’m ok with that.
        I have a right to not eat there. That is my way of standing up for what I believe in.

      • TC

        dmash…I respect you totally for saying what you did at the end. I completely respect your right to not buy from an organization that gives money to other organizations that don’t support what you believe because that is exactly what I do. Boycotting is a way for the American people to be heard (because sometimes it is hard to be heard). While some people say that “Traditional Family Values” organizations are denying rights to homosexuals, it can also be said that “Anti-Chrisitian” organizations are trying to remove the very values our country was built on. Each side feels just as strongly about their belief and I don’t get angry that you want to give money to companies that support your beliefs and I’m glad that you understand why I want to give money to companies that support mine. Thank you!

        • Sally


      • Jo

        Couldn’t have said it any better. I believe a lot of people that ate CFA today had no idea that they donate to these organizations. They are way too caught up on this freedom of speech point of view

      • Phoenix Rizing

        Perfectly stated.

    • Matt

      I agree Vicki. Supporting Chick-fil-a does not mean throwing it in the face of others.

    • Ben

      Mr. Cathy had the freedom to say what he said and other had the freedom to disagree. What’s the big deal? You may see today as a great show of support for religious freedom but I guarantee you Mr. Cathy only saw it as a great business day and would love to do it again.

    • W Hat

      1. Jesus took persecution, beatings, and death. If Jesus “defended” his views, he did it by SACRIFICE and DYING, not a ploy to make money. There is clearly a problem with calling Jesus a doormat. But his way of “defense” was absolutely opposite of CFA Appreciation Day.

      2. As for the “freedom of speech” claim. Many who fought in the Civil War to keep slavery going said they were actually fighting for “states’ rights.” And many today who support the Confederate flag still claim that they do so for “states’ rights.” If people really believe that’s what they were fighting for, then they are lying to themselves. Of course, most know they are lying and just used “states’ rights” as an excuse to hide their racism. Do you see a parallel here to the “freedom of speech” claim.

      • dball

        It’s about business people. When one side says boycott, you have to choose a side, or stand aside. I chose to stand with the side that aligns more to my beliefs and whom I truly believe is most appropriate for society as a means to perpetuate our humanity. What if we were all gay? We would become extinct. How can that be seen as an appropriate way of life? It doesn’t add up.

        • JLO

          I’ll tell you what’s not “adding up,” dball: There have been several studies showing that global human consumption is outpacing the ability of the Earth to generate the natural resources needed to sustain its population. Contrary to your hypothesis, I see the existence of the gay population (i.e., a non-reproducing population) as being far more beneficial toward the perpetuation of humanity, as it mitigates the need to increasingly draw on our planet’s resources in order to sustain an exponentially expanding global population. And to ask, even in a purely hypothetical context, “What if we were all gay?” is utterly absurd. We’re not all gay, and we’re never going to be.

          • Bret

            The consensus among geographers is that the Earth can sustain a population of 10 billion people based on current resources without any negative consequence. It would take some time to expand to 10 billion people.

        • nathan

          Yes, because being gay is a bacterial infection, and it spreads like wildfire. If you treat homosexuals the way you want to be treated, and give them the same civil liberties you yourself enjoy, pretty soon everyone will be gay and humanity will be doomed. You’re a genius.

        • Nick

          Citation needed.

          But people are different. They just are. The statistics are 1 in 10, though I suspect it’s a little higher. With those statistics, I’m fairly certain that we’re not going to hit extinction any time soon. Your logic is faulty.

        • texwal

          So should people who were born with defects that cause them to be physically unable to reproduce or contract a disease that makes them infertile not be allowed to marry since they do not have the means to perptuate our humanity? If your argument against homosexuality is going to be rooted in the ability to procreate and that it is just “unnatural” then you are marginalizing more than just people who happen to love members of their own sex.

      • Randall

        1) If you are going to quote history, get it right. Since this isn’t a history blog we can move on to: 2) I believe everyone keeps getting too caught up in the politics of Christianity to live the life Jesus laid out for us. Just let it all go and live right by Jesus and the rest will fall into place.

      • DG

        W Hat, this is a totally unrelated side-note, but before you make a comparison that Is incorrect again, do more research. There was much much more behind the civil war than racism and states rights was a valid claim. Yes, racism was involved, but read a primary document or two from the time, on the civil war, and you will understand that it goes well beyond what most people believe. That comparison made me cringe bc it was incorrect factually. I do see the point you make. People claim to go for the right reasons, but their intentions are wrong. I’ve seen many people very proud of their CFA support and months earlier they would have had a cow over a company supporting homosexuals. The freedom of speech thing would’ve gone right out the window and they would have opposed it. I wish everyone could get along and accept and love others. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and I have to see anti-CFA and pro-CFA propaganda everywhere.

      • Bret

        The Civil War was over state’s rights. Since there was no Amendment in the Constitution banning slavery,it meant the Federal Government could not enforce a state to abolish slavery. (A state has the right to nullify and make void any Federal law not written into the Constitution – even today – see California and Marijuana Laws -) Therefore, when the states seceded to protect their rights under the 10th Amendment the Union engaged in war with the Confederacy. A War the Supreme Court Justice Tanney declared illegal and unconstitutional based on the accusation of insurrection.

      • Kyle

        I wish this forum had an upvote button

  • Me

    This is a very good artical and it allowed me to think abou some things. I have a gay friend who is getting married. I don’t agree with gay marriage either, but I love him to life. And I pray that the Lord will love like Heis loving me so he can know that love and make his life pleasing to His like I an living to do. And I don’t want me posting a pic about today make anyone think that I hate the homosexual when it’s homosexuality that I hate. Thx

  • Vicki

    Correction…mayors, not shoes

  • Amy J.

    it seems to me to be more about support for free speech than Jesus…i’m not passionate about the marriage debate, but I am passionate about Mr. Cathy (or any citizen – right or left) having the right to voice his beliefs without being persecuted for it – be it by newscasters or mayors who want to block his stores. and for that reason, I will eat at chick-fil-a…

    • Vicki V

      Well said. Ditto.

    • Kyle

      Yet, when Oreo released the gay-rights ad a few weeks ago, there was massive uproar in the Christian community. And we think, one of these things is accepting, and the other is discriminatory… Hmmm, which is which?

  • Brian Lennon

    I think a lot of people ate at Chik-fil-A today not because they are anti-gay, but that they are pro-family values and they appreciate a company that is as well. It doesn’t have to be so black and white that if you eat at a particular restaurant on a particular day that you automatically don’t love a whole group of people.

    • Zack

      I agree that it’s not so black and white. The point I was trying make was that regardless of the intention, I think it inevitably sends the wrong message. I think the “we’re going to keep them out of our city” nonsense is absurdly hypocritical, not to mention illegal. I just think it would behoove us as a church to do a better job of thinking through the unintended messages we may be sending through our zealous actions.

      • Brian Lennon

        The “keep them out” comments were made by some pro-gay mayors, not by Chik-fil-A supportors, right?

        There are unintended messages to everything we do. From the clothes we wear, the car we drive to the people we hang out with. If we really got into the weeds of it, there is nothing I could do that wouldn’t offend someone or send some group of people somwhere the wrong message. We should be motivated by love and I think it was love that motivated people to go to Chik-fil-A today.

        It’s not about a “battle” to prove who’s right. A man made a statment about what he believes. No crime commited there. The only unloving action I’ve seen in this situation was the reaction to what he said. My reaction to that was to show support for him (show him love). So by me showing love for him, I’ve now not shown love for the gay community? Then the reaction from the gay community to the Chik-fil-A appreciation day is to have a “kiss your same sex partner at Chik-fil-A day” on Friday. Which of those sides is shoving something in the face of the other?

        When it comes to the issue of homosexuality, there is no room made by the LGBT community to agree to disagree. The options that are presented to someone formulating an opinion on it are either totally agree with their lifestyle or you’re an intolerant right-wing holier-than-thou zealout. I don’t ever intend to shove any of my beliefs in anyone’s face, not less a chicken sandwich. I believe what I believe and I’m content with that being the end of it. What does bother me is the labels that are thrown at me when I disagree with someone.

        PS, I know we’ve disagreed on a thing or two here recently, but I still love you and respect you and your wisdom just the same. You could go full pacifist, vegan, hippy, pot-smoking, tax-and-spend liberal and I’d still love you! How’s that for labels? You better not starting rooting for the Patriots though. I’ll slap that woman.

        • Zack

          “PS, I know we’ve disagreed on a thing or two here recently, but I still love you and respect you and your wisdom just the same.”

          That means more than you know.

          And if she tried to turn me into a Patriots fan (although she knows better), I feel confident in saying that falls under Jesus’ “marital unfaithfulness” exemption for divorce. :)

        • Brandy B

          TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

        • Jenny

          AGREE and love how you wrote it.

      • http://danielleinthecity.blogspot.com Danielle

        That’s exactly how I feel…. Whether we want to or not, this sends an “in your face” message, and we need to avoid that.

      • Joy M

        I didn’t eat at Chick Fil A today because I don’t like crowds. But a lot of my friends did. And none of them said anything about keeping anyone out of our town. They said a lot about free speech and exercising their right. From what I’ve heard the crowds were peaceful and polite. I guess while I didn’t choose the same thing, I find it hard to fault my friends who did.

        When I heard there would be a counter Chick-Fil-A “Kiss In” on Friday, at first I was turned off, but then I thought no, that is their right as well, even if I don’t like it. How cool would it be if a bunch of Christians went to CFA on that day and said, “You are welcome here”? What would the response be?

      • Kathy

        Zack I appreciate your comments. I ate at Chick-fil-A today, as I’m tired of the world trying to tell us God and the Bible are wrong. God gave us principles because He loved us and wanted what’s best for us. For a group to announce a boycott of a Christian leader’s business, I feel that was where the hatred came in. I went to support the Christian man who was being persecuted for his Christian stand. Reading your ideas, made me stop to think about the way we Christians are perceived. At the Chick-fil-A I was at, there was such a feeling of peace and love, not hatred.

        • SY

          What “world” is trying to tell you that God and the bible are wrong? I am really tired of this lame argument whenever Christians are faced with the reality that their faith does not RULE this nation. No one is trying to make you (or Mr. Cathy) believe anything that you don’t want to believe. But when you use your faith as an excuse to dictate and/or finance policies that we ALL have to live with, you’re going to be challenged. If you feel the need to call that “hatred” so be it. I prefer to call it “freedom.”

  • Mike Smallwood

    I enjoyed your discussion. I agree that we must “love them as Jesus does/did”. My support is not aimed at any individual as a hammer. It is aimed at an agenda that is consuming the very fabric of this country as we blindly stand on the wall not raising our voice in the alarm call. Dan Cathy simply stated his beliefs never did he spew hatred, never did he mention “Gay Rights”. It was the agenda of hatred that twisted his words for their purpose against whom I stand. Well do I know that this is not ‘my’ fight, it is the Master whom they hate not mortal men. Still as a watchman on the wall I raise the warning call: “I to will stand against the wolves” who ARE attempting to devour our cause. Notice I said “stand”, this ‘show of support’ to me is a measured responce to the twisted attacks( agressive acts) against a fellow brother. Seems to me Jesus cleared the temple when evil practices entered therein. True he did this without anger. My meal today was enjoyed without anger and with malace to no one. I do truely pray that the sheer number of supporters informs the “agenda of hatred” that their time has not yet come

    • Ashley

      Very well said!

    • Big

      But Jesus was angry when he cleared the temple – read John 2:14-17

      • Mike Smallwood

        I have read John’s account and the other Gospel’s also. Not one of them even mentions Jesus being “angry”. In fact Mark (11:11) says Jesus watched the happenings in the temple then returned the next day to ‘cleanse’ the temple. Were it done in anger he would not have waited. John is the only one to ascribe a weapon to the event; a whip of cords(out of cords KJV). “Zeal” does not translate to “anger”, it is mearly “a passionate devotion to a person, belief, or cause”; even in it’s alternate meaning of “Jealousy” is only connected to “outbursts of wrath”(2 Cor 12:20) once, and “quarreling” once (1 Cor 3:3).

    • Kyle

      Mr. Cathy was asked if he opposed same sex marriage, to which he smugly replied, “Guilty as charged.”

  • Chris

    Wow! I couldn’t disagree more! Where in the world did you get the notion there is an attitude if shoving anything in anyone’s face?? To me and those I know, it’s a matter of showing this business our appreciation for the unpopular stance they took recently. It’s also a way to encourage them to stay strong even though theyve come under public fire.

    • Dan

      Chris – as a gay person, I can tell you – the “we’ve got more muscle” than you is exactly what most of us hear from this public display. But it’s okay – we’ve been picked on by Christians all our lives – we’ve grown pretty accustomed to it.

      • Joy M

        I am really sorry you feel that way. That really makes me sad. What would make it better?

        • Christine

          It would probably make it better if gays weren’t publicly criticized, bullied, physically harmed, left out, not given equal-rights, told “God hates you”, were respected… And not viewed as a “choice”.

          • Vince

            God doesn’t hate gays. Whoever told you that doesn’t truly know God. He hates all sin and as hard as it is for me to understand, all sin is equal in his eyes.

      • http://www.midwestmagnolia.com Midwest Magnolia – Melissa Lewis

        As a Christ follower, this breaks my heart!

      • http://Meinrn.blogspot.com Melinda

        This makes me sad too. I follow Jesus. And Jesus tells us to treat others as we want to be treated. I did go to Chick fil a but it wasn’t to shove anything in anyone’s face. It was to support a company I respect. That’s all. I’m sorry that you were picked on by Christians. Many people who claim to follow Jesus don’t act the way should. So again I’m sorry for those who have treated you un lovingly. I truly hope that the love and grace and peace that comes from knowing Jesus can be extended to you by Christians you may know.

    • Kyle

      The unpopular stance.. You know, that 80% of the population and 90% of Congress are Christian. Stop trying to play the ‘persecuted Christian’ act and just admit that today’s action was one of bigotry and self-victimization.

  • Caitlin

    Interesting post. I am more annoyed with Chickfila’s food than anything else… most of their food is very unhealthy and not the kind of food that fuels the body of Christ… in fact, this kind of food is serving more to tear down the body of Christ by making it fatter and sicker… not to mention they serve chickens that were raised in a factory farming environment and fed antibiotics their entire lives. They treat chickens like objects to be processed, not animals to be taken care of.

    • Leslie

      I couldn’t agree more with you. Millions of people supported crappy, unhealthy food today in the name of free speech, religious freedom, etc. These are strange times. We are taking a stand for marriage by eating fast food chicken. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Certainly we are smarter and wiser in how we, the Church, could have responded in solidarity with Mr. Cathy??

    • Pratt

      LOL….The chickens *are* objects to be processed — processed into Chic-fil-a sandwiches. Eating fried foods is not unhealthy any more than eating ice cream or bread is unhealthy. Not eating a well balanced diet is what is unhealthy.

    • Christine

      Thank you for mentioning this!! So very true. Have you ever looked up the ingredients for the regular chicken sandwhich?? I swear there must be more than 50 ingredients! Most I can’t even pronounce. Funny how people choose to live by “what the Bible says” but they ignore, “Your body is a temple”.

  • JR

    I gladly went to support Chick-fil-a today, and oppose many points in this blog. I did not visit this establishment to “shove a chicken sandwich in my enemies face”, but to look for a way to help shine God’s light by taking a simple stand… In doing so, I was surprised, but happy, to see people across the street protesting and boycotting my actions. I do not understand why it seems that individuals may make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity, but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant. So I went to Chick-fil-a praying that God’s light would shine through those He has called to speak out for traditional marriage, along with an even larger issue – free speech. In doing so, I was compelled to purchase three additional meals which I took across the street and shared with the individuals protesting. This broke the ice and helped foster a productive discussion of why I went there in the first place, while we all enjoyed a good chicken sandwich together! God’s Light will shine through, if you allow yourself to be a beacon. I don’t want to sit passively on the sidelines and say, “I was afraid to speak up in Your Name.” I want to continue to share His model of ultimate Love, and bring others to Him.

    • JL

      I love this comment! Thanks for sharing.

    • Joy M

      That is the coolest thing I have heard all day.

    • MK


    • Ginny

      JR, you have summarized most of the points I deem relevant in this most recent show of intolerance for Christian values. There were no protesters at our CFA location. Kudos to you for showing the true spirit of Christ in sharing not only lunch with those protesting, but also for sharing yourself.

  • M.

    sadly, the author of this article has missed the point of today. it isn’t to shove or prove anything. folks wanted to show support for Mr. Cathy and his right to express his views, esp. when asked and they are doing that by simply showing up and eating a sandwich.
    according to the news, however, there is a group prepared to shove something in the face of anyone near a CFA restaurant on friday with a public display.

  • Melissa P.

    For some people, eating at Chick Fil A today may mean a slap in the face to gays, which you are right, that this would be a very unloving, un-Jesus like thing to do. But to many, I don’t believe this is the core of the issue. I would proudly eat at Chick-Fil-A today because I want to stand up for our constitutional rights for a business to have freedom of speech. In this case, Cathy responded to a question about his beliefs on what he believed a marriage should be. This should be no surprise to anyone what his response was. This is not a matter of whether Cathy hates gays or will not serve or employ gays. Governments in several big cities are trying to prevent Chick-Fil-A from expanding its business because the owner’s values to not match up to their own. The owner of Starbucks is in favor of gay marriage, but do we hear of any cities trying to prevent Starbucks from opening business? No. I don’t personally believe in gay marriage but I still love getting a latte weekly!! I will be eating at Chick-Fil-A today to support the constitutional rights in America for its citizens and business owners. Government has no right to interfere!!

    • melissa


  • Rick M.

    I am sure there are those out there who will eat at Chick Fil A today to get back at the gays and lesbians, but that was not my purpose. Mr. Cathy shared his belief and conviction and was attacked for both. Surely he knew that was the possible outcome before he said what he said. My chicken biscuit eating this morning was simply in support of the man who runs the restaurant and took a chance of being ridiculed and shared his beliefs. I don’t think we can lump all those who eat at Chick fil A today into the same group. Each person has their own reason and motive, and I am sure many have wrong motives, but many also have correct motives. I have had gays and lesbians attend our services and I never turn them away, but I do preach the full truth of the gospel no matter when they attend, and no matter who or what they are. I attend biker rallys and try to be Jesus to all those in attendance. So let’s not assume that the majority of the Chick fil a’ers today have wrong motives, and let’s not allow other’s motives to keep us from giving support when we feel led to support. Too many people on both sides of the aisle are making this a political thing when it really is a spiritual thing.

  • Zack

    Just a thought for those arguing this is just a free speech issue…

    While I am more than willing to concede that may be a part of it, if it’s really freedom of speech you’re so passionate about defending, then why no outcry when porn shops are kept out of neighborhoods or when white supremacists are prevented from holding a rally?

    • m

      you, sir, need help. you’re in my prayers.

    • fesxtsk

      That is a great argument sir, and the comment by m truly made me laugh out loud. Thank God someone is praying for you.

    • des

      True. If Cathy came out in support of Westboro or the KKK, there wouldn’t be lines at the restaurants today. I support Dan’s right to say what he did. I support Fred Phelps’s right to say his too. But I don’t have to agree, and I don’t have to support them financially either.

    • Melissa P.

      Zack, Someone asked Mr. Cathy his beliefs in an interview and this is something that turned political without him even intending it to. There are probably many more companies out there in which the CEO has religious beliefs that some would not agree with. The argument of the porn shops and white supremacists holding a rally is a very bad comparison and really cannot be compared to the situation of a man of a company telling someone his personal beliefs in an interview when asked a question and then city government trying to ban the growth of his company. Doesn’t compare.

    • Josh

      Well, it’s because free speech is only good when we agree with it.

    • Pratt

      I don ‘t think any Christians are going to line up in support of the free speech of porn shops or hate mongers including Westboro showing up at funerals. I do think the Christians WILL line up if the US Constitution was being amended to take away the right for them to espouse their hate speech or to sell pornography.

      I ate at Chic-fil-a today — and endured the throngs there — to show support for Mr. Cathy. I had no thought of anyone else while I did so.

      I don’t support murder; however, I have bought meals and drinks, giving up seats, and crossed busy airport lobbies all in an effort to say thank you to a veteran.

    • Jessica

      “While I am more than willing to concede that may be a part of it, if it’s really freedom of speech you’re so passionate about defending, then why no outcry when porn shops are kept out of neighborhoods or when white supremacists are prevented from holding a rally?”

      Love it!!

    • Theresa

      There are legal limits to free speech, and this is why one doesn’t see “protections” for pornography and white supremacy.
      According to Wikipedia, “In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, as with libel, slander, obscenity, copyright violation and incitement to commit a crime.” and “Limitations to freedom of speech may follow the “harm principle” or the “offense principle”, for example in the case of pornography, religious belief or hate speech. Limitations to freedom of speech may occur through legal sanction or social disapprobation, or both.[41]”
      None of those things are happening here – it is simply a statement of belief – which is why this type of speech should be tolerated, vs. speech that is obscene or intended to cause harm to another individual or group, which should not be tolerated.

  • Kevin

    It is so disheartening to see so many Christians who are for or against Chick-Fil-A now because of this issue. Please, before you take a side, go ready Dan Cathy’s original comments and what context they were spoken in. Never once did he bash homosexuals. After the backlash began by the misinformed did Mike Huckabee suggest the Appreciation Day to support Mr. Cathy’s right to his opinion, not to bash homosexuals. Just as everyone here has a right to have an opinion and voice such in this country, so do Mr. Cathy and Mr. Huckabee and NEITHER side should get upset about someone voicing their belief. It just amazes me the people screaming tolerance the loudest do not want to tolerate an opinion that does not line up with their beliefs.

