Jesus Beer

    Yes, this video is a bit¬†irreverent.....but it's also pretty funny. Case in point:¬†"From the guy who washed away your sins comes a beer to wash away your thirst." To quote the great Larry the Cable Guy, "I don't care who ya are, that's funny right there."

[youtube 1FZwCxB1WoA]

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Let All In Favor Say Aye….For Jesus!

    Have you cast your vote for Jesus Christ? If not, then here's a song to inspire you to do your religio-political duty and cast your vote for Jesus.....whatever that means. We're just shocked that Rick Santorum hasn't picked this gem up already and used it as his official campaign song. He's really...
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Wisconsin Church Offers Service For Sex Offenders

    This story is absolutely fascinating to me. Forget about "contemporary" and "traditional" services. A church in Wisconsin has now created a service targeted specifically at registered sex offenders since, by law, they can't be around children and, let's be honest, most "upstanding" church members wouldn't want to share a pew with them...
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No Hooker, No Jesus

For the past few months at church I've been going through a series with my youth group called Ancestors. It's a collection of School House Rock-esque cartoons that tell the stories of many of the characters found...
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