Pat Robertson: ‘Man Up’ With Your Tithing



Taking a page out the Mark Driscoll manliness handbook, Pat Robertson reminds us that men are the “high priests of the family” and as such they need ‘man up’, put their nagging wives in line, and start paying their tithe!

Does this mean single women don’t need to worry about tithing?? Somebody needs to write in to The 700 Club and ask Pat!!

[youtube p3Tu0zgbwug]

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  • Russell Earl Kelly, PHD
    April 10, 2012

    PAt Robertson does not know the first thing about tithing. The true HOLY tithe as used by Malachi 3:10 and Jesus in Matthew 23:23 was always a matter of the law and only food from inside God’s holy lnad of Israel. Nobody tithes today because tithes are never commanded to Gentiles or the Church in the New Covenant after Calvary. Robertson needs to retire and be quiet or defend his statements.

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