  • Brian

    Personally, I fail to see how participating in a show of support for an organization whose higher-ups made a statement in favor of Biblical values automatically equates to failing to show love or “shoving” chicken in the “enemy’s” face. Despite what this blog, along with many other well-meaning articles posted today, are stating, supporting this effort and showing love to our fellow man in the homosexual community are in no way mutually exclusive.

    As Christians, our enemy is not the homosexual community. Never was. As Ephesians 6 points out, we don’t fight a flesh-and-blood enemy.

    The enemy is Satan, who craftily uses his influence in this world to encourage the idea that standing boldly in the public sector for things contrary to God’s Word is acceptable and encouraged for the world, but standing boldly for Biblical truth in the public sector is less than acceptable for the body of Christ, and automatically indicates a lack of love. What we see today is nothing less than a demonstration of that very aspect of spiritual warfare on display in a very visible fashion.

    The same Jesus who did all things in love also didn’t fail to rock the boat and say or do some things that the unbelieving world considered harsh when the necessity of making the truth clear called for it. He made a lot of people angry with what He said and did, and yet we’d both agree that He said and did everything in love. Loving does not eliminate the necessity and use of bold action.

    What confounds me most, though, is this: So many, even those who would state that they agree with the Biblical view of all this, are painting a totally peaceful, indirect demonstration like this as outright hatred being displayed against the homosexual community. Take a good look at Westboro Baptist, and then take a look at what’s happening today at Chick-Fil-A restaurants across the nation. What Westboro does is the very definition of hatred toward the homosexual community being carried out in the name of the Lord. What’s happening today is not even remotely similar.

    • Zack

      “Personally, I fail to see how participating in a show of support for an organization whose higher-ups made a statement in favor of Biblical values automatically equates to failing to show love or “shoving” chicken in the “enemy’s” face.”

      That was sort of the point of the post. I think that often times in our righteous zeal we fail to recognize the unintended consequences of our actions.

      • Brian

        Zack, with all due respect, I think you’ve failed to see what I was attempting to say in response to your article.

        What you’ve posted states that the “unintended consequence” of showing support for an organization that operates on Christian principles is that people may perceive that as failing to show love. Your statement that you don’t want your homosexual friends to think that you’re battling them confirms the fact what you’re concerned with in this article, primarily, is perception.

        The point I’m trying to make, which I believe you may have missed, is that standing for truth trumps concern over perception. Had Christ been primarily concerned about perception, He wouldn’t have said or done many of the things that gave Him a negative perception in the eyes of the Jewish religious leaders. He could very well, for example, have waited until after the Sabbath to do so many acts of healing, which infuriated the religious leaders.

        However, Christ was primarily concerned with the defense of the Father’s truth over perception, knowing that no matter how some might perceive Him, what He said and did was said and done in the very heart of the Father’s love for all mankind. That standing for the Father’s truth took precedent over all else, even perception, and He commanded His followers to do the same more than once. See Matthew 10:16-39 as an example.

        In fact, it would seem that you perceive my outlining all of this in my original post not as standing for Biblical truth, but as “righteous zeal,” which, if I’m reading it right, comes off with a negative connotation. That’s your perception of this exchange, a consequence of my posting what I did. Whether or not it was intended, the fact that standing for Biblical truth is of primary importance dictated that I said what I did in a loving spirit, no matter what your perception may be as a consequence. Your perception, if I’ve accurately identified it, is unfortunate, and I wish it were otherwise, but I don’t regret it, as that which is more important has taken precedent.

        • AMCR

          @Brian I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for putting into words the same difficulty I was having with this blog article.

        • fesxtsk

          Standing for freedom of speech is an argument to be made. However, standing for Biblical Truth is just absolutely LUDACRIS! considering Mr. Cathy’s definition of a “Tradition Family” is in no way supported by the bible unless you are willing to support polygamy and marriage without the woman’s consent as well. This is simply choosing portions that fit your agenda and calling it Christian Principles.

          • Brian

            With all due respect, let’s put that straw-man to bed right now.

            1) Polygamy does, indeed, appear in the Bible. So, I submit to you, do murder, greed, lust, and idolatry. So, are we to assume that Scripture supports these things, too? There are also plenty of examples of monogamy in the Bible, by the way.

            2) Polygamy appears not before, but after sin is introduced to the world by mankind’s disobedience. It was never God’s intention for marriage, or we would have seen it in place within that ideal, perfect situation created in the Garden.

            3) As such, to state that God held monogamy as acceptable because He apparently chose to withhold out-and-out judgment for it in the Old Testament is fallacious. He did this very thing for divorce, according to Scripture (Mark 10:1-12) . Furthermore, we’re instructed to rejoice all-around because God “does not treat us as our sins deserve.” (Psalm 103:10)

            4) To say that polygamy was God’s ideal would be to ignore the preponderance of scripture that suggests otherwise. As one example of this, consider the fact that marriage, when having its nature, or the aspects of its nature, defined within scripture, always has its male and female participants mentioned in the singular, with no other allowance of prescription given. As another, consider the fact that, within both the Old and New Testaments, when positions of authority and their qualifications were enumerated, monogamy is listed rather than polygamy (Deuteronomy 17, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1).

            We could keep going here, but I think this is sufficient to make the point clear about Scripture’s position on this without dissolving into an out-an-out argument, which isn’t going to anyone any good.

        • Zack

          2 thoughts: 1) My apologies if “righteous zeal” came across as negative. I didn’t intend for it to. Righteous zeal can be a very good thing.

          2)I didn’t miss your point, I just disagree that Jesus’ mission was about an intellectual debate over who is right and wrong. I think Jesus’ primary was redemption and that as his followers our energy is best spent on extending that redemption to the world. To borrow from my former pastor, I don’t think it’s our mission to defend God or the truth of God. I think our mission is to incarnate that truth through acts of love, grace, mercy, healing, forgiveness, etc.

          I guess at the end of the day, I don’t understand why it matters if others trash the faith. It’s not as if arguing with them will somehow get them to “see the light”. As your example from Matthew 10 points out, according to Jesus, our response to such persecution is not to “stand and fight” but to shake the dust off our sandals and walk away.

          • Brian

            1) Apology accepted. It’s difficult to express all the nuances of communication through the written medium, after all.

            2) I didn’t say anything about intellectual debate. Jesus’ mission was, indeed, a mission of redemption. This does not negate the fact, however, that we’re involved in spiritual warfare, and are called, as soldiers of Christ (Ephesians 6), to wage war against Satan and his schemes. This isn’t about intellectual war; it’s about Satan’s scheming to shift souls into accepting a belief system that stands against what’s found in Scripture. That battlefield is the soul here, not human intellect. God needs no defense, but He does, indeed, call us to stand for Him and His truth in the face of Satan’s assaults, and being that this world is Satan’s domain, he’ll use the methods and means of this world to carry out those assaults.

            3) No one’s espousing arguing with anyone through this, either. What arguing is going on through this demonstration? Absolutely none. Support is being shown for an organization and its leadership who sides with Biblical truth, not trying to argue someone into submission. Standing for truth doesn’t have to mean fighting pointless arguments. The two aren’t one and the same.

            4) The Matthew 10 scripture also points out that, as we stand for Scriptural truth as commanded, no matter what the form takes, the world, in its perception, is going to hate us regardless. However, as it says, we’re still called to do so, realizing that the world is going to hate us as it hated Him.

            5) “I guess at the end of the day, I don’t understand why it matters if others trash the faith?”

            From what I’ve read and observed, though, (and I say all of what follow in a calm, loving manner), this is the very thing you actually seem to be concerned about.

            You stated in your blog post that, ” I don’t want my gay friends to think I’m battling them or shoving anything in their face.” Why would this concern you, if not because you fear that, in their thinking you’re battling them, their perception of Christ and the faith we have in Him would be tarnished or harmed by “unintentionally sending the wrong message?”

            Isn’t that what’s behind your concern over this point? Their perception of the body of Christ? If not, the only other thing it could be would concern over their perception of you, rather than Christ.

            Clearly, we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this point, to an extent. I can say that we both agree that displaying Christ’s love to our fellow man is our calling as believers. However, where we seem to disagree is on the fact that we’re also called to stand for Biblical truth *in* that love, and that the stand for Biblical truth, when conducted properly, with the mind and attitude of Christ, is in and of itself and act of love and concern for the eternal welfare of this world’s inhabitants.

            God bless!

          • Don Barbee

            Wow! You know what the beauty of this whole discussion back forth is? Each of you gentlemen is respectfully disagreeing with the other while presenting your viewpoint! No name calling…no trashing the others view. It’s very hard to do this with those who cling to the leftist views. And yet when we stand for what we believe…what is important to us…what is in our hearts…WE are the ones who are intolerant.

            Yet you fellas today have shown, as well as, most all the posts on this string, a great tolerance for differing viewpoints. Thank you for the politeness. I really tire of all the screetching. For me today was not about being against gays, although I do not agree with the gay lifestyle, it was about supporting someone who believes in traditional marriage like I do.

            I did not make to a restaurant today, but I support those who felt it right to show support for Mr Cathy.

        • Matt

          Brian, excellent post. I saw this article linked on a friend’s FB page and I came here to reply to the author telling him I disagreed…but you’ve very eloquently communicated exactly what my thoughts are. Thank you!

        • JR

          I appreciate and thank you for your tact and approach in addressing this. I am saddened by the lack of continued dialogue about the issues and truth you present, but am not surprised. We live in a time where people are so quick to judge, “perceiving” they have all the correct information. God does not call us to stand on out own understanding though, but to continually help point people to The [HIS] Truth. I hope and pray Zack’s eyes may be opened through the conversation piece he presented today!

        • Melia

          I understand that you are trying to justify the “unintended consequence” of yesterday’s “buycott” by comparing it to Jesus “infuriating Jewish religious leaders”… Correct? I think the key words here are “religious leaders”. I don’t remember Jesus ever doing anything to alienate sinners. Yes, He showed them the error of their ways, but He did so after befriending them, showing them love and compassion, and therefore, earning their trust. I don’t believe Christians as a whole have done anything to earn trust from the gay community. And until you earn respect and trust from someone, how can you expect them to give any credibility to your beliefs?

          And as for the “defending free speech” argument, I will leave you with this scripture.

          “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”(Romans 12:14–21).

  • http://www.braintarts.wordpress.com MichaelL65

    Dan Cathy’s comments are just one part of the equation in this. Chick-Fil-A also actively supports organizations such as Exodus International, a so called “pray the gay away” organization. Reparative therapy does not work. Such organizations have caused more harm for gays and lesbians.

    • Brian
    • Brooksie

      I am just sick of everything I buy having an underlying political agenda. I eat at Chic-fil-a for the food….not for the agenda. It is his money – I got give two poops what he does with HIS money. I also eat at places that I know support the Mafia, the Hindu, the Jew, the Egyptian, and the Muslim communities! Hell, everything you buy comes from China – does that make me a communist? No! Everyone just needs to relax and quit making this something that it is not.

  • http://www.lepkeautotrans.com tobias

    I like the post and totally agree with the church needing to be more loving towards the GLBT community. However, I disagree with your perspective on the support Chickfilet idea. I don’t see it as Christians trying to stick it to the GLBT community, I see it as the church not letting one of their brothers get bullied by the GLBT. It is definitely the left that is trying to bash anyone who is sticking to a biblical world view. I have seen so many interviews with Christians where the host will go completely off topic to ask the Christian what their stance is on gay marriage just to give them a chance to attack their beliefs. There comes a point where you have to say enough is enough.

  • Greg

    I agree that this is all about one’s freedom of speech. However, Mr. Cathy spoke his beliefs and convictions and is being persecuted for it.

    Did you know that – up until June 2012 – President Obama was for traditional (man/woman) marriage? No one from the gay/lesbian communities spewed hate speech towards him. But, because the owner of a Christian fast food company – which has ALWAYS been up front and honest about their beliefs, and has remained closed EVERY Sunday – is asked a simple question about what he believes, it’s like he’s being fed to a pack of angry wolves.

    My question to you, Zack, is this. If you’re not supporting Chick-fil-A because you don’t want to offend your gay/lesbian friends by making them think you’re attacking them or shoving anything in their face, how is not standing up for your Christian beliefs showing them the love of Jesus?

    Wouldn’t Jesus want you to stand up for what you believe in? He did…

    • Zack

      “Wouldn’t Jesus want you to stand up for what you believe in?”

      No disrespect intended, and I mean that sincerely, but “standing up for what you believe” is a lot more American, than it is particularly Christian. The call to “stand up for beliefs” is about trying to prove who is right or wrong. As I said in the post, for Christianity the battle over truth has already been fought and won. If Matthew 25 is any guide, then no, I don’t think Jesus particularly cares about us standing up for theological tenets or ideological claims. I think he wants us to embody his love and grace to a lost and dying world.

      • Brian

        If Matthew 10, Mark 13, John 15, and Ephesians 6, among others, are any guide, then yes, Jesus cares a great deal about us standing and fighting the spiritual battle. Again, showing love and standing for Biblical truth are not mutually exclusive principles, nor does one cancel out the other.

        • Kristi

          Brian: I hate to cause even more debate, BUT, your posts are actually proving Zach’s point. Reading the post, writing a response that you don’t agree and moving on is one thing, but arguing about scripture and its interpretation to make your beliefs right is exactly what he is trying to say we shouldn’t do as Christians. Everyone sees scripture, religion and shoot, the entire world differently. So quoting scripture to prove him wrong is proving him right. Just my opinion. I don’t agree with many stances here, but that’s what is so amazing about the human race, we are entitled to that. And I am enjoying seeing everyone’s point of view-even the ones I don’t agree with. Its what makes the world go round.

          • Brian

            Far from arguing, I’m going beyond the surface level of “I disagree” to actually explain *why* I believe what I believe. The point of anything I’ve posted isn’t to prove anyone right or wrong, but to point out what is I believe and show why, Scripturally, I stand by those statements.

            If I were arguing for the sake of arguing, my posts would be peppered with a blatantly nasty tone, and I think (and hope) that a look over what I’ve had to say this evening would show otherwise, because that was my intention.

            Arguing is one thing, but stating your positing and backing it up is entirely another. We’re told in Scripture to be ready, with gentleness and respect, to give a reason for the hope we have (1 Peter 1:15). That’s exactly what I’ve tried my best to faithfully do here.

        • Jodi

          Thank you for your well thought out and scripturally supported comments, Brian.

      • Paige

        If standing up for what you believe “is a lot more American, than it is particularly Christian,” how do you explain Christian martyrs from all over the world since the time of Christ? Were they not standing up for what they believed, and did they not suffer the consequences for it?

        That being said, I hate the “us” v. “them” mentality in every arena of debate, and I think you do too, Zack. I think your post really was trying to express that you didn’t want the Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day to create more division among the VARIOUS views of homosexuality, same sex marriage, etc. I emphasize “various” because there really are not two sides–homosexuals v. Christians. Within those two CATEGORIES are a variety of views, and the us v. them mentality is not only divisive but erroneous.

        But another problem is that, to an extent, I see an us v. them argument about Christians in your post, Zack–the Christians who love the homosexual community enough not to eat at Chick-fil-a and the Christians who do not. I do not think it was the intention of your heart, but I see some judgmental statements about why your brothers and sisters in Christ ate at Chick-fil-a today. As several before me have posted, the “shove it in the enemies’ faces” was not the motive of many people who ate there today, but I do not see any concession on your part that that might be the case. Additionally, I have two concerns about some of the wording in your post (they are, by the way, problems that many of us have when we write passionately): 1) where is the love for your brothers and sisters in your post? where is the concession that at least some of them had their hearts in the right place and were trying to be Christlike in a different way than you are trying to be Christlike by not eating there? 2) where in your post is a fundamental element of logical argument–the use of words like “some,” “many,” “a few,” etc. to clarify that you know not all Christians who ate there today had unloving motives? I am just afraid that some of these errors in argument are creating more division . . . you may not have had such passionate and defensive replies to your original post if you had included these types of concessions.

        I thank God that we live in a country that has freedom of speech, but I think that we all need to be careful how we express ourselves with our speech. This reply took me a long time to write because I wanted to be careful that I was not being judgmental or unloving to anyone through my words; I read, reread, revised, edited, and reread some more! :) Christians are called to a high standard when we speak–Proverbs and the book of James are full of warnings about the sinfulness of our tongues.

        I am a sinner saved by Grace, and my tongue is one of the parts of my life that leads me to sin the most. Despite my many efforts to write this reply in a Christlike way, I may have not done so. If that is the case, I ask your forgiveness and ask that you try to understand the heart of your sister in Christ.

      • Marc

        Here is the truth about standing up for yourself.

        Psalm 144:1 and 2
        (1) Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.
        (2) He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me

        Did all that change when Jesus came to earth? Did God stop asking His people to fight evil, and did He stop helping them in battle? We assert that God still wants people to fight evil, and still helps them win. To understand Scripture, we must realize that unless God clearly changes a commandment He has given, it is still to be believed and obeyed. And we see no revision of God’s commands to protect oneself, participate in the protection of society, or go to war to protect one’s nation.

        Some people may disagree, saying that Jesus taught us to love our enemies (Matt. 5:44), turn the other cheek (Matt. 5:39), and warned us that, “all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matt. 26:52). But these verses do not refer to protecting one’s life, family, or nation. Jesus loved his enemies too, but he loved them by giving them every conceivable chance to turn from evil; he did not “love” them by letting them harm the innocent, for that would not be love. We saw above that when evil people refuse to take advantage of the loving opportunities they are given to turn from their wicked ways, Jesus will one day kill them to protect society. God loves His enemies too, and even gives them blessings, knowing that it is His kindness that might lead them to repentance (Rom. 2:4. But when the wicked do not respond to His love, and are a danger to the innocent, God will fight against them just as He has in the past, and the final end of the wicked and unrepentant will be His throwing them into the fires of Gehenna (Rev. 21:8).

  • Lydia

    I really do not think it is about gay rights or not. To me and many that I know are supporting the one who made the comment, Mr. Cathy. Not because of what he said but that he has a right to say it! He was being boycotted for it and I have seen many companies ruined because of it.
    It is sad and scary that it is perceived as gay bashing. One has the right to believe either way! And love the other!!!

    I don’t for a minute believe t that Jesus was not in your face to prove a point! For loves sake he died on the cross! And rose again!!! It is about supporting a man who could of lost it because of his beliefs. Seriously who knows who. is right for sure! We are all are imperfect pro gay marriage, pro traditional marriage. JUST respect each other’s right to decide, Jesus did! Both sides should be able to support chick-Fil-A or not without worrying the other will condemn them!

  • tthatc

    mr cathy and everyone else has a right to his views. i won’t eat at chick fil a anymore because it just wasn’t a smart business move. as a business owner, that serves the community, you want to be inviting to everyone in that community. why would people that support equality and gay marriage give their patrionage to a business that’s going to turn around and give some of that money to people that are trying to oppress them? BAD BUSINESS

  • http://therockstardevotional.blogspot.com/ Clint Hall

    Good post.

    I’m a huge proponent of voting with your dollars. If you choose to eat at Chick-fil-A today as a show of support for free speech, freedom of religion, or support for faith-based businesses, I’m totally with you on that.

    However, if we desire a unified display of what it means to be followers of Christ, perhaps we could also choose a path of love and generosity. There are people around the world who don’t care about political statements because they are unable to feed themselves and their children.

    Today, in addition to buying a chicken sandwich, perhaps we could also donate to feed the hungry. Imagine the impact of every Christian who is currently cramming into a Chick-fil-A parking lot similarly flooding the needy with love and generosity. I will be doubling what I spent on lunch today in a donation to Atlanta Union Missions. I pray that others may do the same.


  • Deena Peterson

    I must be in a very small minority. I didn’t see this as an ‘in-your-face’ movement. I thought the point of Chick-Fil-A day was to stand with a brother and his business as it comes under fire for stating a belief. Everyone else in America can state his/her belief on the subject. Why does being a business owner take away the right to free speech. And why is supporting a business that expresses a moral belief that you hold true to shoving it in someone’s face? Am I being disrespectful to unbelievers and those who support homosexual marriage if I eat there tomorrow? The next day? If I decide to give my business to support Chick-Fil-A to keep them in business?
    And since when is defining marriage as it has always been defined ‘oppressing’ someone? The debate has gotten so blurred, heated and hateful that everyone strikes out…and that is definitely NOT Jesus. And I believe Jesus would eat at Chick-Fil-A just to show love to Mr. Cathy…and He wouldn’t care what people thought.

  • tthatc

    denying people that love each other marriage and equal rights is oppression. two people that love each other is moral…not immoral. being so narrow minded that just because someone’s love is different from your own, or just different period, is immoral. love is love…..a business that gives it’s money to organizations that want to deny people equal rights can do so, they have every right, but a consequence is going to be that there are a lot of people who won’t want to give you business anymore.

  • James

    Zack, I love your article and agree with you. I did eat at
    Chickfila today to support them, however, I believe that of Chickfila really wanted to show their Biblical stance then they would offer free meals to those staging the sit-in on Friday. What better way to show love than by offering a sign of peace. Sounds silly, but would definitely be the Christ-like attitude that you are describing.

    • txgirl

      Just a side note….a friend of mine in Oklahoma witnessed the manager of CFA taking food and drinks out to the protesters on the corner. They held signs that said “I Hate Chick-fil-A’ while they held CFA cups in the other hand. THAT is showing Christ-like love.

  • Shawn

    Finally, you wrote something worth reading. :) You just can’t seem to stray to far from your liberal tendencies. I blame YALE!! I for one can dig what you are saying, however I am going to fill my other cheek with this tasty chicken. 1st it’s the 10 Commandments posted in some court house, then it’s a cross at some random veterans memorial… It’s a pattern of non acceptance from our brothers & sisters on the left. Christianity IS “The Last Acceptable Prejudice”. At some point you have to stand up and say NO! So America, EAT MORE CHICKEN. That is all this is Zack. Quit trying to make it something it is not. However, I saw this post on one of my Uber-Liberal Friends Facebook page, so bravo! Mission accomplished Zack. Mission Accomplished.

