American Jesus Madness – Salacious 16 Voting



Welcome to the Salacious 16 round!

It’s like the NCAA’s “Sweet 16″, but more salacious.

How is salacious? It just is.

Anyway, we’ve got some more incredible matchups this round….

@FakeDriscoll vs. Rachel Held Evans

Discernment Ministries vs. Rational Christianity

Joel Osteen vs. Church Discipline

Who will win and advance to the Egregious 8 round?? As always, it’s up to you!

Not sure who to vote for? Look back over our original matchup breakdowns for some guidance.

Remember: you can vote as many times as you like. So, vote shamelessly and vote often!


  • Adrian W.

    How the HECK did MPT lose to Church Discipline??!?!!? And In-N-Out over Chick-fil-a? I smell a conspiracy…

    • Zack

      That makes 2 of us. I watched the voting till the end last night. Somebody went nuts voting for Church Discipline. I would assume Driscoll had too much time on his hands last night. Surprisingly In-N-Out was up most of the day. I was also SHOCKED last night when I looked at the results to discover that Rob Bell got beat by discernment ministries!

      What the heck?! What kind of world are we living in?!?!

  • Jim

    Who is the masochistic that loves discipline so much.
    “Can I have another please? ”

    Gotta be one person voting multiple times…

    • Sighter

      Actually I think a lot of people might just be voting for not osteen.

  • paul

    Oh crap, i voted for bethke not realizimg who it was.

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