American Jesus Madness – 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Matchup Results



After more than 50,000 votes cast we finally have our 2012 champions matchup!!

Rachel Held Evans vs. Tim Tebow

Voting for the championship game will take place starting Monday at 8am CST.

So, you’ve got all weekend to rally support for whoever you want to be crowned the 2012 American Jesus Madness champion. If these two continue to get the votes they’ve received throughout the tournament, then they’ll need all the support they can get!!

Besides, we both know you’ll be spending all day Monday being frustrated over your already busted NCAA bracket. What better way to take out your frustration than by wasting your entire day voting on a fictitious bracket!!

Until then, here are the exact results of today’s matchups, followed by the latest update of our bracket challenge leaderboard.

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Results

Rachel Held Evans – 1,320         Masculinity – 239

Tim Tebow – 2,414         Stephen Colbert’s Lent Ashes – 1,721


Bracket Challenge Leaderboard**

1. Kara Govoni – 100 points

2. Clint Wrede – 76 points

3. Greg Dill – 72 points

4. Kim Waggoner – 65 points

5. Brian Daughtry – 61

** BRACKET LEADERS: Don’t forget that the championship game is WORTH 40 POINTS!! So, this thing is still wide open!!**