    • Zack

      I love you Shawn :)

      • Shawn

        I love you too Zack. Let’s go to CFA today & make out!

  • Jules

    I ate there and I also ordered from Amazon and had a Starbucks. Uh, oh. Guess I’m conflicted? Your “shove it in their face” statement is simply your view and doesn’t reflect that of others. Life is simple, Gods word is not difficult to understand. Are you looking for a reason not offend the homosexual community? Jesus loved all but He was very bold in dealing with sin. If we are to be Christ-like, I think Jesus would want us to be vocal in a loving way in regard to The Holy Word.

    • Stacey

      You are accurate, his view is his and doesn’t reflect everyone. But I agree with his view, strongly. And yes Jesus was very bold in dealing with sin. He also stated that sin is sin, there isn’t less-bad sin or more-bad sin. “Whoever looks at a woman with lust in her eyes has alread committed adultery with her”. How can people be so contradictory?

  • Nicole

    This sums up my thoughts pretty well. I grew up a town over from the Cathy’s. I live in Chicago now and when a CFA finally opened here, I bought dinner for my workplace. I love it, all my friends know I love it. I think the Cathys and the company are pretty cool. I made no effort to get there today. When I can enjoy my nuggets in peace without ppl thinking I’m being political, I’ll go back.

    And the southern friends on my fb are embarrassing and saddening me with their “take that!” attitude. It’s not love. It looks nothing like love.

    • Amy J.

      but I see you have no problem lumping an entire geographical region into one category of ideology and looking down your nose at them. that’s definitely love.

      • Josh

        Maybe she said that because Chick-fil-A is pretty much only located in the south?

    • Brian

      I totally agree that those displaying a rotten attitude throughout this are really off-base. It’s saddening, no doubt.

  • Chris

    Not shoving it in anyone’s face. Calmly, rationally, publically supporting what I believe in. Jesus would, too.

    And btw, Jesus wasn’t always this calm, quiet, meek man. Read one sentence in the bible…. John 2:15 and it’s evident.

    I didn’t see any overturned tables at Chik-Fil-A today…. just calm, happy, smiling people, exercising free speech.

  • http://www.mommysfreetime.com Emmi

    Amen! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Melanie Ledet

    Thank You! You made me see this in a different light.

  • Rosemary

    Everyone that I ate with today was a very happy, quiet bunch of people, and I ate with a BUNCH of people. My purpose was trying to support my Christian brother who was really catching it in the media and elsewhere. He was only standing on biblical principles, which is what I hope and pray we all would do as Christians. When we don’t we let our savior down.

  • Joshua Heard

    My motive for eating a chic fil a was to show my support for Biblical principles. Has nothing to do with me against gays. How could someone say they are a Christian and not have love for and acceptance for everyone? Having said that, the cross beckons and calls everyone to repentance. The alcoholic must live a repented lifestyle, so does the child molester, the compulsive liar, the murderer, the adulteress, the envious, and so own. The Bible is the authority in our lives and there is no comformising truth. Therefore the homosexual must repent and refrain from same sex acts just as much as the adulterer must only sleep with the man or woman whom he or she is married to.( heterosexualy speaking)I am not on a soap box. I have my struggles and Gods grace has given me victory over a lot of sinful habits. Hey, American Jesus says dont stand for anythingif it offends. Acts 2:38 has the question what must we do changed? The the answer hasn’t. Read it!

  • K Heier

    I understand your perspective; however, I don’t view it as shoving anything in their enemies faces. I see it as showing encouragement to someone who is being persectued unjustly. It is not unloving to have a day where people show their support. This seems like a very loving peacful way to demonstrate that Christians will stand up for their values without being hateful.

    It is also important that we do not forget that sometimes love means that there are consequences for people’s actions. If Christians sit back and never take a stand because someone might think it’s not loving then we will not be following biblical principles.

  • Luke

    It is so ignorant for someone to say I have gay friends, they shouldn’t get married though. Well who are u after all we came from straight people. Sorry if you didn’t create someone who can love unconditionally, how ignorant is that. The vast majority of gay people have been called faggot, dyke, lesbo, tinker bell, queer by straight people so u should be happy u were right. However, you are the ones now who can’t keep your husband or wife at home, cause your love is dead, you take your child’s dad to court for more child support. The laws change my friends or so called friends. Remember this, you will be served at restaurants by gay people as well as being responsible to save your life in case you are dying, teaching your children in school, gym and all. Personally the ones who have abused those rights are always straight married men and women. BTW I believe in God as well and he supports me this whole life and yours also, so quit doing his work I will as well. Everyone needs to breathe relax and realize you were created by our Lord and he does the judging. My point is the more hate you throw the more you get back. We should meet in the middle and accept ourselves for who we are and what we can become. Anyways did we ever think about putting all US flags at half mass when he incident died in the theater in Colorado. We all forget how we banded through 9-11 now look at our country nothing but hate from every angle. On my side too. Life comes and goes. This is only trial ground. Peace comes after. Sorry for the long message. I apologize for my comments about straight people. Our Lord will have the answers!

  • ben

    Yes love them regardless but do we ever let them know that being gay is sin just like lying and adultery but I don’t think same sex should be married because God made us to belong to the opposite sex. He took the rib from Adam and put it in Eve we are not suppose to be attracted to the same sex but because of sin some of us are. Everybody doesn’t support my views but I can’t protest about it why? Because this is America so people can believe wateva they want no matter what I think but how come when somebody doesn’t want to support gay marriage we get stoned for it? I don’t think that’s fair so much for equality

  • Connor

    I do not believe that it is shoving anything in their faces. Chick-fil-a received a lot of hate from many people over its presidents decision, and the way I see it, going to Chick-fil-a today is a way of saying, “we believe you did the right thing” and “we support you”. Its just some encouragement from the community. Now if you want to see examples for shoving anything in the face of gay people, just wait for the anti-protests that are bound to happen on Friday.

  • http://i-35churchofchrist.org Toby Long

    “Keep it Lite!”
    By Dennis L. Scroggins

    We want to please people in order to gain their love and respect. It is only natural that individuals would want to make the best impression upon everyone they meet so that they might be acceptable to all.

    Jesus’ disciples were disturbed by the bold statements Jesus had made to the Pharisees: “Know you not that they were offended when they heard these sayings?” (Matthew 15:12) Jesus’ disciples were not convinced of the need for pointing out the hypocrisy of the Pharisees’ judgments. Could you envision the disciples thinking, “Why didn’t you keep it lite? Why did you have to go there? Why couldn’t you have been friendlier?” Yet, we see that Jesus was not name-calling, demonizing an opponent or being unfriendly when charging the Pharisees with being hypocrites with their judgments.

    Our Brethren in the 21st century are being persuaded by false preachers who appeal to their feelings instead of appealing to Biblical standards found in the word of God. Our Brethren today do not see the need for exposing the darkness in the Brotherhood, nor do they see the need for plainly pointing out sin in the lives of fellow Christians. Ephesians 5:11

    Sadly, Brethren do not see the need for marking false teachers, nor do they seek a Bible answer for the issues confronting Christians today. Romans 16:17-18; Philippians 3:17-19; 2 Peter 2:1-3

    We now see “church discipline” being dismissed as ineffective or a self-serving action by those that subscribe to human wisdom versus the application of “book, chapter, and verse” from the Bible. No longer do Brethren regard the pattern of sound words found in New Testament teachings as being authoritative or necessary for faithfulness to God. 2 Timothy 1:13

    Who is really following Jesus today? Who is “abiding in the teachings of Christ?” 2 John 9-11 Why is fellowship being decided more in accordance with a person’s popularity in the place of scriptural soundness? One can truly see the decline of the number of churches belonging to Christ.

    The devil will rule over a church if its members remain silent and take no action concerning the guilt of those among them who transgress the teachings of Christ. How long can a local church think that it belongs to Christ when it looks more and more like the world round about them with each passing day? Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 5:11; James 4:4; 2 John 9-11

    The subject fellowship has long been a thorny one. The advent of large and financially successful congregations entices preachers to avoid the subject of fellowship altogether. Security and lucrative reputations in the brotherhood continue to be tools of the devil that silence the mouths of those who should be preaching the whole counsel of God with reproof, rebuke and exhortation. Acts 20:27; 2 Timothy 4:2-4

    No one will be thought of as “Loving”, “Understanding”, “Longsuffering” or “Kind” if they continue to speak out against sin in these local churches. Sermons that clearly point out the worldly life styles of individual Christians will not be tolerated in the name of “tolerance.” (And what do you think will happen to those preachers who continue to point out the false teachers and what is happening in the Brotherhood?)

    We hear the demonizing of faithful gospel preachers by those that would “win friends and influence enemies.” We can hear these false brethren when they engage in name calling. They mock those standing for the truth of the gospel by using names such as “Watchdogs” , “Legalistic”, “Pharisaical”, “Unloving”, “Unmerciful”, “Unkind” and last but not least, “Judgmental!” 2 Timothy 3:12; Ephesians 5:11

    When Brethren “love to have it so” because they are set “only for the defense” of those preachers that tell them what they love to hear, how could they see the problems that continue to grow in the Brotherhood? How could Jesus remain the Head of His Church in a local place when Brethren act this way? Ephesians 1:21-22; Colossians 1:18

    What can be done to stop this evil practice and movement of those belonging to the evil one? Is it possible to overthrow so much evil that has been perpetrated against faithful Christians who continue to stand their ground upon the solid foundation of God’s word the Bible? Yes, it is possible. 1 Corinthians 4:6; 2 John 9-11; Jude 3

    Brethren, including preachers, are in complete denial when they paint the “Hell, Fire, and Brimstone” preachers with the broad brush of “extremism” or as “those trying to make a name for themselves in the Brotherhood!” These things are happening because Brethren have grown weary with having to make any decisions. Hebrews 5:11-14 Our Brethren have grown weary in the fight for the truth which was once for all delivered to the saints. Jude 3

    Where do these Brethren come from who resist the use of scriptures or deny the need of scriptural patterns? Who are these Brethren that accept those who deny the discipline of the Lord? They are the ones who have given up on a unity based upon the word of God! 1 Corinthians 1:10; Ephesians 4:1-3

    What will turn this situation around in our generation? This situation will turn around when “supposed” preachers of the gospel of Christ begin to go back to the Bible and stop viewing their self-promotional speeches as gospel sermons.

    This situation will turn around when preachers of the gospel of Christ once again fear the Lord God more than Brethren. Preachers must learn they are not just preaching for Brethren; they are preaching for the Lord. We will only see a change when our Brethren go back to the “Old Paths” as spoken by the prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah 6:16-17

    May God help us all to go back and truly speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent! Colossians 3:17; Revelation 22:18-19

  • Mike

    Like you said, Jesus ate with the people who persecuted him and that in the same sense, that’s what should be done here and I do agree. But like what is happening here in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and others are completely against and fighting Chik-fil-a from opening up another restaurant in the Logan Square area. So now its not even a chance to “eat with those persecuting you” because they are being stubborn and trying to make their own point

  • Chavis

    Simply, I do not eat at chick-fil-a because it financially supports the Exodus program which is abusive to children. I may not know where every dollar I spend at companies go, but when I find out they go to things like this, I stop giving them my money, period.

    • HeWhoIsLikeGod

      Thank you for pointing out the true issue here. This is not a “freedom of speech” issue and it never was. It’s a hate speech issue. The protests against Chick-Fil-A have nothing to do with Cathy or his Christian values or his freedom to express his beliefs. The protests are in response to the fact that Chick-Fil-A, through it’s “charitable” arm, the Winshape Foundation, has donated at least $5 million to organizations (including a certified hate group, the Family Research Council) that, among other things, depict gay people as pedophiles, want to make “gay behavior” illegal, and even say gay people should be “exported” out of America.

      As Brian pointed out above, Exodus International has finally stopped using so-called reparative therapy on gays. And I emphasize finally because the Exodus ministry was formed in 1976. How much psychological damage was inflicted on young people (many of whom killed themselves or sought solace in drugs or alcohol to cope) in the years between then and the time they stopped preaching “change”?

      And all in the name of Christ.

      And, since at least the early 2000s, funded in part by Chick-Fil-A.

      Just as Chick-Fil-A still funds FRC, Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage. All groups who, again, in the name of Christ, work to shame and dehumanize their neighbors. Their fellow man.

      • George Bailey

        It is the Southern Poverty Law Center who categorized these organizations as hate groups. The SPLC is one of the greatest purveyors of hate today and they are deeply engrossed with the militant homosexual activist. Considering the SPLC’s close alliance makes their categorization of hate groups extremely suspect.

        As for the Family Research Council having received a lot of money from the Chick Fil A Family, a recent article in the Christian Post clarifies that the FRC has only received $1,000 from the foundation started by the Chick Fil A family. So, you may want to double check your sources when you claim millions have been donated to supposed “anti-gay” groups.

        The Winshape foundation has donated lots of money to many organizations, but very little of that money went to organizations you classify as “hate groups”, which again, you really should consider how that classification was developed. Having met many people associated with the FRC, they are fine examples of Christian love and show that love to all people.

    • Stacy

      I know. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow convince thousands of people to support you by giving you thousands of dollars? Why can’t people just verbally show their support? No, they must BUY something. The dollar is how we vote, speak, judge, live. But do any of us actually know where these dollars are going??

  • leslie gates

    How about supporting the company who had courage enough to speak their convictions and not back down. We need more companies like that and I will supoort them today and everyday:)

  • SM

    I agree with you that shoving anything in someone’s face isn’t the way to show the love of Christ. However, I do believe that Christians have become complacent and more “tolerable” (or more apathetic, whichever the case may be) as of late. Today was a wake up call to me to be bold and stand upon Biblical truths. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m taking today and really applying it in my heart. I don’t want to be a nominal Christian. I don’t want to just “turn the other cheek” to issues that are going on in the world that Jesus never did stand for. Even he got involved and turned the tables over in the temple when people were pretending to worship him in his own house. Sharing Christ’s love is more than just words; it’s putting those words in action.

    • SM

      Also, keep in mind this was not Chick-fil-As idea, nor did they commercialize it. It spread thanks to social media. :)

  • April

    We are not shoving it in their face. We are showing support for the company being persecuted for their beliefs. Chick-fil-a made a statement of faith and was mocked and boycotted because of it. Just as Christ declared that He is/was the Son of God and was mocked and ridiculed for that…. So should we just sit back with our hands in our lap to show love to the hypocrites that yell tolerance but do not show it. No we should show our LOVE by supporting the freedom to believe in Christ in the first place. The government and media are basically bullying Chick-fil-a because of their religious beliefs and I am not supposed to support them. You dont think that Jesus wouldn’t stand by someone expressing His will?? That is what we are doing.

  • http://uprootinganger.com Kay Camenisch

    I didn’t eat at Chick-fil-a today either, for two reasons. There is not one closer than at least 50 miles away and I choose not to wait in long lines for a sandwich. However, the next time I’m near a Ckick-fil-a and it’s lunch time I will make a point to stop and support a man and business that was unintentionally caught up in a fire-storm and was strong enough to stand by his convictions–even though they aren’t popular with a vocal minority. It has nothing to do with in-your-face to the opponents. It has everything to do with freedom of speech, tolerance for those who have convictions to support traditional family values, and a desire to stand with and encourage those who take a firm stand with love.

    Cathy did just that. He did not attack anybody. He simply stated his convictions when asked a question. Threats to keep him out of town and to shut him down are in-your-face attacks that were leveled against him–and against those who support him by buying his sandwiches.

  • Cathy

    I get Zack’s point. I don’t necessarily disagree. But I don’t think supporting Chick-Fil-A is necessarily “shoving down a chicken sandwich in your enemy’s face.” I have always supported Chick-fil-A every chance I get, for their Christian values – as a formal small business owner, I know how hard it is to close your business on Sundays. I admire their conviction and sacrifice. I know some ppl think it’s too much to make all this fuss over Chick-fil-A, giving them this “appreciation day.” But if you think about it, this is only in RESPONSE to the other side’s unfair and ungrounded ATTACK on them first. And this response was necessary.

    If the gay organizations and spokespersons simply expressed their disagreement and/or disappointment, as we are entitled to in this country with the freedom of speech, then I believe that Christians (I know I would have) would have gone about their own business. Those who support Chick-fil-A would have gone on supporting it, and those who don’t care for their food would have gone on not eating there – you know, business as usual.

    However, when they start BOYCOTTING Chick-fil-A and publicly denouncing them and calling them all kinds of names, including homophobic, evil, etc, that’s different. They were no longer expressing their opinions as a form of free speech, but it was hate speech and hateful action. They tried to RUIN Chick-fil-A business altogether. Mayors are trying to forbid Chick-fil-A restaurants from opening in their cities, others are calling for them to go out of business.. I mean, come on! Seriously? This is precisely why we Christians began to vehemently DEFEND Chick-fil-A. They could not fight this fight w/o our support, b/c the fight was so unfair and so ridiculous and vicious.

    I tried to go to Chick-fil-A today to show my support, but the lines were long and I had to leave. I don’t feel guilty or anything, b/c I know I will go there soon – maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. The point is to support them, whenever we can, not just today. But those who waited in those long lines patiently today, more power to you.

    Has it occurred to anyone that the Enemy always tries to divide and conquer, and he is so cunning that he takes every chance possible to divide us believers.. If we Christians start bickering over who is right, whether it is right or not to have an Appreciation Day for Chick-fil-A, who really wins?

    Let’s just support Chick-fil-A and the Cathy’s for their conviction and determination. Whenever we can. And if that’s not today for you, that’s okay. Period. Why argue about this?

  • J.R.

    The fascinating thing to me, and I am not referring to the original post, is how “American” the Jesus is in so many of the comments. It may not be a “conservative” Jesus, but don’t let your self-righteousness deceive your, it is equally American.

  • J.R.

    Also, considering that Jewish Jesus is going to send people into hell eternally (or is that just some crazy American notion?), I find Christians being bothered by folks eating sandwiches in the facae of their enemies trite.

  • J.R.

    Kay Camenisch, you make too much sense. You need tto have more American guilt.

  • Debbie M

    By eating at Chick-fil-A, I’m showing my love for them. :) I don’t think Jesus is upset with me for that. This isn’t about being in your enemies face; it’s about showing support for a company that is being unfairly attacked for having a different opinion that I just so happen to agree with. Plus, I like their chicken. :)

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  • C. King

    I agree completely with Monica. Today did not show a lack of love.

  • Don C

    Aren’t you a little hipster. This is about people standing up and saying “enough” to liberals. And please, if you want to blog, fix your microscopic fonts so people can read it.

    • SM

      Christ is Love. (and perhaps you should get glasses)

  • http://imtellinggod.wordpress.com Timothy D

    Could not agree more. And can’t help but add a little poignancy of my own with this recreation of The Last Supper.

  • ws

    If you feel that is what this day is for then you shouldnt partake. I see it as a way to ban wiyh Christian breatheren to support the attack on our relegion and beliefs. This was a statement to the secular side of our society that God still exists in our Country. And the Christians will stand up for our Brother when they are under attack.

  • ally woolley

    Hi Zach. You are very articulate, thank you for posting. In spite of your eloquent writings, people will still read from their own perspectives, which is what makes America special. We are all free to speak our minds and openly express our own opinions. I happen to agree with you.

  • TT1117

    You should definitely have tuned in listened to Mike Huckabee’s show today. He was the one who declared the “Appreciation Day”. I really think that you are missing the point and do not at all understand what today was about. This was not in any way, shape or form about shoving anything in anyone’s face. This was about standing up for our rights to share our beliefs. In this case – a Christian’s right to voice his Christian beliefs to a Christian publication without having public action called against him and apologies demanded of him. The majority of the people that I talked to in line today were not there to make a statement on gay marriage or homosexuality. They were there to support our rights as an American to voice our opinions. They were there to tell civic leaders that it is not okay to stop commerce because they do not agree with the personal views of the CEO of a certain company. When it becomes okay to only voice an opinion when it coincides with the opinions of the “majority” then we start to lose the very foundations on which this country was founded. Some may have viewed this as a “protest” of sorts, but it was a peaceful, loving, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
    As far as the battle already being fought and won – you are right, the ultimate battle for the souls of those who are Christians has been fought and won. But if you do not think there are still battles between right and wrong going on aournd us at all times then you need to really examine some of the things that are going in this country and the world right now. We as Christians are not supposed to become complacent and just sit back and let things happen. The Bible commands us to live our lives outwardly as Christians and sometimes that means taking a stand for what is Christian and Godly – even at the risk of “offending” our friends. Our approach in doing so however, most always be Christ centered and come from a place of love. I think if you had gone to a Chick Fil A today, that is exactly what you would have witnessed. As a Christian writer, I strongly encourage you to listen to some of the talk shows and really learn about some of the things that are going on politically right now. If we all took a passive approach, we may find one day that our grandchildren will not even be allowed to say that they are Christian. And while you may think that that is a drastic statement, I can assure you that there are people and organizations whose sole mission is just that – to rule out Christianity and religion.
    Having said all of this, I truly do respect the fact that you took the time to sit down and share your opinions with us today. You really forced me to think about some things. And it makes me so glad that we live in a country where any one of us can get online and express their opinions. At least for now. .

  • jerimiah

    Mr. Cathy only tried to voice an opinion and reach out to all.Oppressing the truth is worst thing we can do. It is arrogant to think we can go against god and not be punished.

  • jerimiah

    To those who think we are not being punished just look at the drought this nation is being hit by. We go against Gods Word we reap the curse.

