Churches using “Thriller” promotions: An exhaustive look

It’s amazing what you can learn wasting a morning on youtube. This morning’s new nugget of knowledge is that the Michael Jackson classic “Thriller” is often performed in (or by) churches. Seriously. Go look- there are dozens and dozens of them! Who knew?!

Here’s an example of “Thriller” being used as a promotional tool for a youth event. Pretty decent quality on this one

[youtube EpdAFN4UNK0]


Another interesting phenomenon I noticed is the use of “Thriller” in conjunction with Christmas services. Didn’t expect those. Sometimes a “Thriller Christmas” can be high budget…

[youtube vsIcFVQ0Mos]


And some “Thriller Christmas” services are a bit more simplistic… but fairly hilarious (part 1 here)

[youtube VTSxkqYKddg]


Some are used to promote Small Groups programs…

[youtube 7BDMIjl_z08]


And some seem to just be for the heck of it…

[youtube kX1Sjajl550] We can’t explain why this particular song is used so frequently by churches, but I would like to publicly announce our support for it. Keep it up, church dance troupes!