Making A Case For Denominations

    An increasingly popular topic in many evangelical circles today is the relevance and/or importance of denominations. Not surprisingly this conversation occurs primarily, but certainly not exclusively, among  pastors and congregations not affiliated with any denominational and who, by definition, have already concluded that...
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Suing The Holy Spirit

    I'm not Pentecostal. Not only do I not have the energy required  to be Pentecostal, but I also have some serious questions about the Charasmatic movement in general. For example, why is it that the so-called "gifts of the Spirit" don't exist throughout vast majority of Church history (post early church era, and even then...
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What’s A Prayer Stop?

    First things first. We believe that prayer is really important. We also believe that praying with and for people is a really great thing. And we believe that this ministry has their heart in the right place by wanting to pray for everyone. That being said, can we at least agree that blue Walmart...
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Looking For God? Check your HANDbook!

    You should have a Bible in your hand at all times. Especially if you're looking for God. All you have to do to find Him is look down at your hand and the book that you're holding. He's right there waiting for you. Get it?? Christian puns. So witty. Sigh.

[youtube ceS2kieBQUg]

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