  • Steve P

    It is too convenient for Christians to simply say this is about free speech. Christians should be sensitive to the perspective of others. And the perspective of many is that Christians are making a concerted effort to deny a basic civil right to homosexuals by their desire to pass state and federal constitutional amendments banning them from being married. Christians should vehemently opposed being pulled into a debate about would should be legally considered marriage. We wouldn’t be having this debate if Christians weren’t trying to meddle in the lives of others. If Christians steadfastly refused to mix politics and religion (as many did prior to the 1970s), then homosexuals wouldn’t immediately stop listening to what you have to say as soon as you mention you’re a Christian.

    • Bob Boogie

      Actually… a lot of Christians would be find with civil unions which would be ‘legal’ unions that would allow gay couples the same ‘rights’ as married couples. What Christians are opposed to is changing the definition of religious unions known as marriage, because that is based on God’s Word or scripture. God condemns the lifestyle, even if culture doesn’t. Gays won’t accept civil unions, they want people to give up or change their religious views.

      • HeWhoIsLikeGod

        But in America, marriage is a civil and a religious union. In fact, if you’ve ever heard a pastor/priest/minster/officiant say at the end of a wedding ceremony “And now, by the power vested in me by the state of [___insert name of your state here__]. That is the civil portion of the ceremony, the part that grants all the rights of marriage from the government. It is the line that separates the civil ceremony from the religious ceremony (that would be a line along the lines of “Now, by the power of God . . . “)

        Gays don’t have to get married in my church, but why would a civil ceremony at a justice of the peace then be illegal? It’s not a religious ceremony and therefor does not ask anyone to change their religious views.

        • Kolby

          In the United States, “marriage” is a civil construct, period. Religion only plays a part of it if you choose to be married in a church, temple or mosque. And there is a marked difference between civil unions and marriages. Civil unions do not carry the same rights and responsibilities for spouses that marriages do. Yes – rights. The gay marriage issue is one of a group of citizens of this nation being denied what most of us take for granted as a right. I think the point, for me, is that this isn’t and should not be a religious issue, because the Constitution is what determines our rights as citizens of this nation. Not the Bible. It’s important for us to be able to make distinctions between what we believe for ourselves and what is *right* when it comes to the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ourselves and our fellow citizens.

  • DJ

    People need to realize that the chick-fil-la support is not just about not supporting homosexuals. It is about our freedom of speach and and what we are about to lose if we do not take a stand as Americans as well as Christians.

  • Alisha

    I do not believe that the instigators of CF Day were acting in hate or a we will show gays way. I believe that, after we did not stand strong enough to keep prayer in schools, that they did not want to see this business oppressed because they were bold enough to reply with honesty. So many tiptoe around their beliefs and it is sad.
    I did not see the whole interview, only what the media wanted us to see. I would assume and pray that while CF stands on Biblical principles, that they do not refuse to employ someone because of their sexual orientation. That would be like closing the Church doors to the unsaved.
    I stand on the same Principle regarding marriage, proudly, but also with Christlike Love. Anyone who was acting out of hate for homosexuals should be ashamed. But those who were saying “we will not be oppressed” WAY TO GO!

  • Bob Boogie

    Jesus saved the woman from being stoned to death…. but also told her to “go and sin no more.” If sin separates us from God and eventually leads us to hell, telling someone their sinful behavior is wrong is actually one of the most loving things you can do, just as Jesus did.

  • Pratt

    I’m confused about your comment:

    ” Jesus’ responses when he was persecuted or when he saw others persecuted.

    He ate with them, talked peaceably with them, healed them, defended them, and when that didn’t work, he died for them.”

    I don’t recall ever reading about Jesus eating with the Pharisees. I would not characterize his recorded comments to the Pharisees as “peaceful”, and I certainly never recall Jesus defending their version of Judaism. I also recall Him making quite a scene at the temple due to the money-changers. Quite intolerant of Him, no?

  • Bob Boogie

    Jesus loved the person and hated the sin, which is why he told the lady he saved from a stoning to “go and sin no more.” It can be a very loving thing to be intolerant of a sinful lifestyle if that lifestyle will separate them from God.

    • Steve P

      Everyone loves to think themselves holier than everyone that disagrees with them. You’ve got your interpretation and others have a different one. Who is right? That is what grace is all about. Bob, your sin is just as bad, just as horrible as any homosexuals, specifically because you think you’re are somehow holier. You’re not. You may be saved, but it isn’t your actions that saved you, it was Christ’s actions. We live in a country of excesses. Fat Christians walk in and out of our Churches, even though their gluttony is every bit as bad as homosexuality. We all live in sin. We can pray to God to reveal areas of sin to us. Note that “revealing” it usually means “realizing” that something we never considered (or even flat out disagreed as a sin) was actually a sin after all.

      • Stacey

        Thank you Steve, I totally agree. It makes me sad that so many Christian pick and choose what to take from the Bible stating, “It’s the Word of GOD, it says it in the Bible”. Well, yea… so are a lot of other things that Christians are totally ok with (tatoos, being fat, thinking of someone as attractive, Talking back to your parents, and so on). Such contradiction.

  • http://www.catinajanearts.com catina jane

    i cannot thank you enough for writing this!! well said!!! and finally something about this issue that makes sense to me!

  • Bob Boogie

    This blog post is a political viewpoint wrapped in Christian paper. It changes Jesus’ ways and teachings to fit a political ideology. Jesus loved people and had to die because of the sinful lifestyles they choose to lead. He would never be tolerant of sinful lifestyles even while loving the people. Political leftist ideology has it all backwards.

    • Steve P

      Bob, see my comment above, but you’re the one that has it wrong. Jesus died to free as from the old testament law. Specifically because people were using it to elevate themselves above others. Sadly, we continue to do this by assuming that others are living in sin while we ourselves are not. We are all living in sin. The phrase “go and sin no more” is about the path of self discovery – learning those sinful areas of our own lives that need improvement. It isn’t a verse that we should use to puff ourselves up. By focusing on homosexuals as “living in sin” we’re not only ignoring the plank in our own eyes, but we’re ensuring they never care about a single thing that comes out of a Christians mouth.

  • Jamie

    I agree with Ben and Monica. Very nicely written article but my going to Chick fil A was not a slap in any person’s face unless freedom of speech offends you. It’s not about ‘hate’. He didn’t go on Fox News or CNN – Mr. Cathy was being interviewed by a Christian publication and just answered a question. We just responded to a call for people to boycott his business. I go to an establishment owned by a gay man…he hires what appears to be only gay men….it’s my choice to go there or not and my eating there does not ‘endorse’ his life-style any more than me loving my family members endorses their choices. I happen to be vegan and I’m offended daily by what people eat and wear…but it’s their choice. and just for the record…I’m looking forward to what you say about ‘kissing the same sex’ day on Friday in front of Chick fil A…will you be as quick to judge them as you were us?

  • Sugar

    It seems that one of the biggest problems that people on the Christian center/right have is not with those struggling with sin in their lives. Most of us readily recognize it in ourselves and hate it in our lives even when we like it. For many, the problem becomes when people celebrate their sin openly acting as if it’s something to take “pride” in. We deal OK for the most part when people come for help or deal in their own private lives.

    However, when people like Mr. Cathy get threats against their business from both governments and organizations for openly believing as we do that’s harder to take. We want to show some kind of solidarity, even if it’s in the feeble form of an overpriced chicken sandwich. We want to say, “you mean to hurt this business because of the founders beliefs, we will help it.” It seems to me that this is mostly just about helping a brother out.

  • http://www.twiceasloved.wordpress.com April

    I like your post. I also blogged a small bit about the same subject today. http://www.twiceasloved.wordpress.com

  • Rene

    I think there a little confusion . Today is not about Jesus. It is about free speech.

  • Andy

    This point everybody is missing here is that there were a ton of other productive things that Christians could have done today other than eat an unhealthy meal at a fast food restaurant. It’s not about freedom of speech. It’s not about supporting a company with good values. Chik-fil-a does quite well. They won’t be hurt by any protest. Any intelligent person knows what the context of Mr. Cathy and Huckabee’s comments were. If you ate there today, regardless of what your intentions were you went knowing that as a whole it would be misrepresented and you would have no voice as an individual. That is what made your choice wrong. People died at the hands of true evil in a theatre last week and God’s soldiers got a little fatter today instead.

  • R

    I absolutely disagree with this! Jesus is proud for Christians taking a stand and not being ashamed. He said “deny me and I will deny you before my Father”. Because I ate at Chic-fil-A 3 times today does NOT mean I have any hatred at all against homosexuals. I love them and pray for them daily. Because I ate at Chic-fil-A 3 times today- it shows where I stand on the subject of marriage and also FREE SPEECH. I am thrilled that the CEO of Chic-fil-A was bold enough to express his beliefs that line up with the Word of God without fear of losing business or offending someone. I am thrilled we live in a country that anyone- business owner or not- can express these views and have millions of supporters! God Bless America!

  • Samantha

    Did any body eat Chick-fil-A today because they genuinely enjoy the chicken? On the opposite side, did you boycott Chick-fil-A today because you don’t like their chicken? This whole situation has been propelled out of control. Mr. Cathy simply stated his personal opinion and then ridiculous accusations were thrown at him which led to all of this mess. I don’t believe it was ever a money ploy although it probably made him a lot today. I may agree with the conservative side a little more than the liberal but what everyone really needs to do is be a little less sensitive and a little more loving of those around them.

  • katy

    thank you for this, zack. speaking as a member of the lgbt community, this is exactly how today felt to me. this whole week has broken my heart as i have been told again and again by people i thought were friends that i am oppressing them by failing to wholeheartedly accept their belief that i should not be able to get married as they have. i am oppressing them. i am intolerant. i am infringing on their freedom of speech. yet they retain the right to say and believe whatever they want, and i am the one who, because of their votes, cannot get married. i have only one life to live, and i would like to be able to commit myself to the person i love and live in a committed, life-long relationship like my straight friends get to do. it hurt me the most to read the comment here that we have an “agenda of hate.” quite literally, all we want is the freedom to get married. i can’t think of anything more centered around love. those of you who are religious will still be welcome and free to do whatever you want, say whatever you want, and believe whatever you want. most of us don’t belong to your religions anymore anyway.

    • Kolby

      Much love to you, katy.

  • Angelia Crane

    “Frankly, Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day just doesn’t seem very loving to me. It seems a lot more like a battle to prove who’s right and who’s wrong.” Zack Hunt

    Really? I am glad this sleeping giant is finally waking up! We are not just eating a chicken sandwich IT”S ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Oh, I see you want to patty cake for Jesus and sing “Cum Bye ya” So when the Government breaks down your door to take your freedoms away then you have no right to complain! You did your little peace and love stuff. Frankly, I am tired of the Government taking no longer inches but now thousands of feet of freedom away from us.
    I will not sit Idly by and watch out for my perfect little world. To stay all neat and tidy! I will stand for FREEDOM!!! I saw today thousands of people agree with me!

    • HeWhoIsLikeGod


      Can you please list what freedoms have been taken from you by the government? What are you not free to do? Specifics please.

      • katy

        yeah, i was wondering the same thing.

        • James

          Specifically, government officials (e.g. Mayor of Boston) stating that Chick-Fil-A is not welcome in their area because it’s CEO legally holds a particular stance on same-sex marriage and gives his money legally to organizations with a similar stance. His business cannot and should not be restricted based on his opinion or donation habits.

  • Brownie

    I’ve seen too many pics posted of the chaos, traffic jams, and lines at CFA followed by comments such as “Score one for the Christians,” “Ha, take that, GayLovers!,” “Your turn, homos,” etc. to not see the truth in this blog, sadly. I certainly understand and agree that Mr. Cathy had every right to say whatever he wants to say, just as people have every right to boycott, or to eat in support of. what most Christians are missing is that his statements are not the problem. The problem the gay community has is that CFA supports the anti-gay organizations and is proud of it! And, apparently, Christians are proud of it too! THAT is sad. Just as wrong, though, is a city telling someone not to bring their business there. Let them set up shop. People dont’ have to eat there. Both “sides” are wrong. But, the big picture is not about chicken, or even marriage. It’s about the “sin.” As the mother of a gay son whom I have watched grow up from day one with gay tendencies, I know that he did NOT CHOOSE to be gay. He was born this way. The error in thinking here is that it’s a choice to sin. It isn’t. So, my question is: Did God make a mistake with my son? Or did someone make a mistake in interpreting the Bible? CFA means nothing to me. People promoting hate toward my son means a great deal to me. I’m a Christian, and I’m the mother of a gay son. I used to believe homosexuality is a sin, a choice. I know now that it isn’t. Ignorance is bliss, until it affects a loved one. Hate breed hate. Children born gay are taking their lives because they can’t help how they feel, and they are being taught that they are messed up or that they will go to hell. This is abuse. This is much bigger than whether I eat chicken or not.

    • Jenny

      I agree. This is much bigger than chicken.
      If you are a Christian, and believe that God is the Creator, then why would He create your son gay? But in His Word say that homosexuality is a sin? God does not contradict himself. Also, there is no evidence that has been fully proven that there is gay gene found in people who choose to be gay.
      I am SO sorry for the hatred that is being shown to your son. No, I don’t believe God, Jehovah of the Bible, is pleased with how His followers are hating–and then doing it IN HIS NAME. That is wrong.
      Ignorance is not bliss. Sin is sin, no matter who is doing it and no matter what they are doing. Yes, Jesus loves, but we conveniently forget that God is known by another name: Judge. We all will be judged one day before him, and we will have no defense except the blood of Jesus and his forgiveness. God will not lower the bar for anyone, for then He ceases to be God. God’s word is true, it is consistent, and it alone is the foundation of the moral of the Christian. The wonderful news of the gospel is that we can be forgiven, and we can be saved! And THAT is the message we should concentrate on. God did love us so much that He sent His only son to die for our sins, so that we don’t have to die in our own sins. We can CHOOSE to accept that gift and CHOOSE to live the Christian life.
      I wish that I could record this so that i would be sure you heard my tone of voice. I do not want to condemn, but to encourage. There is hope and life! And His name is Jesus Christ!

    • James

      God does not make mistakes; people make mistakes. We have many feelings, and some of them can be clearly wrong. There are people who seem to be born with natural tendencies – like being especially apt to lie, physically harm others, act on lustful impulses, etc. Did God “make them that way”? No. Have they developed in a way that leads them to give into particular temptations which needs correction? Yes. Whether or not homosexuality is one of these is the real disagreement. If you think it is not, you are certainly allowed to. Many disagree.

  • Denise Denson

    Hi Zach, while very well written, you also forgot some thing about Jesus. He was in-your-face. Do you remember him THROWING the merchants out of temple, he was not peaceful and kind in that act. He was protecting his Father’s house. Do you remember him almost berating the disciples while on the boat when they were afraid for their lives, and he asked them if they did not have faith in him. I don’t like that people paint Jesus to be a calm, almost Pollyannaish attitude. He was strong, he was opinionated, and he was IN YOUR FACE! That is why in church, when you get hit by God that yes you are wrong, you go up front and get down ON YOUR FACE because you know you are wrong! Because Christians have not stood up for their beliefs that is why the world is going down the tubes.

  • Denise G

    Zack, although I appreciate your viewpoint, and agree with your observation that Christians are to love as Jesus loved, the issue here is supporting a business that has been BULLIED by popular opinion. The show of solidarity here is to support FREEDOM of speech and religion. Our society promotes tolerance, but only for certain groups. That is the issue here. Loving all is Jesus’ message. However, Jesus (while loving them) admonished them to “Go, and sin no more”. God still has his laws, and I vote to uphold them, while still loving everyone. We all fall short. None of us is perfect, that’s why He had to die for us.

  • http://101books.net Robert

    This is outstanding. Thank you.

  • http://lindsayhotmire@blogspot.com Lindsay

    Christians would have been wise to have never made this about a “Christian” issue and to have just focused on the apparent violation of rights by those governmental leaders that sought (seek) to deny a business license based on someone’s personal beliefs.

    This isn’t about “Christian” rights. Fundamentally speaking, Christians give up their rights to the cross. We have forgotten this, and the result of that failed memory is sad.

    I actually wrote about this very issue in my own blog just tonight.

  • Paul Heinl

    To spread Jesus, we need to pray for guidance and wisdom. The greatest leader that ever walked the face of this earth was Jesus, and he led by serving others. If you want to turn a city upside down for the glory of God, you get out and serve others. You give your life away, God calls us to a disciplined life and to help others. Next time you’re in the drive thru at Chick fil A, or another place, buy the person’s meal behind you. Don’t give them your name, just pay for it and drive away. The small things can make a big difference. If we can forget ourselves and doing what is popular, then we can truly make a difference.

  • Whaaaa??

    Who in tarnation told you people that Gays dont believe in the word of God….we ALL read the bible and understand.each verse differentley…and telling this person that HIS opinion as to why hes NOT eatingp chicken today….wow…climbbacck u on your throne…

  • Tarryn

    I just want to know if a gay person applied for a job if he would be hired!now that would be a controversy!

    • James

      It’s not a question on their application. (Nor are any questions regarding marital status allowed to be.) I know of gay employees. As a business, each local Chick-Fil-A’s priority is to provide good food and polite service.

  • Bobbi

    I think many people are making this way more complicated then it really is, and certainly more then it needs to be. I think the people boycotting CFA have a pretty simple reason. At some point, Cathy said that they FINANCIALLY support groups that are fighting to prevent same sex marriage. So why in the world would anyone that supports same sex marriage want to spend money at CFA?

    I certainly wouldn’t want to put MY money into the pockets of the people that are fighting against a cause that I support.

    I support freedom of speech and if just stating a personal belief had been all of it, while I wouldn’t agree, I would support his right to it. But it wasn’t.

  • Jenny

    I respectfully disagree with your last paragraph.

  • Tristan

    For many, this had nothing to do with christian views. It was more of a freedom of speech, and that is exactly why I chose to eat there today. Not to eat some chicken sandwich in front of opposer, but to show my support for someone who deserves the right to speak their opinion, just as everyone else does in this country. It’s a two way street.

    • Eri

      Exactly the point. The blogger completely missed it.

      • James


  • Courtney Brown

    I enjoyed reading this article. I ate at Chick Fil A today. I waited an hour in the drive thru. I encouraged the staff and store manager when I received my lunch. It’s got to be very stressful to be an employee at Chick Fil A today. Maybe some do not have a relationship with Christ. I wanted to be that representation today. My desire was to stand and encourage a business that shares the same beliefs I do. Did some go today with the wrong motive? Probably so. But that is for God to decide. He judges the heart and He alone knows out motives. There are many nuances to this discussion and no absolute answers. As the body of Christ, we all have different annointings, different gifts, different calls. Some Christians may feel led to support Chick Fil A buy eating there today, some to pray for change in our country, some to be still. We cannot judge others whose roles are different from ours.Whatever action we take, we are commanded to love. If we haven’t done that today- we’ve missed it.

  • http://www.fencenashville.net Kevin

    I do agree we should love our enemies and always turn the other cheek when it is appropriate but Jesus stood for what was right a rebel in his time. If you remember he went into the temple and drove out the money changers with a wip. Please don’t get me wrong, we love but we do not just make everything ok. God loved us so much that he gave his life but not only did he give his life but also has shown us the wayside. I need Gods mercy every day and am no better than anyone. But I choose to stand where he stands and out of his great love he stands on marriage between one woman and one man. You can stand anywhere you like or even try to ride the fence but for me I choose to stand up for him and what he stands for. That’s why I ate at chik fila. y

  • janejs

    And the gays having a “kiss off” protest on Friday is not shoving it in anyone’s face? I think it might be best for everyone to step back, take a breath and calm down. Freedom of speech still reigns (last I checked) so everyone can have their say. As I understand it, CFA hires gays and serves gays politely and respectfully. The owners have a say in their own beliefs, just as others have a right not to eat there if they so choose. People like Roseanne Barr who tweets to all (?) that she “hopes people who eat there get cancer?” That kind of “free speech” is what is pathetic. Mr. Cathey is not speaking hate, just his own truth and values, which he should have a right to do. And, finally, it’s CHICKEN, for crying out loud!

  • Robin

    I love that you wrote this. When the subject of today came up… I thought to myself… “Would this show my gay friends Christ?” No, it wouldn’t. It would honestly repel them even more. I want my actions to be Christ like. It’s not my job to convert them or change them. Changes come with falling in love with Jesus. My job is to compel them to Christ, not repel. I decided to respect them and not go today. To me, loving and respecting friends was more important than taking a stand.

  • Sandy Pearson

    I have not read any of the comments… so if I am sharing thoughts that have already been shared… I apologize.

    While I respect your right to your opinion, I am quite surprised by your take on this. NO ONE was shoving chicken in the face of anyone! And to say or even imply that, is beyond ridiculous.

    This day was about showing support to a company that has chosen to take a stand for they believe in. I respect Mr. Cathy and the stand he has chosen to take.

    Many people came out today to stand with Mr. Cathy and let the world know that he is not alone in his beliefs. Period. To turn their desire to take that stand into something negative is absurd. Shame on you.

    • James

      I wholeheartedly agree on the line about ‘no one was shoving … in the face of anyone.’ This is an unfortunate paranoia of current society. Sharing your view and supporting organizations with similar views is automatically categorized as bigotry, hate, unloving, or “shoving it down someone’s throat” unless it is all underlined with the limitless notion of ‘everything and everyone is okay.’ Indifference and intense loosening of morals is being mistaken for tolerance. And if you disagree, they say you’re intolerant!

  • Brian

    Zack, in all the junk in the Internet today about this out of control story, yours hit home and I love that you said what you did.

  • Angshe

    I really, really do hope the gay and lesbian plan to show up and have a kiss fest at Chick-fil-a does not happen. I don’t want to watch that type of behavior from any group of people. There will be children there and they are not mixed up in any of these arguments. It is just terrible manners to have such a display of affection in public. If they follow through with that plan I feel it will only cause more bad images of the gay community and hurt their cause even more.

