For my friend Pete.... You never know what to expect when you log in to Facebook. As we all know, the site could dramatically change at any moment without warning. One thing you can expect to see, however, are status...
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Herman Cain: Liberals Killed Jesus

    Gotta love you some Herman Cain. You never know what he's gonna say next.......and neither does he. Although, in fairness he apparently made this claim last year. So, technically it's not "what he's gonna say next", it's what he's already said. Entertaining, nonetheless.

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Desperate Housewives of the Bible


[youtube dLQziDLwZvk]

You better watch out hipster churches, John Hagee is leaving the prophecy murals behind and getting culturally relevant! Well, almost. Desperate Housewives is going off the air. Which is, of course, a point of simultaneous sadness and jubilation in my house. Sadness on the part of my wife who loves it,...
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[youtube 6NBIGvgrGr0]

Just in case you couldn't tell for yourself this is a spoof. There is no Second Baptist Lutheran Church of the Nazarene. (Although, as Nazarenes we appreciate the shout out.) But it is a pretty spot on church commercial parody, and, of course, there in lies the humor. I know that probably...
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Old Fashioned Televangelism


[youtube MSSDQy9ED84]

Ahh, good ole' fashioned televangelism, when everything was free (no love offering, just a prayer!), you didn't need an address to request a copy of the free Bible study (seriously, the address is "Los Angeles 41, California"), and the tv preacher didn't scream (he's just monotone, and...
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