I Saw Jesus Waving The Stars & Stripes



Happy Memorial Day from The American Jesus!!

Here’s a song we hope you’ll be singing all day….

[youtube dYwB8ru3kZc]

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  • Verble Gherulous
    June 6, 2012

    I have to admit that I am very disturbed by this song. It not only presents a rather facile view of the person of Christ, but it elevates our patriotism to the level of divine protection.

    This song is an excellent example of what I feel you are trying to show in this blog, and for that I thank you. Sadly, though, i am concerned for the young men and women who hear such rhetoric and propoganda that they they buy in to the illusion that God somehow has singled out America for some divine mission. This is a grave misunderstanding of Christ, and dangerous for all peoples acrossthe globe.

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