    • Kolby

      What type of behavior? Love? Oh yes, love is a horrible thing to show children.

      • James

        Is it ‘love’ to go to a restaurant solely to commit public displays of affection in order to intentionally offend and bait people who disagree with your opinion? You use a different definition than I do.

  • Carla

    Thank you for putting into words what so many are feeling regarding today! You could not have said anything better then “the response Jesus expects from you towards them and those that would decry your position is clear: love them.” It is clearly stated… Thanks again!!!

  • Renee

    Thank you for these sentiments.
    I am not exactly Christian- probably more agnostic than anything- but I was raised in a Southern Baptist home and believe in the Christian or even Humanist qualities you have pointed out here.

    I am not going to Chick-fil-A right now because I am having trouble reconciling my feelings with all of the stories I have heard, but the hoards of people at Chick-fil-A today trying to “stick it” to the Liberals hurt my feelings. Not very Jesus-like. Not very Christian.

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  • http://www.oursmallhours.com Our Small Hours

    Beautiful post! Thank you.

  • George Bailey

    There are 2 things that happened with this day of support for Chick Fil A.

    1. People showed support of a man and his restaurant chain after he was lambasted for simply and honestly answering a question when asked how he felt about biblically define marriage and gay marriage. As we know, Dan Cathy was ridiculed and vilified by a bunch of activist and some government officials

    2. While the 1st motive is why most people came out, if I recall the reason the day was established in the first place was in response to the mayors of Boston and Chicago (and later Washington D.C.), who stated they would not allow Chick Fil A to open restaurants in their city (although Chicago already has one). This is a clear violation of the U.S. constitution, which is why the Boston mayor has tempered his comments a little. What mad e the mayors’ claims even more ridiculous was that in Illinois and Massachusetts, gay marriage isn’t even legal. So, they are discriminating against a Dan Cathy because he agrees with the laws of those states. Even more peculiar was that Rahm Emmanuel met with Louis Farrakahn shortly after making his Chick Fil A statements. He invited Farrakahn and his Nation of Islam to help crack down on the violence in the City of Chicago. Farrakahn has spewed anti-Semitic slurs many a time throughout the years and the Nation Of Islam has a true hatred towards gay people.

    There is a spiritual battle going on in this country. While Jesus would certainly sit down and talk with people, he wouldn’t remain silent on the issue of Sin. It’s imperative that we show Christ’s love at every opportunity. But, this doesn’t mean we should remain silent on issues that run contrary to biblical teaching. As we’ve all heard, God loves us exactly where we are, but he loves us too much to leave us the way we were. We shouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t accept Christ teachings or his free gift of salvation to change their behavior. At the same time, we shouldn’t mask or sugar coat his teachings in order to gain an audience with people who hate the teachings of God.

    The homosexual activist lobby doesn’t just want us to just remain silent on the issue of homosexuality and same sex marriage. They won’t be satisfied until we embrace it and support them in their quest to seek something that is completely contrary to what God designed to take place between a man and woman. As we look throughout the Old Testament, we can see time after time when kings sought the approval of man first and their country crumbled. Only when the rulers sought to please only the Master and Creator of the universe did their nations once again thrive.

    There is no doubt our nation was founded upon a biblical world view. Over 26 signers of the constitution had Christian seminary experience (not to be confused with degrees). Biblical principles are interwoven all through the constitution. The founders supported a nation where Christians and their beliefs would influence government and public policy. They didn’t not believe government should be telling the church and people what they should believe and how they should carry out their Christian convictions and beliefs.

    It isn’t our goal to institute a theocracy, but we want to preserve the values for which our founder’s gave their lives. There is a growing force in the United States that desires to erode our biblical heritage. One day, we will be asked to give an account for how we handled the stewardship of this nation. We can look back and say we had some nice conversations or we can say we stood for biblical truths, even when it was difficult.

    Dan Cathy has done the latter. He didn’t start this conversation. He responded to questions. People have come out in droves, in part because they appreciate the courage it took for him to say what was true and right, and because people desire to have the same courage. People also came out because they recognize there is another element being threatened: the ability to continue to freely speak in this country without fear of government punishing them for standing for biblical values.

  • cherry

    Separation of church and state, people. Remember that? Religious people who want to ban gay marriage are trying to force their religion on others. The bible is not the law. With hundreds of denominations, who would even be able to decide how to interpret it?

    • George Bailey


      The first part of the 1st Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

      When the founders used the word religion, in their day that term was the same word we use today as “Christian denomination”.

      The intent of the founders was that the Government couldn’t make any laws that would dictate what people would believe or how they should practice their religion. Having come out from under the King of England where people were forced to be part of the Church of England, the founders wanted to insure that the government of our country would not be permitted to dictate which church they must attend.

      In President Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists, where Jefferson used the phrase “separation of church and state”, he assured them that another denomination would not be made the religion of the state (nation). It is important to note this letter was written many years after the Constitution. It re-affirmed the constitution, but in no way indicated Christians couldn’t influence public policy and laws. An interesting point to this letter is that it was written on a Friday. On the following Sunday, like most Sundays when he was in Washington D.C., President Jefferson rode his horse down to the U.S. Capitol to attend church. For over 90 years, Church was held weekly within the chambers of the House of Representatives. It was the largest gathering of Christians for any church service. So, how does that practice of Jefferson attending church in the Capitol square with the misuse today of the term “separation of church and state”?

  • Timothy

    I guess it may depend on the person’s motivation, but I NEVER saw ‘Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day’ as being about shoving anything in anyone’s face..and I’m a bit confused at how people come to that conclusion. I’m sure there are immature people who will try that, but, that’s not the point of the day. The title is appreciation day for a reason. I saw it as supporting the company during this time where city officials are warning them against building restaurants in their towns for the executive’s views. There are also people who want to step in and harm, bring down, boycott, etc. the business because of those views. Just today I even heard an activist say that Chick-Fil-A supports militant hate organizations that kill people–justifying even STRONGER action against them…really?
    I just felt good at seeing all those cars lined up because I’m sure it was a little help to Mr. Cathy, after being ripped apart and publicly insulted all over the world. It’s for him and the company, not the people who are planning the kiss-ins on Friday.

  • http://Www.alanstoddard.com Alan Stoddard

    Nice pious post. Now I’m unloving for a chic-fil-a day? On most days it works. Today? Not so much. #99theses #reformation

  • Traci

    I guess it depends on how you view Chick Fil A appreciation day. I never viewed it as eating a chicken sandwich against an enemy. First and foremost because I don’t consider the LGBT community as enemies. I believe them to be sinners just like myself, in need of a savior. I didn’t look at this appreciation day as a way of getting back at them. I ate there today because I support the right of someone who holds true to his values and beliefs and who has the right to freely express them when asked a question.

  • Lance Tipton

    I found it odd. That you called people with a different view point the enemy. We are all human and we all have different views from time to time. But that doesn’t make them the enemy.

    Also everyone loves to talk about God’s teachings of turning the other cheek . I find most people reference this when they are trying to stand in the center. Rather than standing for one side or other.

    Have we forgotten the story of Jesus reaction when he walked into his father temple and found the people not acting in the manner that was appropriate. Or does this story not fit in when you are trying to ride the fence.

    Now I am not promoting violence in anyway. What I am trying to say is God also ask us to stand up for what’s correct. Again according to his teachings .

    I will pray for you my brother.

  • Lando

    It is about the company donating millions of dollars to companies that are anti-gay. A company that has been listed as a HATE GROUP spreading FALSEHOODS. Such as this: Family Research Council Is Designated As An Anti-Gay Hate Group By the SPLC. The Family Research Council has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for its propagation of known falsehoods about the LGBT community. For example, president Tony Perkins has a long history of false and inflammatory attacks, such as claiming that pedophilia is a “homosexual problem.” This is where money spent today at Chik fil a will continue to go.

    • George Bailey

      The SPLC is one of the greatest purveyors of hate today. They are deeply engrossed with the militant homosexual activist. Considering the SPLC’s close alliance makes their categorization of hate groups extremely suspect.

      As for the Family Research Council having received a lot of money from the Chick Fil A Family, a recent article in the Christian Post clarifies that the FRC has only received $1,000 from the foundation started by the Chick Fil A family. So, you may want to double check your sources when you claim millions have been donated to supposed “anti-gay” groups.

      When you look at Perkins comment on the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, he was quoting a study released by the American College of Pediatricians. They Family Research does an incredible job of researching topics in a manner that meets all the requirements of peer reviewed professionals.

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  • Jennifer

    I believe it would have been a mistake not to stand with the Cathy’s for speaking the truth of God’s word. I have had to take a stand before for something I knew needed a voice and I will never forget those that stood with me. I think of the prophets in the OT and they certainly had voices and were bold for God. Jesus’ words to the Samaritan woman at the well come to mind as well as his statement to the woman that was about to be stoned, “go and sin no more.” He didn’t ignore her sin, he told her not to do it anymore. The disciples were extremely bold about the gospel after Jesus left this earth and they were filled with the Spirit. We wouldn’t have the 13 books Paul wrote in the NT if he hadn’t been bold. While I know love speaks loudly and should be expressed humbly to those that are lost, choosing not to stand by those that are in the spotlight as Mr. Cathy was, when he had the opportunity to stand on solid ground and didn’t lose his footing, would be a grievous error.

    • Ashley


  • Stephanie

    your right about some of it but honestly i don’t think you get the point of the “Appreciation Day” yes, God loves us all and yes your right you should love your gay friends because Jesus loves them. But i think the appreciation day gave Christians a day to stand up for God and say Chik-fil-a should be closed on Sundays because its a day to go to church and a day to worship God. Honestly you should worship God everyday but Sunday is a Church day. I think if the atheists don’t believe in God think that everything someone says about God is a lie then why do we as Christians, believers of God, offend then so much.? and why do the gays reach out for so much attention if they are supposed to be treated the same as straights? it’s just so stupid that people will do anything to get attention or to argue about something. If a Christian wants to stand up for what they believe in and not be open on Sundays then WHAT THE HECK is wrong with that????!!!! its just the same as atheists and gays standing up for what they believe in, for atheists its that there is no god and for gays its that marrying the same sex is ok. THERE IS A GOD AND MARRYING THE SAME SEX IS NOT OK. The Bible says gays WILL be sent to HELL. And anyone who doesn’t believe in God (atheists) WILL NOT be allowed in heaven. Society please screw your head back on get over yourself. I love God and I will not back down from it. If I want to stand up for Him, I WILL. and they don’t want to then i guess they won’t. I love God and nobody can take Him away from me. Nobody can tell me that he doesn’t love me. He loves me and all the rest of you, some just choose to not accept it. Get Jesus or Get Burned.

    • Lando

      The Bible lists eight types of marriage. If you stand up for one of them, then you stand up for them all.

      • George Bailey


        The bible also mentions things like slavery, prostitution and many other things. That doesn’t mean those things should be practiced.

        Of course, the 8 types of marriage referenced are in the Old Testament. But, it also takes the New Testament to make up the entirety of the Bible. When Christ came as a fulfillment to the Old Testament, he developed a new covenant between man and God. Christ addressed this issue of marriage and throughout the New Testament, we are instructed about how marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman.

        Now, I recognize that you probably already knew this information. Still, it’s a little surprising that you think we haven’t the capacity to see through your week arguments.

  • Michelle

    hmm…interesting perspective. I think it was unfortunate that you saw this day as an “in your face” attitude on the part of many who went to CFA. I did go today. Never once did I feel that I was trying to show someone up. Instead, I went out of true appreciation for what our local CFA has done for our community. I felt that this past week or so they have been so slammed by the media and criticized by people who oppose their values, that it had to be hurtful and discouraging to the employees who work there. I went to show my support and love and appreciation for that simple reason. Our CFA has given so much to our schools in this area, that it was my way to say “thank you”. Jesus wants us to encourage one another. Today was a day for many to encourage Chick Fil A. I’m not saying that others didn’t have another agenda, but my heart truly believes that the majority of the people today who went to a CFA did so out of love.

  • Ashley

    My eating at Chick-Fil-A today had nothing to do with the gay community. It had nothing to do with hatred or wanting to be “seen.” I am a Christian. I believe as the Bible tells us to love everyone. I have gay friends. I don’t agree with their lifestyle but they are still people and I love them just the same. I went to Chick-Fil-A today because I support marriage being between a man and a woman. End of story!

  • Kenny

    It’s about free speech ultimately anyway…whatever your faith values are.

  • http://facebook Sandra Hoff

    Dear Christian.
    I respectfully have to disagree. I don’t personally believe this was about shiving anything in anyines face. It’s a much bigger picture in my opinion. We have been turning the other cheek, often too many times. It began with Roe v Wade, continuing with taking prayer out if school, not being able to gave the freedom to pray at sporting events or other public venues, absolutely forgetting the way our forefathers intended our county that was founded and meant to be run as a Godly nation, the fact that there are those who want to remove “one nation under God” from our pledge of allegience, the fact that there are those that want “In God we Trust” removed from our currency, along with countless other things that some want us to do to denounce God, just like Judas did Christ. God is calling on His people to change our ways. He is about to remove his protective hand from our nation because of we, his people doing what gives pleasure instead of what is right and moral one way or the other. Also, BTW, HE MADE WOMAN FROM ADAMS RIB TO BE HIS HELPMATE AND PARTNER IN LIFE. HE DID NOT MAKE ANOTHER ADAM OR MAKE TWO EVES. HE POINT BLANK SAYS THAT EACH ARE NOT TO LIE DOWN WITH EACH OTHER, RATHER MAN NOT TO LIE WITH MAN, that’s beside the point from your post, it is not about hat or smearing into our “enemies” face, it’s about finally taking our heads from the sand and standing up for God’s teachings and not continuing to allow Christian believes be taken over by secular ones, realizing that with this, one personCAN make a difference and that was having individuals choose to stand as one at a Chick Fil A counter to order on the same day. Turn the other cheek, we have been. We now choose to stand for Gods’ teachings as well. To give the freedom of religion along withvall Gods’ teachings back to our children and grandchildren before they are totally wiped out because of others smearing their vengence in our faces for taking their Ungodly stands againt us, the Bible believing, relationship building, respectors and living in truth people that believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Just speaking my God given 1st amendment right of free speech. Would your grandmother be happy with our world today and how we have turned our back on bible based truth for the reason of jyst wanting to be politically correct? I think not. She eould have probably been dtanding at the counter with us, ordering her chicken sandwich. God bless you my friend in Christ and may God always bless you and yours :o)

    • Ashley

      Very true!

  • Danny

    Many people have expressed the following to me as their rationale for not agreeing with homosexuality – “I am a follower of Christ, and I have chosen to follow the Bible as a guidebook for my life, and because of that, I do not agree with choosing a lifestyle of homosexuality.”

    I truly believe that the bible has many great teachings that encourage us all to be caring and loving individuals. What I do not understand is how individuals can pick and choose what they want to believe from the bible. I know I know, it’s an overused comparison, but why are you “allowed” to ignore parts of the bible surrounding tattoos, wearing clothes made from two different fabrics, etc, but you “choose” to believe in the part of the bible that has the greatest probability of hurting another human. I have yet to hear a coherent and on point rationale for this, so please, someone, enlighten me.

    • http://melinrn.blogspot.com melinda

      Hi Danny. Those are great questions and I appreciate the tone in which you asked them.

      People shouldn’t pick and choose what commands they follow and do not follow in the bible. The thing is, is that some commands were given to the Jews (the people who were to be set apart) and some were for mankind in general. The bible specifically says that an “alien” or outsider in the Jewish community chooses to not abide by things like dietary law that was ok. (see Deuteronomy 14:21) But God did hold outside nations to certain laws. He sent Prophets to warn cities like Ninevah (the Jonah and the Whale story) to turn from their sinful ways. God’s commands were either given for the benefit of mankind or to set apart His people so they looked and acted different than the surrounding nations.

      Then we get to the New Testament. The apostles were bringing The Gospel to the gentiles (the non Jews). It was decided that the gentile would NOT be held to the same standard as the Jew who was under the law. The focus was on the “intent” or “spirit” of the Law. This leads to many interpretations. Tattoos were forbidden because they were associated with pagan rituals. If the tattoo isn’t associated with evil practices is it still wrong?

      And other laws that often come into question need to be looked at more carefully. What does the bible actually say (maybe even looking at the original language). Linen and wool were not supposed to be mixed partly to reinforce that certain crops were to be kept separate and (according to some people smarter than me, I don’t know the science behind this to be true but it sounds like it could be) linen and wool made into the SAME fabric has unfavorable properties (something about atoms and molecules). So this doesn’t really apply to my poly-cotton blend tee.

      That being said, many times the bible says things like “If you love [Jesus] you’ll obey my commands” and that the law is written even on the gentile’s heart so even if they haven’t heard it they were born knowing it (to some degree). The book of Romans says we’ll be judged according to the Law that was known to us (specifically, that nations prior to the Law being given to Moses would be judged differently than nations who had the Law but ignored it). This subject and interpretation of the gentile adhering to the Jewish law is very much debated in the Christian world. So that leads to many inconsistencies.

      For those not under Jewish law, If we choose to follow Jesus we’re called to follow the Law, not in a legalistic “the law is what saves me kind of way” but in a “I love You and am so grateful for Your saving Grace so I’ll obey all your commands” kind of way. To learn how to follow these commands takes commitment, some research and being comfortable with a learning curve. None of us can EVER follow all the law. That’s why Jesus came. The Law, in human terms, is an impossible goal. Especially since when Jesus came He expanded that Law quite a bit (see Matthew 5-7). Jesus living in us makes all things possible. And any credit of success goes to Him. It’s part of what makes Christianity unique, we can’t DO anything to save ourselves all we have to do is RECEIVE the gift of Grace .

      So back to your question, Christians should NOT pick and choose which laws. I think some do choose, whether it’s out of comfort, ignorance or an difference of interpretation, not to follow certain Laws. I still am not sure that anyone other than the Jews need to keep the cultural and dietary laws (like eating only clean animals, not trimming beards and who you can marry). But the more I learn about His word the more I see that we “Gentiles” need to be educating ourselves better on the Law of God and keeping (at least) the non-cultural Law as an act of worship.

      I hope this makes some sense. If I could be a help in this area any further please just let me know.

  • KC

    Wow at some of the comments. While I respect the writers choice, my take is different. I don’t see this as a gay/straight thing but rather a freedom of speech issue. I did not eat at Chick fil A today simple because I was not close but I would have. I just think that we as people of faith need to stand up for the freedom of speech, not just for Chick fil a but for everyone that is bullied. As Christians we tend to remain silent but we should stand with our brother. Mr.Cathey never mentioned the word Gay. He just spoke about his beliefs and said what family was to him. How is that hate or not loving others? In America we are still free to express ourselves, thank GOD! I have friends and family that are gay and I love them very much. While I may not agree with the lives they live that doesn’t mean that I don’t love them.We all sin and not sin is greater than another but for me I choose to not live in perpetual sin, that is slap in the face of God. …… AND FRANK you should be ashamed of yourself. The bible says Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31 & 32 He didn’t say if they are gay, black or polka dottied you don’t have to love them. He simply said to love them. AND how about 1 John 4:20 that says,
    Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. How do you expect to win souls that way?

  • Chandlin

    I am a Christian. I have gay relatives that I love. I am a in a traditional marriage. And I ate at a Chick Fil A today because I feel that ANYONE should have the right to say what their personal belief is and run their business according to those beliefs. And ANYONE that doesn’t support those view is free to not eat there.

    While in the CFA today, I did not hear one word about homosexuality, nor one word of hate, nor any chants, slurs and I missed the part where anyone was shoving a chicken sandwich in anyone’s face. What I saw were men and women alike that came because they support something. I am not delirious enough to believe there were no homophobes there, but that was NOT my reason. My reason was that MY right to say what I believe is just as important as anyone’s. If you don’t believe in a certain religion I assume you won’t go to church there. If you don’t like chicken, no one is making you eat there. But the man has a right to have his business and let the people patronize him or not. A mayor doesn’t have the right to tell me where to shop. Being surprised that a Christian company has Biblical beliefs and doesn’t fold to “CP” should not surprise anyone. It’s like being surprised that a Christian bookstore sells Bibles. I’ll bet their owner believes in traditional marriage too. I believe in Jesus and and I believe that his creation of Adam and Eve was the way he intended marriage to be. That is my belief. Zack, you don’t have to believe it. I don’t force anyone it on anyone. And I would appreciate it if you did not force your belief on me.

  • Liz

    Just wondering out of all those Chick-fil-a employees that served you guys today, how many of them were homosexual? As a former employee at chick-fil-a I had 5 coworkers that were homosexual. Just saying.

    • Chuck

      Sorry, I don’t believe you. If you are correct, then your friends lied to get the job. I know owners of CFA and they “vet” all their employees (before hiring) with reliable references.

  • Proud Chick-Fil-A suporter!

    This article is a joke! Zack, FYI…Chick-Fil-A has an appreciation day every year. They weren’t going to cancel their annual appreciation day just to avoid people thinking that this day was intended to bring together supporters who share the same views. And to all of you posting ridiculous comments…Do you really think Chick-Fil-A is going to hurt financially because of you boycotting them? Chick-Fil-A is only going to prosper and grow! Chick-Fil-A has never had to close a location due to financial reason and they never will nor will they stop continuing to open new locations. Almost all of Chick-Fil-As locations are in the South which are conservative states and more than the majority of the population in these states support Chick-Fil-A. So keep hating haters! God is only going to bless them more than he already has.

  • C

    Why can’t we all just get along and let God do the judging of sins? God said to love each other and not judge each other, to let HIM judge the sins if there are sins. All this crap is like a child running to the parent and telling on the other child in hopes the child gets in trouble and they get a reward for letting the parent know. Seriously, can’t we all just live on the same planet and get along? Does God have to do a little seperation?

