Todd Bentley Cures Cancer With A Punch – Literally

If you were to punch someone in public it would normally be labled "assault". If you're Todd Bentley it's called "divine healing". Additionally, convulsing "vibrating" on the ground after you've been sucker punched in the chest having previously suffered a broken sternum and ribs would normally be cause to call the paramedics. If you're...
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Extreme Faith

    Is your faith this extreme? Mine's not. I'm a terrible skier. I can stay up. It's the stopping that I struggle with. There's probably a spiritual lesson there, but I'm too concerned with not dying on the slopes to figure what it might be.

[youtube X7NUo9wysUo]

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Everybody’s A Bigot


I'm ashamed. I did something Saturday night that I'm not proud of. Something I never thought even in my wildest dreams I would ever be capable of. I changed the channel away from a NFL playoff game and tuned into the...
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