  • Melissa

    Reading your post was like “a breath of fresh air” for me! Thank you for putting into words what I couldn’t seem to articulate! You took the words right out of my mouth! Just shared, as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  • teresa

    People…..yall are missing the whole point. There is this thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ALSO something else called FREEDOM OF RELIGION! we live In a country where we have the freedom to stand for what we believe whether anyone agrees with it or not. Just like he had the right to take a stand for his beliefs, so does the gay community. It honestly doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks….Jesus Christ will stand and be judge and jury. We will not. If you don’t agree with his choices and beliefs…its very simple don’t go there. I’m quite sure he could care less. Last time I checked this is a still a free country. If you don’t like or approve of someone’s stand, then move! But we ALL still have the God given right to our freedoms….like it or not. This has nothing to do with anything other than Dan Cathy being able (as he should be) to express his right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion!!! PERIOD!!

  • C

    And BTW, when I eat at Chick-Fil-A, I’m hungry and I want chicken. I don’t go to make a statement.

  • Isaac

    Yes, what you said is true, but you FAIL to tell people here about the times that Jesus seriously rebuked wrong doers and to quote scripture after scripture to teach them the truth, to refute what they say or do! Jesus isn’t just all love and no hate, people forget about the Vengeful God!… Get REAL bro, and realize that Jesus didn’t just talk peaceably, while yes that would be an awesome idea if people would actually try to do it, but the problem is, there are alot of idiots and just hard heads out there that need that vengeful God, to teach them right from wrong.. don’t just show one side of the story!

    • Andrew

      “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. Matthew 10:32

      Is the verse that came to mind with your statement. (Applause)

  • http://facebook Jeremy R

    Bottom Line – Chick-Fil-A, The Constitution, Protestants, Ground Roots movement, Free Speech, Our way of life, and the quite MAJORITY———– 1 , Occupy Wall Street with ignorance——-0

  • Randy


    First off, excuse me if someone already posted this, but these words straight out of the mouth of Christ dictated my actions today:
    “Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

    My initial reaction was to join in the counter-protest by dining at Chick-Fil-A today. However, God promptly put the Beatitudes on my heart and flat out stopped me in my tracks. I believe the hearts of believers were sincere and pure today, but, given the immediate plans for a counter action this Friday, I feel this action fall short of us being peacemakers. I also feel we are ignoring God’s promise to bless the persecuted when we become entrenched and defensive when we feel threatened or persecuted. As you stated–the outcome of the battle has been predetermined.

    Again, this is my personal belief based upon what God revealed to me in the last few days. As for those who participated, I pray God blesses you and your actions and hope I did not in any way offend.

  • Juan Sarmiento

    Hey Zack
    I’m sorry, but I would have to disagree with you on many points. Yes, there are right and wrong ways to show support, but when it comes to this issue, how else are customers going to show their support, save for setting aside a day to go eat there? Seriously! I’d like to know how you think Christians should be practically supporting CFA in a biblical way.

    My biggest problem so far with this, is that I’ve seen so many Christians tearing down other Christians because they don’t agree with how they are supporting CFA. Why are we getting so angry at each other? Why are we making unfounded blanket statements about our brothers and sisters in Christ?

    For you to make the accusation that the only reason to support CFA today was “to shove a chicken sandwich in the face of your ‘enemies’” is offensive and a down right lie! Who are you to judge and determine the motives of every Christian CFA supporter? I, along with many friends, support CFA, not just because we agree with Cathy’s stance on the Biblical definition of marriage, but because they are also being persecuted, flamed, and striped of their 1st amendment rights.

    Currently, CFA’s rights are being violated by the Mayor of Boston. He told the Cathys that CFA is not welcomed in his city, due to their stance on marriage. THAT is discrimination and THAT is intolerance.

    On the flip side, it just came out that the founder of Amazon donated $2.5 Million to support gay marriage. As a christian, it would be tempting to boycott Amazon in the same way, but that wouldn’t be Christ-like or biblical either. If I choose not to shop through Amazon solely based off my disagreeing with his views, then I would be just as guilty of violating their 1st Amendment Rights and discriminating against them, as those who are doing it to CFA.

    All I’m saying, is don’t judge your fellow christians’ motives by what a few outspoken people have said, and especially don’t assume that their motives are vengeful or to spite the “enemy.” I’m sorry, but besides the heartwarming story about your great-grandmother (that part I very much enjoyed reading), I did not find your post very uplifting. Your statement at the end saying, “…I will be praying for them (talking about your gay friends) today as the church yet again forgets what it means to be the Body of Christ,” offends me the most. Again, who do you think you are that you can be so prideful as to say that you are the only christian in the world who is doing God’s work while the rest of the church fails miserably? We are to love and encourage each other, not create division within the Body of Christ.

    Though I am a bit offended, I want you to know that I am truly saying all this out of love and of a genuine concern for you and the Body of Christ. We need each other and we shouldn’t be so quick judge. God Bless.

    • Donna

      My post comes a little late…I sat down to look at my bank statement and this is what my daughter had left on the computer. I want to cry reading the post above….so many angry, pious people in this world….really all I got out of the CFA appreciation day was a day to pad a huge companies already full pockets…remember I have a right to freedom of speech….but that being said…I am a christian mother of a lesbian daughter and love her more than my life….she went to our local CFA last night will a Bible verse “Judge lest ye not be Judged” and sat in the parking lot she also had a sign that said I’m gay ask me about it…..the only person out of a mile long line was an angry woman with a child who walked by and with a hate in her voice said I’m a christian ask me about, my daughter said come back and we’ll talk but the lady kept walking….after I got home I called to see if I could go and sit with my daughter but the CFA had run out of food and no one was there….I will forever look at my community in a different way…..so many people sitting in that line who are known for cheating, lying, stealing, backbiting, envious of others possessions but it was so easy to sit in a line to support a cause for something that is easy….I know this is way off line from what most the post have been about…You know CFA has a right to have an appreciation day but wouldn’t it have been great to have a day set aside for making this world a better place instead of dividing us….there are thousands of homeless people, children who need school clothes/supplies, churches struggling to keep their doors open …oh my the list goes on and on…and what did this appreciation day accomplish….division in our communities….it was a sad day for me

      • Zack


        Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience yesterday. Unfortunately I think you’re right, regardless of motives the ultimate result was simply more division.

    • Melia

      To answer your question about how we should be supporting CFA… Continue to eat there! Was it really necessary to set aside a day (which was organized by a POLITICIAN?) If the intent really was to support a Christian brother, then we didn’t need “Chickfila Appreciation Day”. If the intent was to make a political statement, then it was successful. I know that this is probably not what most Christians wanted, but like Zack says, we should consider the unintended consequences.

  • http://facebook Jeremy R

    There is such a thing as divide and conquer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Wayne

      Here’s a simple mind hard at work.

  • alyssa

    I only read the first few posts/ replies, so this may have already been said… but all I want to say is this:
    Thank God for Christian Liberty. We don’t all have to react in the same way to something. Maybe for one Christian it is OK to go to CFA on August 1 and for another it is better to be quiet or silent this time. We all have different situations, people in our lives, etc. We (as Christians) are all on the same team and this is not a cut and dry issue.

  • Anthony

    Then again, Isn’t it christian-like, to judge people?

  • ker

    Homosexuality is not a CHOICE. Heterosexuality is not a CHOICE. So when someone says love the sinner, hate the sin….THE SO CALLED SIN IS NOT A CHOICE.
    I do agree that many of our friends/family make choices that we don’t agree with and we still love them and support them (infidelity, alcoholic, etc), BUT the key word is CHOICES. Our friends and family chose these things, they weren’t born to cheat or drink or steal.

    • Jamie

      Yes, they are choices. I CHOOSE to be heterosexual. I choose to be with my husband because that is how God designed us. You cannot believe in the absolute truth of Christ, yet be homosexual or tolerant to homosexuality. Because if you believe that you were born that way, or that others could be born that way, then you are basically saying that God made a mistake. Which is IMPOSSIBLE. The fact is, Mr. Cathy did something that most Christians are too afraid to do. And that is risk persecution to stand up for Christ and his values. Yes homosexuality is a choice. And I can love the sinner by praying for them. To love them does not mean that I have to align my self or tolerate their lifestyle. It means do them no harm, pray for them. We are to be a testimony of our faith, and if my testimony says that homosexuality is okay, then I am responsible if those people never come to Christ or repent because as a Christian, my tolerance says “its okay” when it really is not. I do not hate ANYONE. There are people that lead lifestyles that I do not agree with, so I pray for them, but I do not associate with them. Plain and simple. It does not make me a hater, it is just me trying to live according to my beliefs.

  • Travis

    Family and friends,

    It felt good standing up for myself and for others today, even though I’m saddened the majority of “supporters” of Chick-fil-A don’t understand what they are supporting. Maybe some do. Read on…

    Chick-fil-A is caught in the cross-hairs of a years old debate, a debate that really has nothing to do with the company, it’s employees or the patronage of its customers. A statement made by the president of the company doesn’t have anything to do with it. After all, it is a privately held company. Just an opinion, right? OK, maybe I don’t agree with his opinion, but no problem. People are not going to agree with me on everything, so I’ll have a chicken sandwich anyway, please.

    Now que what many people call “the liberals”. That in itself is stereotypical, because I know many LGBT individuals who are ultra conservative (like myself) and admit to being die-hard Republicans. Regardless of which end of the spectrum we lean, many of us are also standing up for our rights today by visiting Chick-Fil-A to order a large water in peaceful protest of the president of the company Dan Cathy’s public acknowledgment of being in favor of what he believes is the Bible’s teaching of “traditional marriage.” Or is that really the issue?

    Wait a minute. Read that again. “Is that really the issue?” Is that what everyone is in an uproar about? One man’s comment?

    This is where common sense, personal experience, and education come into play. If you, a friend, or a loved one have never experienced oppression, chances are you’ll say you don’t care about this issue. It’s probably annoying you, and you just don’t understand what all the fuss is about. You’re probably getting tired of hearing about it and becoming pissed off about the whole ordeal. The president of a company made a statement. So what? We all have opinions. Most of you will go on to say that you will visit Chick-fil-A today to support your freedom to do as you choose and that Dan Cathy is entitled to his opinion. So let’s support Dan Cathy and what America was founded on, and let’s do what a true “Christian” should do.

    Unfortunately, there’s more at stake than a statement made by the president of a large company or being the “American” or “Christian” you are called to be. My “liberal, left-winged” friends (which, remember, are actually composed of all races, genders, orientations, religions, disabilities, liberal Democrats, conservative Democrats, liberal Republicans, conservative Republicans, etc.) and I have grown tired of the slandering comments made about us and are fighting the battle that has been thrown in our faces, initially without our provoking, for our entire lives. And, quite frankly, we are all as tired and fed up with it as you probably are. We fought this battle in school when bullies called us “sissies” and beat the crap out of us. We were embarrassed in gym class and when playing sports (some of us weren’t very good) for fear that someone might figure us out. We were scared of being disowned by our families. Some of us, who are now openly out, are bullied by our families and threatened that we “better not embarrass the family”. Many of us don’t live up to our full potential because of the fear of rejection. Some of us have been murdered. This is a shame, because there is so much talent out there hiding in deep, dark places.

    The sad thing is, we aren’t fighting to take away your rights, we just want to enjoy what you already have: To live happily and peacefully. Yes, to be able to go to church just like you without judgement from you. We desire to feel “safe”. To not have to look over our shoulders when we are alone. To not be ridiculed and rejected by those we love. You don’t think it’s that bad? Stand in our shoes for one day. In my case, try standing in my shoes for thirty-six years. Why would we choose this? Why would I choose this?

    To be fair to Mr. Cathy, I respect his opinion. I don’t hold anger against him for it. I would even shake his hand and express my gratitude for his honesty, Christian to Christian, just like I am being honest with you. What does bother me, however, is the millions of dollars the company has donated to various fundamentalist groups. (I will say the Winshape Foundation is an excellent charity and is to be commended for many of its programs.) As the money is passed around, a little funding to Focus on the Family goes to the funding of an ex-gay group which then goes to a smaller ex-gay group (such as) this one:

    Love in Action

    I lived in Memphis during this debacle. It is horrifying what happened to these people. The leader of the group, John Smid, himself an ex-gay, later resigned. He has since posted a public apology:


    Although you may not agree with everything I have said here, I’m asking you to consider what it is you’re REALLY supporting when you make purchases at this restaurant:

    Is brainwashing, electric shock therapy, and waterbording (a tactic some ex-gay groups use to “cure” individuals of their homosexuality) an expression of an opinion? (Many of the individuals being provided this “treatment” are underaged children being held there against their will.)

    I hope not, but this is where a portion of the money you spend at Chick-fil-A today could go for your patronage. I am not claiming Chick-fil-A directly funded Love in Action. However, groups such as this is where many of the funds “donated” by corporations like Chick-fil-A end up. (It is a fact, however, that a local Memphis Chick-fil-A franchise publicly commented on their support of Love in Action in 2005 as did various local churches.)

    Sometimes the issue at hand is deeper than what it seems. As seen in today’s example of the public’s support of a man’s right to express an opinion, I don’t feel the general public fully understands the whole issue. I realize many of you do not share my beliefs, and I am OK with that. I will not force someone to believe as I do. In retrospect, I would appreciate those of you who do not agree with me to not force your beliefs on me. That’s pretty simple. I receive various political emails from many of you, some of them in which I share your views… some of them in which I don’t. Nonetheless, I will never judge you for your beliefs.

    I rarely send political emails from my end, so I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken to read mine as I have all of yours.



  • D. Norris

    I belive we are to love everyone, but not standing up and disagreeing with the actions of others and things that go against what God approves is not being anti Jesus. The problem is what would Jesus do has been taken too far in that tolorance means we can’t say anything to disagree with those living in sin. Let’s not forget that God distroyed two entire cities because of all the wickedness. We can love the sinner and still stand up and disagree with the sin, especially when the government tries to pass laws allowing sin to be commonplace.

  • DJ

    You all got Jesus wrong. He had a sense of humor, and he would have confronted his enemies with a chicken sandwich in his hands. Too much tolerance just makes you a push over and over and over.

  • Sondra

    If we wanted to be in their face we would picket the mayors, it is about supporting and encouraging, just like Barnabus, eating at CFAcould not be a better example of love. This is also about our freedom as a Americans, if this country turns to a Socialism we will be persecuted as Christians.

  • Phillip Blackwell

    This post is great Zack. Very well said. With all that is going on, it’s nice to know there are other Christians who represent Jesus in the same way he represented himself.

  • Neal Wright

    The hardcore gay normalizing agenda wants Christians to think it is Christian to shut up and not say what they believe. They want Christians to think that they are not to come to any conclusions about what is right is wrong, conveniently giving that process the modern day connotation of “judging”. I’m pretty sure that being the “salt of the earth” includes saying some things about what is right and wrong.

  • Dave

    Wait, I must be confused. I thought yesterday was a First Amendment support day…..

  • Chuck

    Let me bring a couple of things to the table: I am commenting on the article and not comments. First, CFA didn’t ask for the “day”, it was an idea of Former AR Governor Mike Huckabee who suggested it as a way for people to show support for Cathey having the right to express his OPINION. Second, there was no “shoving chicken sandwiches in people’s faces”. That is an absurd take on the whole day. People went there, of their own FREE WILL, to make a personal statement. Why else would you spend over an hour standing in line? There was no agents from the Government standing there forcing them to do it. Please, take some time to learn how (and why) the whole day came about. Don’t force your preconceived notions on why it came to pass. Those of you who have eaten at CFA know the food is great, the service and attitudes are better! Bottom Line? CFA didn’t ask for this, it was somebody else’s idea.

  • Melli_fera

    Has anyone thought that this is brilliant POLITICS just 3 months before an election? That’s what I can’t get over… These polarizing debates happen only during elections. Keep the government out of marriage. Keep the church out of law (granting lawful unions). Keep politics out of chicken!

  • http://cbccloud.tumblr.com/ _emily_rose

    I wrote about this yesterday too, and Zach, I really liked what you said here.

    For me this is not a free speech issue. The reason I stopped eating at Chick-Fil-A 2 years ago is they use their profits to fund groups that actively lobby against gay rights, and I don’t want my money supporting that agenda.

    If you would like to read more about why I feel that way you can do so by following this link:


    If you can love the sinner but hate the sin, I can love the believer but hate the beliefs.

  • Chris

    There are two parts to the Bible. One, the Old Testament, is a litany of revenge, anger and scorn by both God and man. Cities were destroyed. An entire PLANET was flooded. Men’s lives were ruined for not obeying God. God himself says that he is a “jealous God.”

    In the new testament, Jesus destroys a market outside a temple for turning it into a money-grubbing circus. If you believe some of the “Lost books of the Bible” that the Catholic church refused to include, there are stories of a young Jesus, who routinely lashed out at the children around him and threw his power around to show off. And in Revelations, the God of the Old Testament comes back. He lets the devil do pretty much whatever he/it wants and lets those left on earth, suffer. There is no mention of Jesus. It’s God…Daddy…and he’s DONE with the immorality of the earth.

    Does that sound like the touchy-feeling, let’s all hold hands and stand around singing songs kinda of God that non-Christians like to flaunt whenever a Christian stands up for his or her beliefs?

    “Judge not lest ye be judged” is a nice saying to throw in the face of Christians, but how do you square that with, “But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner – not even to eat with such a person”?

    If we are not to judge, how can we not do the things mentioned above without judging?

    Bottom line: The Bible gives Christians a lot of explicit instruction. Much of it aimed directly at the Jewish people of the time (for instance…tithing and the whole kosher thing), but a lot of it geared for all believers. We are commanded to go out unto the world and preach the gospel. If that doesn’t mean standing up for your beliefs, I don’t know what does.

  • KL

    This was not about the chicken, it was about supporting those in the household of faith. It wasn’t about showing others up, it was about standing up for what you believe. Jesus showed love; he also turned the tables over in the temple. Remember this, there is a time and season for everything. When a parent disciplines a child, that is love. How can we say we love our brother and do nothing when he errors. Christianity is a lifestyle, not a slogan for a T-shirt. Christians are called to be the light of the world; thus, we should not be hidden. Make no mistake, this is just another attempt of the enemy on the Church. The problem is that for too long, the church has been silent because of fear of hurting someone’s feelings. If someone is offended for righteousness sake, then so be it. Judging someone is onething, and we should not judge. However, doing nothing is totally opposite of our callers. We we told to stand. The Bible also states that if you see your brother doing wrong and do not say anything, his blood is required at your hand. I do not dislike or hate homosexuals; I do not support their lifestyle, and I show love to them and anyone else I encounter. God allows us to choose between heaven and hell. I support those who support God. This was not about hate, but about the freedom of choice. Why is it that when a Christian says what he or she believes, it is judging, but when others voice their view, its just expression! Our job is to present the good news – whether it is popular or not. I would never walk by someone hurt and do nothing regardless to who or what they way; I also will not support wrong behavior. What is right or wrong? I use the Bible as the truth.

  • Shannon

    All I have to say is that government shouldn’t have ANY say on who/what someone can or can’t marry. Everyone has a right to their opinion & religion. Why must so many feel the need to get in others business when it has NOTHING to do with them. Your religion tells you it’s wrong, fine…then YOU don’t do it. Leave others to love who they love…whether it be same sex or different race or religion. What does it matter and how does it REALLY hurt YOU?

  • April

    I found this article interesting and agree 100%. It doesn’t matter who we agree with, the fact of the matter is, God loves us all and expects Christians to show love to others. From a sister in Christ, thank you.

  • SMJ

    This whole issue has me perplexed. On the one hand, people are claiming that the “appreciation day” was to support Mr. Cathy’s freedom of speech. That said, doesn’t the US Constitution also claim that “all men are created equal…and that we have certain rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”? If homosexuals wish to pursue happiness by getting married, so be it. I know several heterosexual couples that should NEVER have been married! When pastors and churches start supporting these activities based on political grounds (freedom of speech), then they should be taxed. Imagine how much revenue the federal government could collect!
    On the other hand, there are religious issues/views involved. Do we believe that the states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas? Yes. Do we believe our solar system is the sun and eight planets (sorry, Pluto)? Yes. Well, science has also proven that being gay is nature…not nurture. That’s hard for many Christians to accept (yet they can accept the other scientific facts). If one studies the Bible, she/he will find that Jesus never once mentioned marriage between a man and woman – nor did he discuss homosexuality. Instead he spoke words such as: “judge not,” “do unto others,” “turn the other cheek,” and “he who is without sin may cast the first stone.” How easy to forget those words when you’re chowing down on waffle fries. The Bible was written by man and, therefore, is subject to error. The reason we have so many denominations is due to the interpretation of a book written my man.
    If everyone waiting in line yesterday were to stop and think this way: WHAT IF my child, sibling, or other loved one were gay. Would I want them to “pursue happiness” and have equality like I do? I think…yes.

    • Scott

      I wonder how many of those waiting in line were liars, adulterers, cheaters, gossipers, etc. All sinners who “come short of the glory of God.”

  • Dan

    While I agree that the premise to “shove a hickey sandwich in their face” is the wrong reason, I disagree that this is about gay rights in any way. I chose to drive 55 miles to a local Chick-fil-a yesterday to support a local business. When a person, regardless of their views, is interviewed by a magazine that holds similar views, and then confirms their view point, but because of their view (Dan Cathy was interviewed for Southerm Baptist Press), politicians jump into the fray about boycotting a business, I will not sit idly by. This is about a business (see job creator) being persecuted by politicians ( see job killers) for having a viewpoint that is different from theirs. I am not going to boycott a business that supports the LBGT community because of the views of the founders, and I expect the same courtesy from the LBGT community.
    The media and some idiot minded “Christians” feel this is about gay marriage. When for me at least it is about allowing people of all views to own and operate businesses to employ people and create a safe environment for people to eat and work.

    Take a look at the walls in every Chick-fil-a restaurant and you will see plastered all over the walls posters that support a healthy, traditional family. From their winsome camps to married couples retreats, Chick-fil-a has never been shy about attempting to strengthen traditional marriages and families.

    And making people better and stronger and healthier is never a bad thing.

    So I agree, don’t eat a chicken sandwich to shove it in somebody’s face. Would you do that to a starving person? No instead, invite your LGBT friends to Chick-fil-a and buy them lunch and tell them that while you have a view that may be different than theirs, loving them as Jesus does means that you can take and disagree, but still be civil.

  • SilentRick

    Your view is completely misguided. This isn’t an attack on the enemies of Chick-fil-a, but it’s a show of support for the First Amendment. It’s also a show of support for Christian values and the right to say what you want and have courage to stand up for your beliefs. Dan Cathy never said he opposed gay marriage or that he hates gays and lesbians, he simply said he believes in traditional marriage. The media and several misguided indivuals used this for political gain by pitting one group against another which wasn’t right. Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day was a great day filled with love and togetherness by people on both sides.

  • Dan Halen

    Amazing. All of you who have posted have lived right up to what Zack was trying to demonstrate in his essay. He hit the nail right on the head.

  • Dan Halen

    It never occurred to most of you that you do not have a monopoly on “Christian Values”. There are plenty of gay Christians and those that support them. So get off your high horse and stop hogging the term “Christian” and making a bad name for us all.

  • Tom

    Jesus come quickly.. everyone’s gone crazy..pro n con .. I believe in the PAN theory .. waitin on Jesus to come and PAN. Everything. Out.. BE OF GOOD CHEER.. John 16:33

  • All

    So it’s ok for you to call me stupid for what I believe when I have done nothing to you?

    • Wayne

      When did I call anyone stupid?

  • Justin

    Thank you Ben, Monica, Annette, Cami and the others who are using truth and reason, not just emotion to make a rational and loving point. It is good to know there are people who have a true understanding of what Faith is all about. Love the sinner, not the sin. And to Frank I have a question… Do you love or condone murder? No, probably not. But you are called to love all people, to visit the imprisoned. So that’s another example of loving the sinner, not condoning the sin. And no I’m not comparing the sin of homosexuality to murder so don’t everybody freak out. I’m just saying, if you are talking about sin and Christ’s view of love, he doesn’t say we have to condone sin, just love the sinner.

  • Margie

    My choice NOT to support Chick-Fil-A yesterday, for me, was pro-Christian. I have always been taught to love everyone, to help anyone in need, to love Jesus because he sacrificed us and was persecuted for his beliefs and died for them and us. I CHOOSE not to spend money at Chick-Fil-A, not because of Cathy’s beliefs, but because of where he sends his money. I don’t support those groups directly, will not support those groups, so why would I want to support them indirectly? I don’t want to knowingly send my money there, which is what will happen. I would rather spend it somewhere that helps children eat, have a roof and an education……….

    • BW

      You may not want to spend your money at Urban Outfitters, Exxon, Walmart, A-1 Self Storage, or the Salvation Army either, becasue they too choose to donate their money to assit christian-based organizations. Your pro-christian stance makes no sense at all, it’s like your saying, I’m a christian but I don’t like to support Christian groups. In addition, it also sounds as if you would rather support non-Christian principles. If you truly love Jesus and His people, you would not want to support something that he himself hates. I also, do not belief that Cathy’s beliefs state that he does not love all people and does not want to help all people with needs such as you state eat, have roof, education, etc. He only chooses to not support groups that support and try to have gay marriage legalized. That is where this all stemed. Maybe you could spend your money at Amazon, they donated 2 million dollars to help pass gay marriage. I find it very sad that any Christian who stands up for the Bible says is considered judgemental and hateful, even if their words are kind. If they didn’t love the gay people, they would just let them continue to do what they are doing, without offering a helping hand and informing them what God thinks of it.

    • George Bailey

      Does this mean you also avoid Starbucks, who openly supports Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest provider of abortion. Their CEO claimed that supporting same sex marriage in Washington State was among their “Core Values”.

      How about Home Depot who not only openly supports same sex marriage, but they set up booths in the midst of Gay Pride celebrations, while activist all around them are involved in lascivious activities.

      Do you support buying gasoline. The countries that make up OPEC not only oppose same sex marriage, they kill homosexuals. Now granted, I know you can’t really avoid buying gas, just like you can’t hardly avoid supporting either Microsoft or Apple.

      The point is, if you avoid patronizing Chick Fil A because they gave a few thousand dollars (not millions, check out the article in the Christian Post) to a couple of organizations that (among the many other beneficial things they do) believe homosexual activity is harmful to both the individuals involved and society as a whole, who will you patronize?

      Is it okay to patronize companies that openly support the murdering of the next generation of children. There are a lot of companies that do this. There are lot of organizations that do this, like the United Way, Susan G. Komen, etc.

      The Cathy family gave millions away to Charities that do amazing things to help people in need, and those less fortunate. They gave $1,000 to the Family Research Council, which also does wonderful things to improve social and fiscal policy as well as national defense policy. But, the very liberally entrenched SPLC, classified FRC as a “hate group” in hopes it would discredit the FRC. Unfortunately, too many people haven’t done their homework and have taken the SPLC’s designation for gospel. What the SPLC didn’t count on was that people would figure out who the SPLC is. It turns out they are not only closely aligned with radical homosexual activists, they themselves are radical activists.

      Please don’t fall into the trap of believing that those who hold a different world view than you hate everyone who disagrees with them. Please also consider that if your rationale is not patronizing Chick Fil A based upon what you have shared, then you may need to reconsider where you spend every dollar you make.

  • http://daddydifference.com Ryan Ash

    I personally disagree. I do not think by eating chicken yesterday we were shoving anything in the face of those we disagree with. We were simply giving our support to someone who stood up for what he truly believes. I think Rick Warren nailed this issue on the head….

    ” Our culture has accepted two huge lies: The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” – Rick Warren

  • Justin

    I like the over all tone of your article but I can’t get past …”and when that didn’t work, he died for them.” When that didn’t work? Check your theology my friend. Christ was crucified from the beginning. God is sovereign. I’m not saying that I’ve got it all nailed down, but I ask you to reconsider that statement. Christ did not fail… in any of his attempts.

  • jennifer

    Hebrews 13:4

    Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

    Like wise our forefathers in early Alabama passed laws to suppress openly homosexual behavior. Our forefathers did not consider homosexuals to be normal people, as they took the word of God the Bible seriously.

    These laws and traditions have been maintained to even today. Shall we remove the landmarks established by our forefathers? Is the human reasoning put forth by the liberal newspapers wiser than the wisdom of our forefathers?


  • Chels

    I have not read the above comments so I am not sure if others have addressed my question, but I see your heart but I feel you may be wrong. How far is too far? We have prayed for the people who take prayer out of schools, we have prayed for the people who legalized abortion as well as those who have had those, we have prayed for those who are gay and fighting for gay rights, we pray for those who are divorcing just because they think they love someone new. And I think we should pray for them. However, when can we stand up and tell them what they are doing is wrong? When can we do what 1 Corinthians 16:13 says “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.” We would not need armor of God if we aren’t supposed to fight. I’m not saying that eating a chicken sandwich is necessarily the right response either, but no one else in this world is afraid to tell others they are not right for their beliefs. It’s time we stand up for our beliefs. This can be done in a loving way, but we need to start fighting for the Lord.

    • Free Speech

      You’re allowed to stand up for your beliefs and be strong and steadfast in your faith, just as people of other religions may do. You are allowed to tell others when you agree or do not agree with something. The issue is whether or not your beliefs should be the standard of all people living in the United States. This foundation of this nation is that we are allowed to practice our own religions, our own beliefs–each and everyone of us. So why do your beliefs get to dictate how my friends or family live? Stand up for what you believe in, but understand that you have decided what you want to believe (and I daresay you probably pick and choose what you want to believe from the Bible), but the rest of us have that right too and the law should never prevent that.

  • adam

    For me, its more about freedom to believe as you want and not be condoned for it. If gays want to marry each other, let them but if you do not agree with it, then you should be able to freely voice your opinion about it. And as far as the gays going to the restaurants tomorrow and kissing, that should be treated the same as someone going to a Muslim place of business and throwing pork products everywhere. Treat people with the same respect you want to be treated with and agree to disagree and not get ugly by calling everyone bigots and haters!!!


    All the people spouting off, how many of you have Bibles and then if you do how many actually reads and studies it. Therein lies your answers

  • http://yahoo.com Elle H.

    I agree with you Ben and SilentRick.I could not have said it any better. You are right, there are those who just want to misconstrue what Mr.Cathy said into something negative to make him look bad. Thank goodness many people saw right through all the negativity and realize what Mr.Cathy is all about. He is a wonderful man with good christian values.

  • Jay

    Jesus wasn’t all hugs and kisses all the time. He displayed anger on several occasions when it was in accordance with His teachings, and that of the Lord…

    – Matthew 23
    – Mark 1
    – Mark 8
    – Ephesians 4

    Anger AT sin (not anger that is self serving) is God like, and Jesus preached it many times in the bible. I try not to judge one sin over another, but I am human. In this case, though, I was far more worried about a man, any man, not being allowed to say what he believes, whatever that belief. I’ve fought in several wars for that right, and I still believe it’s worth dying for. Gay straight, white black, green, inside-out, I don’t care, everyone has the right to express their thoughts without fear, whether I agree with them or not.

    Really, at the core, that’s all he did.

  • R.W.

    All this hoopla that everyone is caught up in is ridiculous. People can’t focus on religion due to politics, well lets separate church from state and be done with it already. Everyone says they were supporting freedom of speech and “traditional family values,” hate to say any single mother or father, divorcee from the 1st spouse or etc should not have been in attendance at Chick-Fil-A since that lifestyle doesn’t align with the one of a “traditional family” according to the Bible. And whoever said “History is full of Christians doing horrible things all in the name of God and the Bible. Stand by what you believe in that’s fine, but stop trying to control other people’s lives based on ideals you believe. Live and let live. You want this issue to be about “sin and free speech and freedom to assemble,” not every one believes homosexuality is a sin and what about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? If marriage will make people happy there should be nothing standing in their way. Christians who believe in one man one woman marriages should stick to that ideal themselves and stop repressing the rights homosexuals should have” I couldn’t agree more. For anyone to think that they are above anyone else is absurd. Stop adding in politics to support your belief system and just let the love for mankind show. That’s what Jesus did, love. Judgement is left up to ONE man and ONE man only, and that is NOT you. Aside from all of the controversy and your belief system, whatever they may be, no matter what you sin is according to the bible, homosexuality, alcoholism, gluttony (yes, gluttony), fornication, drugs, etc, pause and think about this one thing: What would happen if we approached diversity and differences with open arms and love rather than harboring hate or opposing beliefs? Don’t you think that suicide rates and drug, alcohol, homelessness, “cutting,” or any other abusiveness rate would go down? As a public service worker, do I get to choose my beliefs when I’m performing CPR on someone who has overdosed from a drug addiction or is too comatose from alcohol binging? The answer is no. Do I get to not work on a patient because they are straight and have the right to marry but homosexuals do not? The answer is no. Do I get to choose whether or not to perform the CPR or administer medicine for the heart attack patient who dropped at “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” because they were there supporting “freedom of speech” or supporting discrimination for gays, or whatever you want to chalk it up to? THE ANSWER IS NO. So before anyone continues to go on about anti-gay this, or freedom of speech this, or the right to assemble this, think about something greater than yourself. Think of your fellow neighbor and leave anything and everything about your religion and views out of it, because you never know who’s life you might affect by your actions and words. Whatever happened to “I believe what I believe” and let that be it? Why does everything always have to be some kind of monumental controversy? So many countries would be laughing in the face of America if they knew what was going on over a stupid fast-food restaurant that is bad for you anyways. Once everyone stops worrying about everyone else and how they live their life, the world will be a MUCH better place. Stop looking at others and pointing out what they are doing wrong and focus on yourself and things you can find within you to better to follow the guidelines you have set forth to live your life by.

  • lyn

    Jesus is gay

  • http://Www.Recoveringstraightgirl.com Kathryn

    Wow. I just sat here and read all the comments on this post and all I can say is wow. Mr. Cathy can say anything he wants and can run his business how he wants as long as its within the context of the law. He can give his money to organizations that want to infringe on people’s equal rights if he wants. If people want to give their money to his company so he can give it to organizations that oppose equality, that’s their right.

    The problem I see here us that those who are financially supporting this company want to wrap themselves in their faith to justify wanting to keep equal rights from a certain group of people. It’s simple deductive reasoning.

    It’s good to know who your enemies are. It’s good for those of you who support oppressing a group of people to show yourselves for who you really are. That way I can be sure to keep my children away from you.

    I have a wife and three daughters and my daughters don’t need to be around people who think it’s okay to discriminate against their parents as long as it is done in the name of God.

    My children need to know the people who think their parents are going to “be sent to Hell” for loving each other deeply and profoundly.

    My children need to be protected from the Christians who “hate our lifestyle.”

    We don’t have a “lifestyle;” we have a life together as a family. Some of you want to protect “family values?” Where’s my family’s protection?

    My wife and I aren’t sinners and if there is a God, He didn’t make a mistake with either of us, and if there is a God, He loves us for being caring, respectful, loving people who live our lives gently, morally and without discriminating against anyone.

    I have three children. When some of you sit there and condemn my loving relationship and state that it doesn’t deserve the same legal protections as yours, think about how that makes my three children feel. Because by denying my wife and I respect, acceptance and basic rights, you are denying my three children the same.

    • Wayne

      EXCELLENT!!!! Well said! Everyone (maybe even including myself) has overlooked the fact that whether homosexual or not, it’s still people we’re talking about here. No your kids do not deserve this treatment and nor do you or your wife. This is the exact reason I get fighting mad and want to blog all kinds of derogatory stuff. I couldn’t care less what Chic Fil A does, it’s the fact they are forcing their views on everyone else. For anyone to say that the CFA appreciation day was not really meant to hurt anyone, you are a liar and therefore are a sinner!
      I am not a homosexual. I have a wife and a 2 yr old son. I am neither for nor against same sex marriage because either way it does not affect me or my family. However, I do love to fight tooth and nail for people’s rights of freedom and also their rights to not be stomped out because they are living on a standard different from what these hypocritical bigots have made up.
      Kudos to you Kathryn! May your children grow and be prosperous and your life with your spouse be happier than you could ever imagine.

      • http://Www.Recoveringstraightgirl.com Kathryn

        Thank you.

  • Jodi Whisenhunt

    I see his point, but that wasn’t the point of the appreciation day. The point of yesterday was that the Catheys’ privately held opinions are under attack, and their freedoms are being negated in a country that was founded for the purpose of allowing those personal freedoms to be not only held but also expressed.

  • Michael

    I’m not eating at Chick-fil-A because those longs looked horrible. If I tried to cut out every company that supports a position I did not believe in, I would be living on the streets trying to grow vegetables under the interstate.

  • Charles

    Thanks you for this post and the beautiful sentiment behind it. Sorry it had to be ruined by more arguing.

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  • Scott Fitz

    All that was accomplished yesterday was: a rich man got even richer…he will pay less tax than the majority of us…and he will continue sending money to organizations who support anti-LGBT causes. The stockholders are “gay” will delight today. Oh…and you proved that Christians are bigoted and do not “love one another” as Jesus taught. This was not about “free speech.” When President Obama announced that he – PERSONALLY – supported gay marriage, where was the “appreciation day” for his free speech? Two-faced Americans. No wonder the world looks at us and scratches their collective head.

  • http://meetthebuttrams.com Jessica

    I pray that Dan Cathy is ashamed of what Christians did in support of him and his Biblical views on August 1. Does he have the right to speak freely? Yes. That is his American right.


    God dictates a higher standard when it comes to our speech, and for that matter, our actions. We are called not to speak freely, but to speak, and act, in love.

    Flooding the local Chick-Fil-A joint was showing love for Dan Cathy. NOT love for the people who already feel marginalized and discriminated against in this country. THAT is the point. Does Dan Cathy need to hear our support more loudly than our neighbors need to hear that Jesus loves them and does not deny them the invitation to Heaven based on their (mis)deeds? Whether or not it was intended to be, whether or not 9 out of 10 people in line were there to support Chick-Fil-A and Dan Cathy, the message to the LGBT community was CLEAR.

    And unintentionally or not, Dan Cathy created a safe place for hate-filled rhetoric (from BOTH sides) to be spilled. How many stories have I read about people walking in and saying black-hearted things like, “I’m so glad you don’t like fags,” or “You homophobes are just a bunch of hypocrites.”

    Jesus wept at our outpour of support on August 1.

    Yes, we have a right to oppose gay marriage. Yes, we have a right to voice that opinion loudly and clearly. Yes, we have a right to defend ourselves when our freedom of speech is attacked. That’s the American way.

    But it is not the Christian way.

    My heart hurts for those who are hearing this message from Christians everywhere loud and clear:

    Your lives are exempt from the freely given gift of grace; that our human condition is somehow worthier than yours; that this country is perfectly fine with withholding civil liberties if the majority is okay with it; that your lifestyle can be reduced to a two-hour wait for waffle fries.

    • Wayne

      Finally, some REAL Christian folks are starting to see these blogs. Thank you for this post. You are a fine Christian woman in my book, even if we don’t fully agree on all matters of life and religion.

    • http://Www.Recoveringstraightgirl.com Kathryn

      Thank you Jessica.

    • Chad Gieseke

      Thank you Jessica, you saved me from haveing to type all that out myself. I am a gay parent of two who attends church on a regular basis. I consider myself a Christian…living a life based on the example of Christ’s actions…not our current American fabrication of what being a christian is. Whatever happend to “WWJD?” Because that is what it really should be about, what Jesus would actually do. Not what your church leaders say he would do, not what some scholar say he would do….what we know he actually did do. Eat with prostitutes, heal the marginalized, love and respect his enemies. Show the way, not legislate or insist anything. That to me is what being a sincere CHRISTian is about.

  • MaryBeth

    Great post that I mostly agree with. I think if your intent was to “shove it in someone’s face” it was the wrong reason to eat there. However, I think if your intent was to come together as a group and assemble in support of something you believe in, then I think Jesus would get behind that, too, and gatherings like this should not in any way be discouraged. I vehemently disagree with the other side of the issue and admit to getting too sarcastic sometimes in my responses, but in general, the whole point of taking action is to show support for something you believe in, not to “shove it in someone’s face.” If no one took action for fear they would be perceived as “showing it in someone’s face” nothing would ever get done. And, unfortunately, given our current political structure, civil dialogue is not something that people are good at today so gatherings of support – or protest – just seem to work a bit better to get a point across. Not saying that is a good thing, but it is just how it is. But your overall message is sound and very valid…I think dialogue AND action need to happen, but it should all be done in charity. Good post.

  • Hugh

    While I can respect your stance, it’s not just Cathy’s personal views, but the places where his company’s profits go that have caused such a major outrage. His views are only a portion of the problem the rest are that his company supports various Anti-Gay, Hate groups and political agendas.



    If the company weren’t doing this, it wouldn’t be such an outrage, but to support such heinous acts as the slaughtering and reformation of homosexuals is down right EVIL.

  • Peaches

    If you don’t call sinners to repent, you don’t love them. Jesus didn’t tolerate sin or declare any sinner innocent. Jesus forgave sin – but He can’t do that until a person repents. From this point of repentance, there is an expectation as well: Go, and sin no more.

    There is no room for emotion here. Jesus did not operate on the basis of feelings, but upon His nature which is God’s nature: Righteousness. The Love of God is not a sappy, sniffling response to fleshly hormones. Getting wrapped up in how offended someone might be or someone’s hurt feelings and acting as though you are showing love – you are simply deluded, and you are playing the world’s tune.

    The basic and plain fact is: A Christian leader and his company is under constant assault by Satan’s minions, and you and all who share this feeble view are carrying water for them. The First Amendment protects not just free speech, but the right of believers to openly express faith-based principles without fear of retribution. This is understood as a God-given right, not a government-given right. In order to diminish this right, the government must first diminish the authority of God – and that is what is being attempted via the gay marriage issue, as well as others.

    Cathy made his remarks, and agents of government have acted to punish his company for those remarks. If that doesn’t motivate you to act, to stand up and be counted, you deserve neither the label American nor the label Christian.

  • Anne K.

    FACT: Chick-fil-A donates money to their wholly-owned non-profit charity the Winshape Foundation. When you eat at Chick-fil-A, you also support what they support.

    FACT: Winshape Foundation donates millions of dollars to anti-gay organizations, including the Family Research Council (FRC).

    FACT: The FRC spent $25,000 lobbying Congress to NOT condemn Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill.

    FACT: Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill mandates the death penalty for anyone convicted of homosexuality or having HIV, or knowing someone who is gay and not reporting them to the police within 72 hours, and more…

    Connect the dots. When you eat at Chick-fil-A, you do in fact, support Violence and Persecution.

    You may think you are far removed, but there it is. That is why people choose to vote with their dollars and NOT support this kind of bigotry and hate by boycotting Chick-fil-A.


    • mark

      True FACT:

      The Tony Perkins-led FRC said it did lobby on the bill, but not to
      kill it – rather to change the language it contained and “to remove
      sweeping and inaccurate assertions that homosexual conduct is
      internationally recognized as a fundamental human right.”
      did not lobby against or oppose passage of the congressional
      resolution,” the group said. “FRC’s efforts, at the request of
      Congressional offices, were limited to seeking changes in the language
      of proposed drafts of the resolution, in order to make it more factually
      accurate regarding the content of the Uganda bill.”
      does not support the Uganda bill, and does not support the death
      penalty for homosexuality – nor any other penalty which would have the
      effect of inhibiting compassionate pastoral, psychological, and medical
      care and treatment for those who experience same-sex attractions or who
      engage in homosexual conduct,” the group adds.


      “If you tell a big enough lie long enough…” Adolf Hitler.

  • FraEll

    God hates sin. God loves sinners and wants them to repent. I did not make up the requirement of what is sin to God. He wrote it in his book. I am not shoving a sandwich in the face of anybody Gay or Lesbian. I am standing for truth. Now you may ask like Pilot, “What is truth/” Jesus answered “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Some tell me the Bible is an old archaic book. They do not realize it is a living book and you can find truth of how to please God in it. So study those scriptures for your eternal life and you will find the proper love that God desires for you.

  • Andrew Pate

    If we take out the emotion and look at this Biblically, than it is simply a matter of Spiritual and Civil Authority. The VP of Chicfila exercised his spiritual authority which is protected under our civil authority. The Bible instructs us to follow both. The folks honoring Chicfila are exercising their civil authority by peacefully gathering to show support and their agreement in exercising spiritual authority, as we have been called to do. Always speak His truth.

    In regrads to sin…we are to treat them all the same. Hate the sin and love the person, as our battle is not with.flesh and blood, but with principalities.

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  • http://Biblical-orOldtestament? Anne

    If we Christians are supposed to be a New testament people, why do we keep quoting Leviticus? Why does CFA serve pork products?

    Jesus reportedly gave us a new commandment: to love the Lord, your neighbor & yourself. i run all ethical decisions thru this. & every once in a while, things like abortion may be the more loving choice. how else can people condone capital punishment if the bible clearly tells us killing is wrong? just a few examples- i don’t want to start THOSE debates. just examine the logic.

    As far as I know, Huckabee stirred up people thinking it was about Mr. C’s opinion & speech. Most gays I know (my personal Samaritans) have been boycotting CFA a while b/c of their corporate funding.

    I guess i believe my friends when they say they are born differently, have known it all their lives & it is NOT a choice or “life style.” Heck, ones been celibate for 20 yrs with only 1 relationship in there. So, i love my neighbor.

  • Kim

    Well, I never thought this was about sending any kind of message to the gay community, if anything it should be a message to the media that Christians should have the same rights to express our thoughts & beliefs as everyone else without fear of persecution. I thought the day was about Christians standing behind & supporting a brother in Christ who was being trashed for his Christian beliefs.

    • Lisa

      Exactly Kim!! That is what the day was about~~but some christians have turned on each other and made their fellow christians look like they are doing something wrong. I am pretty sure the devil is pretty happy about this!

  • mike

    Why the debate? The issue will be settled on THE DAY OF THE LORD !!

  • Mike Lawrence

    Why the debate? The issue will be settled on the day of the Lord!

  • Greg D

    All I can say is “Amen!” This is why I’m going to Chick-fil-A today. The day gay people are going to Chick-fil-A for a “kiss in”. I’m going today not in solidarity with them, but to sit with them and actually engage in a conversation with them. Perhaps I will apologize for the way we Christians react to them. That shoving chicken in our mouths in protest to gay marriage is NOT something our King would do. As shown in Scripture, our King actually sits and dines with those who are ostracized, shunned, and looked down upon.

    Thanks for posting this, Zack. I’m with you. And, I’ll be eating at Chick-fil-A today hopefully sitting across from a young gay man or woman.

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  • Melissa Ussery

    A knife in the heart. Especially the part “I want them to know that I love them, Jesus loves them, and I will be praying for them…” The entire time I looked at this as something that “supported Chick-Fil-A” and Mr. Cathy’s right to free speech. I still think that is important. But more importantly, the reason we are here on this earth, is to proclaim the Gospel of Peace, Jesus came into the world to save sinners and to give us life abundantly. We may well have inadvertently put a stumbling block in the path of many homosexuals, all because we jumped on the band wagon and did not think this through first or better yet, we did not pray this through first. *sigh I’m going to be spending some time seeking the Lord and praying about all of this. Thanks for giving me pause for thought.

  • Pam

    I wish I could get some free publicity to promote my business because of my personal political views, BUT no one cares about my political views, namely the MEDIA, all Media, I don’t have millions, don’t give millions to hate groups, don’t have franchises to tell other people what to do with their hard earned money. Keep your mouth shut, I don’t want to hear about your beliefs, you don’t want to hear about mine. This is America, diversity is OUR NAME, if it weren’t we wouldn’t be HERE.
    All Dan boy wanted was FREE PUBLICITY, and like always our MEDIA gave it to him.

  • Hunter Baker

    The tone is winsome, but I just can’t agree. I think the practical impact of this is to say, “Hey, a good person I like just got smacked in the face. Don’t rush to his aid!!!”

    • James

      Well said!

  • JP

    All Mr. Truitt said is that he chooses what the the Bible says and is against same sex marriage. I feel like the outpouring of people supporting Chic fil a is to let the Governors,Mayors and other leaders know they have no right to tell anyone they are not welcome to operate a law abiding business in their city or state.

  • j

    You are all stupid

  • Turnabout I. FairPlay

    Here is the deal… A Christian man, answered a question about his beliefs. He answer it truthfully, without shying away from the political correctness. I response to that, the homosexual front encouraged people not to eat there by announcing a boycott. They were making an attempt to hurt the business of a man based on his beliefs. Beliefs which are passionately shared by other Christians. These same Christians stood up and said they will not allow one of their own to be hurt because he stood up for what he believes, for what they believe. In doing this, the outpouring of support created the exact opposite effect. The homosexual front intended to hurt the business, and in fact, they single handedly created what I think I heard is the biggest day in fast food sales history. The homosexual front is talking about how hurtful this is, how hateful and bigoted these actions are. What no one is talking about, is that is is a response to them. To risk sounding like a middle schooler… They started it. They rattled the cage. Like a bully that picks a fight, then gets his ass kicked. Stop crying about how people have responded to your actions. If you had let the man exercise his freedom of speech without trying to punish him for his belief, regardless of how right or wrong you may believe it to be, this never would have happened.

  • Rachel King

    I work for a chick-fil-a in my hometown and i believe that they were not necessarily “shoving it in their face” but just in general supporting chick-fil-a by buying their food. Me being an employee of CFA i appreciate the support. I believe it is time for us christians to stand up for what we believe in instead of sitting on the sidelines. there is a spritual war going on in our nation about the definition of what is wrong and right bibically speaking. Personally i am glad to be apart of the chick-fil-a family and thankful for people finally standing up.

  • http://www.web.com Rick Fowler

    Jesus fucking Christ, why do Christians think they have the right to say how the rest of us live our lives. If u want to be Christian, the so be it. If u want to be gay, then so be It. Do what makes u happy but when Christians try to say that I love my gay friends but not their sin I want to punch them in the fuckin face because who are u to tell someone else they are committing a sin.. u dont even know what they believe in. How would u real if a Muslim pointed their finger in ur face and told u about ur sins for believing in Christ.. what about when a Jewish person tells u that you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas, u should believe in hannikuh. U wouldn’t like it because it doesn’t fit in your beliefs bit ur quick to tell others they are wrong. That’s why I hate religion in general. I have my own beliefs and guess what, its none of anyone else’s business. I believe in equality. NONE OF U KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE OR WHY WE WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH SO STOP ACTING LIKE U DO. Just be civil to people u encounter, if u don’t like something they do, then don’t fuckin do it. This is a land with Freedom of Religion so keep ur religion out of my face, my work, and my government.

  • Robert

    Zack Hunt,

    Thank you for the great article. I must admit that I have become disillusioned and somewhat cynical with the “body of Christ” that you term the Church. You have helped me to remember that Jesus had two commandments. The second was to love each other. The protests, the boycotts, the “flames” in these replies are all machinations of hatred, not love.

    It is very easy to take a got’cha attitude and feel vindicated in some way when we show the world that someone else is wrong. In the end, it isn’t right.

    I wonder, when we die, if there is a God, will we be judged by how often we were right… or by how much we loved.


  • Denise Bisharat

    You know how to successfully get away with something? Create a diversion. All of the arguments surrounding this statement made by Dan Cathy are facing off Christians vs. Gay Rights Advocates. As if there were nothing in between.
    I am a huge supporter and advocate of the LGBT community. I am also a heterosexual wife and mother and I have a lot of wonderful gay friends. Why do I support this issue so much and with so much passion? Because I am a humanist and I believe that all humans are to be treated equally.
    If you want to protect the sanctity of marriage, that is totally fine. But protect your CHURCH from being forced to perform ceremonies for same sex couples. I can’t imagine there’s a soul on earth that would argue your right to do so. No one has ever tried to legally obtain the right to get married inside a Mormon temple that was not a Mormon. Not to my knowledge anyway.
    When these groups fight to protect “Traditional Marriage” in the political arena, why do they aim this attack at the LGBT community alone? Why is homosexuality the only thing these groups find offensive? When you use the Bible as a base for your values on and only go after this one thing so passionately, aren’t you leaving a lot out? Like me for example. I’m an atheist. I got married 4 years after moving in with my husband. I was six months pregnant with our second child when we stood at the “altar” in Las Vegas. No one was there to protest it, yet according to the same chapter in the Bible so often used to charge homosexuals with sinful crimes, Leviticus… I should have been stoned to death for not being a virgin. So, what’s the deal? Virginity used to be “Traditional” and the lack thereof in an unmarried woman was punishable by death, but now it’s just frowned upon? I mean, if you’re going to ban marriages for people who contradict the word of “God”, shouldn’t you draft up a plan to outlaw marriages for atheists, satanists, doctors who perform abortions and pretty much every person of another religion? If you’re trying to say that marriage is a Christian thing, then why aren’t you protesting at Hindu, Buddhists, Muslim and Scientology weddings? The ceremonial passage of bringing two people together in a bond of matrimony is not owned by Christianity. And the fact that marriage is a civil right is what makes this whole argument unnecessary. If we were talking about banning gays from accepting communion, I could understand. But again, no laws are needed for what discriminations a church may have regarding its congregation. It is well understood between every human I know that some churches have very strict beliefs and those who don’t agree with those beliefs can freely choose not to go there. I cannot freely choose NOT to go to America, I live here. And so do millions of other people of many different religions, beliefs, sexual preferences and ideal of what “Traditional” means.
    Now, I know I’m mainly battling the gay rights battle here and not addressing the freedom of speech implications that so many said they were supporting Chick-fil-a for, but honestly, Chick-fil-a doesn’t need support for free speech, they have it. We all do. When Dan Cathy made his statement, he exercised his free speech. The result was the offended party declared they would no longer go there. Would you expect anything else? When Starbucks, Target, JC Penny and any other large corporation supports any kind of Marriage Equality campaign, that corporation knows they will be boycotted the next day by the various “Traditional Marriage” organizations. No one is surprised when that happens.
    Basically, like I said, this is a social diversion. And we need to figure it out really fast and put it behind us. Because if we don’t stop dividing and fighting over these personal issues, there will be no freedom of speech left in the near future. The evils lingering in our nation right now are laughing their asses off to the bank while we pull our hair out and stomp our feet at each other. And they don’t have to go very far to get to the bank these days. It won’t be long before none of the working class can afford to even think about getting married and starting a family.
    Just try to make peace with the fact that banning gay marriage is constitutionally unjust and move on. Almost all of the people I know who are homosexual, just want to live their lives in peace and not even have their sexual preference encompass who they are as a person. The gender of the person you love should not suddenly box you up into some weird little package and stamp you as bad. So, the thing this religious argument is diverting us from is that marriage is a human right. Marriage has become entangled in governmental rights granted to citizens of the United States. There are tax benefits, medical benefits as well as the ability to make decisions for your spouse when they are ill. Those benefits should not be dictated by a religious belief. The relationship between marriage and government has now made this a civil issue. Denying marital rights to any one group of people is a denial of human rights. Two people of age who are of the same gender should not be treated as if they are not as good as any other couple based solely on their sexual orientation.

    • John E

      No, the problem with the attacks on Chik-Fil-A was that elected officials were threatening that company after the CEO made his comments. That is what shocked so many people and inspired them to support this business on that particular day. This was not about boycotts or counter-boycotts by groups of concerned citizens. It was the implied threat of governmental coercion against a company that is run on Christian values that are currently unpopular in some metropolitan areas. I hardly think anyone should support Chik-Fil-A who does not agree with their proclaimed values. In fact, concerned citizens have the right to organize things like boycotts. But when the government starts engaging in viewpoint discrimination, then we have a problem and people must stand up and fight that, for freedom of expression is for all people, whatever their views.

  • C Smallwood

    So, when you say, “when that failed, Jesus died for them” are you saying that Jesus’ plans failed. Because if He can fail there is really no point in believing in Him. Is that what Americas’ Jesus is? If it is, it is not the Jesus of the Bible and therefore something created in someones mind. Jesus claimed that, “All that the Father gives Me comes to Me.” Besides the death of Jesus was prophesied thousands of years before it happened. Of course you are free to your own opinions. At least for the next few months we have the right to free speech. However don’t make it Jesus’ opinion if you don’t know what that is.

  • John E

    As I understand it, protestors of Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day were treated with kindness and courtesy by Chik-fil-A employees and customers, being given, for instance, free bottled water as they stood outside. So really, the people who supported this event do not need to be chided, IMO.

  • Rouge

    So, how do you feel about incest?

  • Lisa

    How is it that you can judge why or how I support Chick Fil A? How can you say that it isn’t loving for me to support a man and a company~~it is not shoving a sandwich in my mouth in hate…it is showing how much we appreciate this man for his belief and his right to speak his belief. Aren’t you doing the same thing you are accusing us of doing? This judging thing goes both ways….

    • John E

      Amen, Lisa. I really dislike this schoolmarmish finger-wagging against people who choose to support a Christian-run business.

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  • Kristine

    First of all, I’d like to say I LOVE what Zach Hunt has written. I’ve asked myself for years what happened to showing love to one another, because it is for God to judge, and none of us have earned the right to join him in that.

    Beyond that, I would just like to say that while there are obviously some idiots out there who are upset because of Cathy’s beliefs (you wouldn’t be happy either if someone went out and said they don’t agree with your “lifestyle” though maybe it’s gotten out of hand). I do not look at this situation as a freedom of speech problem. He was allowed to say what he said, and while people are upset about it, they most certainly can’t take away his right to say it. If someone went shouting about how we need segregation, people would be upset but we wouldn’t be able to stop them from saying it (I’m not saying these two examples are equal in how awful they are, though that’s up to your own opinion). Furthermore, if there were a gay bookstore, all of us would be able to decide whether or not we wanted to shop there, and I’d bet many people here would be somewhat uncomfortable with the idea. There is nothing wrong with them not wanting to eat at Chick-Fil-A. I think this whole situation called to my attention the funds that Chick-Fil-A has donated to various organizations. Some of these donations have been WONDERFUL. They help provide camps for kids, and really give back to the community and improve the lives of many people. On the other hand, some of their money is being donated to groups associated to ex-gay therapy and other “therapies” meant to make gay people “straight”.

    This is my problem with those therapies: They humiliate people, and make people feel awful about themselves in order to try to turn them straight. One of my closest friends is gay, and is a Christian. He’s probably much closer to God than I’ll ever be. Throughout his life he spent hours praying to God to take away his sin. He spent everyday of his life, trying to hide who he was, and hoping that one day he would have earned God’s love and turn straight. He looked into the various therapies supported by some of the organizations Chick-Fil-A gives money to. He spent his life hiding: ashamed, humiliated, and worried he’d be shunned by his fellow Christian. It’s my belief that no one should have to feel that way. I believe he deserves the love and support of his fellow man, and his fellow Christian. God will judge him, not me. This is but one of the many gay and lesbian friends and family I have. Who are we to deny them equal rights? If we believe God should be the sole judge of our souls, then let him make that judgment. I think both sides of this topic have made some awful remarks, and done some awful things. Don’t you think God will judge for not loving your fellow man? Won’t he judge the people who throw bricks through store windows with shirts supporting gay rights? He judges all of us; so let him make that judgment.

    I know marriage is a sacrament, but if we look at the world around us, everyone isn’t treating it like a sacrament. Marriage is not something limited to Christians who truly believe in God and believe that it is a sacrament. Do you think Kim Kardashian doesn’t deserve the right to marry? She obviously doesn’t take marriage seriously. She doesn’t see it for the gift it really is. Britney Spears didn’t take it seriously either. Now think of everyday people, people you know, who don’t view marriage as a religious sacrament. People who marry and divorce multiple times aren’t being banned from the right to marry. To be honest, I know a gay couple that has been together for longer than I’ve been alive (they’ve been together about 30 years). I believe they deserve the right to make a promise and a commitment to each other, recognized by law, more so than any of these people who treat marriage as temporary.

    Sorry I’m so long winded, I just felt the need to share. And to Denise Bisharat, I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Cynthia

    @ Denise. I agree with your post 100% and I am a Christian American Citizen. I have my beliefs and I am not ashamed of them but note the adjective AMERICAN. We are a Nation founded on freedom of religion and separation between Church and State with the right to pursue happiness. This means that if I infringe upon the rights of another American citizen based upon MY religious beliefs then what would keep someone from infringing upon MY rights because of their beliefs? We can’t have it both ways. Christians can’t demand businesses such as Nabisco and Home Depot who support Gay rights to remain “neutral” in the culture war because it offends religious beliefs while supporting businesses who express an aversion to Gay Rights because it aligns with religious beliefs. Either demand ALL businesses to remain neutral or just hush. In a country where the divorce rate is 50%, people get drunk and get married in Las Vegas, people get married then have affairs, people have sex before marriage…. I could go on and on, it seems hypocritical to single out gay marriage. Marriage has long stopped being sacred in this country. Live your life as a testament to your beliefs because the Constitution says you can but remember those same laws that allow you to worship as you choose also protect the people who choose not to worship or believe as you do. To suppress anyone based on a personal religious belief is dangerous because to promote such an agenda could one day back fire on your own rights to worship and believe as you see fit.

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  • Beach

    They have a right to their oponion. Stop forcing your on them.

  • Kenny

    Chick fil A was attacked for mr Cathy’s support of his faith buying a chicken sandwich and eating is not shoving in their face we are shoving it in our faces.
    Jesus drove the the money changers out with a whip and flipped the tables..
    Standing your ground when attacked is not offensive. Contend for your faith
    or you have no faith.

  • Mark

    i think you’ve got it all wrong, Brother. The whole notion of supporting Chik-Fil-A was to support a businessman’s right to speak his own views without retribution from those who oppose those views. When I buy a sandwich at Chk-Fil-A on a certain day, it says “I support your right to free speech”. This was prompted by the fact that the gay community sought to disrupt Chick-Fil-A’s business by staging vulgar protests and a 19 million supported “Kiss In” because they didn’t like the business owners comments. (BTW – over 30 million came out in support of Chik -Fil-A).
    The issue here is that Freedom of Speech seems to be reserved only for those who choose to buck main-stream. The moment the average American speaks out and says “I don’t support (fill in the blank) that’s being purported by a small minority as “normal” or “decent”, here come the attacks. Any view that opposes main-stream America is passed off as “Free Speech”, but any view that supports main-stream America is attacked, branded as things like “homophobe”, “Nazi”, you name it.
    I firmly believe in “hate the sin, love the sinner” as taught by my Lord and Savior. But this is not a Spiritual matter…it is a matter of the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution…the very document that declares the laws that make up this fine country, and the very document that is continually manipulated and attacked by the ones who have an agenda to change this nation.
    So, my Brother, before you make this a Spiritual matter and seek to polarize based upon the whole “Jesus is love” platform, please also consider that while Jesus ate with sinners and loved them, he also said “go and sin no more.”. As did John the Baptizer who said “Repent” (meaning “turn away from sin”). You cannot put forth those statements unless you first express that the action or behavior is wrong…which is exactly what the owner of Chik-Fil-A did.
    Regardless, there are countless examples of gay people (yes, even gay people!) who supported Chik-Fil-A because of the man’s right to unfettered free speech and the right to express his views. For those who don’t like what he said…just don’t eat there. But for those who stage protests of vulgarity to disrupt business, you get what you deserve – validation of everything you accuse the main-stream of wrong about you.

    For me, any man who puts his values before his wallet as Mr. Cathy did, is my kind of guy. If there were more people in this country who thought that way, we’d probably not be in the mess we’re in.

    Oh, and for those who don’t like what I just said, that’s you’re right and you’re free to express your views, just as I did.

  • Bill

    I ate there, not because I was I wanted to shove the fact I’m against gay marriage in anyone’s face but for the fact I respect the man for standing up for what his beliefs with everyone criticizing him. It’s a hard trait to find in today’s society, sadly.

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  • teelynn8242

    While this person talks about “turn the other cheek” is this what they are doing?? No they write a blog about it…hypocrytical much??

  • Israel

    The premises for the Appreciation Day was not to bash anyone, but simply to appreciate that a common place of business recognizes the true biblical definition of marriage. Zack, you need to get your story straight before you blog (no offense). There are too many sheeps out there in wolves clothing. Take a stand in what you believe, but believe in what you stand on.
    My prayers are with your understanding,

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  • PAstor

    i’d saysomething but looks like it’s all been said i do think that before you put this article out in public you should of thought about it we are the body and as his word says homosexuality is an abomination to God. but the Guy never said he hated or would never love a homosexuals he simply stood up for for christ and was unashamed to do it. which i believe a time is coming where we will have more situtaions like this one but the question are you going to be ashamed. i also have gay friends but they know that i love them but i will support them in their desecision to be a homosexual. for you say you wasnt going to support them because you got gay friends shows me you was ashamed of what you believe in. read romans 1 and you’ll see what i mean.

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